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Letters to the Editor

Letter: A one-cent gift

October 16, 2014

A one-cent gift Re: Optional One-Cent Sales Tax If the voters approve the Optional One-Cent Sales Tax on the November ballot, that tax, after approval, can be continued without a vote by a resolution. This November vote could be the last opportunity to deny the Optional One-Cent Sales Tax. If voted for, approximately 65 percent Read More

Letter: Food Bank donations needed for holidays

October 15, 2014

Food Bank donations needed for holidays Re: A ‘hand up’ for residents The holiday season is a milestone for most people. It marks the harvest celebration of a year’s hard work. The Food Bank of Sheridan designates the upcoming holiday season as a time to collect food for a number of requests for food assistance Read More

Letter: They’re back: Hashashins; Mongols, Muslims et al

October 14, 2014

They’re back: Hashashins; Mongols, Muslims et al Re: Eradicate radical Islam About 12 years ago, with the help of a rare book published in the 1920s, I prepared a series of columns detailing the history of Islam.  I thought it might be helpful for folks to understand where and how this twisted mish-mash of preexisting Read More

Letter: Considering information to make reasonable decisions

Considering information to make reasonable decisions Re: Optional One-Cent Sales Tax A recent letter in the Press stated that the upcoming Optional One-Cent Sales Tax election was “too important to risk on ill-informed citizens using one-sided information.” As a longtime Sheridan resident, I have a lot more confidence in my fellow citizens to sort out Read More

Letter: Noticing unhealthy teeth

October 9, 2014

Re: Photos of children Within the last two or three weeks, there have been two unrelated pictures in the Press of youngsters (probably grade school age) and in both pictures the kids’ mouths were open and both kids showed apparent tooth fillings. Richard Kuzara Sheridan

Letter: Citizens should make decisions for city

Re: Election day coming Does democracy exist in our community? If so, who represents the many consensus within our community? What are the major issues and concerns for the whole population of our community? Whether we discuss these topics by media or word-of-mouth, if we need to make changes to our current government, we have Read More

Letter: Second Chance Rescue frees trapped kitten

October 8, 2014

Second Chance Rescue frees trapped kitten Re: Thanks Recently, there was a knock on my door alerting me that a young kitten seemed to be trapped in the engine of my car for at least three nights. Thirty minutes later, after all efforts failed to free what appeared to be a very young feral car, Read More

Letter: Ill-informed citizens put sales tax vote at risk

Ill-informed citizens put sales tax vote at risk Re: Stray dogs, seniors in the streets The 6 percent sales tax is up for a vote in November. We’re tied for the highest sales tax in Wyoming, while almost half the state does well on a 5 percent or lower sales tax. Since we’ve had almost Read More

Letter: Fluoride being “forced” upon its citizenry

October 7, 2014

Re: Press ad, Oct. 2 We are writing this as a response to the paid ad featuring the editorial from the Casper Star Tribune. This ad was not identified as a paid ad, nor were the writers identified by name. We resent the implication that when we disagree, we “believe in quackery.” We find it Read More

Letter: Blessed with pets

Re: Loss of a loved one My nephew and his wife have three dogs who are very important to them. One of the dogs got sick and needed more medical care then he could get in Sheridan so they took him to a specialty clinic in Colorado. The dog had acute liver failure, and after Read More

Letter: Lucky to live in Sheridan

October 4, 2014

Lucky to live in Sheridan Re: FAB conference wonderful I would like to thank The Sheridan Press and Sheridan College for the wonderful FAB (For. About. By.) Women’s Conference last weekend. It was great to see so many women in the community coming together to learn more about themselves. The classes were very good and Read More

Letter: City subsidizes drive home after drinking

October 2, 2014

City subsidizes drive home after drinking Re: Tipsy Taxi, socialism In August, the Sheridan City Council approved a payment of $3,320 to the Tipsy Taxi. The July payment to the Tipsy Taxi was $2,807. The taxi is a contract service with a private sector provider. The taxi gives a bar patron a free ride home from Read More

Letter: ‘The Buck Stops Here’ Nope. Not with Obama

September 30, 2014

‘The Buck Stops Here’ Nope. Not with Obama Re: Truman phrase, failed WH policies After virtually every intelligence service in the world had reported to their administrations that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction, President George W. Bush acted in reliance on that information and went into Iraq.  For this he was excoriated in Read More

Letters: Food Bank lifts city; volunteers, support needed

September 26, 2014

Food Bank lifts city; volunteers, support needed Re: ‘The Little Engine That Could’ There is a child’s story entitled, “The Little Engine That Could.” It tells the tale of a small underdog train engine that demonstrates mighty powers to accomplish impossible tasks. So, do you know what it takes to move 12 tons of goods? Read More

Letter: Scary moments eased by responders

September 24, 2014

Scary moments eased by responders Re: When missing hikers are family During the Labor Day weekend, we, as parents, experienced one of those scary moments that everyone hopes they never have to go through. Our daughter, Alissa DeVille, and her fiancé, Blake Fuhriman, were the ones stranded in the Bighorn Mountains over that weekend. Thanks Read More

Letter: Republic vs democracy; appreciating the contrasts

September 23, 2014

Republic vs democracy; appreciating the contrasts Re: Fafoutakis letter, Press, Sept. 16 With regard to John Fafoutakis’s letter chastising Sheridan County School District 1 Superintendent Marty Kobza for contributing to the failure of educating the children of Sheridan properly (Tuesday, Sept. 16), “republic” and “democracy” are descriptions of two different things (one is a form Read More

ACA ‘opt out’ costly to citizens

September 19, 2014

Re: Hospitals and uninsureds The Wyoming Legislature and governor have decided over the last couple of legislative sessions to opt out of the Medicaid expansion portion of the Patient Protection Affordable Care Act, that would have gone in to effect Jan. 1 of this year. By the state Department of Health’s own projections, that left Read More

City leaders force ‘pox,’ tyranny

Re: Flouridation project By all means, we should keep Rich Adriaens in place as the city’s new chief of staff to assist the mayor with running Sheridan.  Apparently, the mayor feels incompetent for running the city’s affairs if he does not understand that no sitting city council can commit or obligate any future city council Read More

Letter: Lessons learned from Tiny

September 18, 2014

Lessons learned from Tiny Re: Spay, neuter pets Tonight I want to share with you the story of a kitten named Tiny. I don’t have any pictures of Tiny because she only lived for two hours after I first met her. Tiny was given away, along with several of her littermates, on a public Facebook Read More

Letter: Who is crazy now?

September 17, 2014

Who is crazy now? Re: Role of elected officials In his letter to the editor Sept. 12, Jack Landon Jr. offered, “We expect our elected officials to listen, to study, to gather enough information based on peer-reviewed studies, so that they can make decisions which will serve the best welfare of our society.” Landon gave Read More

Letter Sept. 16, 2014

September 16, 2014

‘Democracy’ nowhere in top U.S. documents Re: Kobza letter, Press, Sept. 13 Marty Kobza, superintendent of Sheridan County School District 1, discussed the schools and the U.S. Constitution in a lengthy letter. In his letter, Kobza said: “To function as a democracy, we must certainly be educated.” The problem is how can the children be Read More

Letter Sept. 16, 2014

27th amendment, Constitution Day noted Re: DAR, Sheridan Bar Sept. 17 is the 227th anniversary of the signing of the U.S. Constitution. The Daughters of the American Revolution, in partnership with the Sheridan County Bar Association, will visit every fifth-grade class in Sheridan County to celebrate Constitution Day. The classrooms will have interactive education sessions and Read More

Letter: Constitutional influence in education

September 13, 2014

Re: It’s everywhere Recently, a representative of the Daughters of the American Revolution approached me about writing a letter as a community member for Constitution Week.  The assignment was to write about how the Constitution relates to my work as a public education superintendent. Although education is not expressly included in the Constitution, it is Read More

Letter: Doomed to failure

Re: Plans to defeat IS On Wednesday, President Obama outlined his plans to “degrade and ultimately destroy” the Islamic State terrorist group through a systematic campaign of airstrikes against IS targets in Iraq and Syria and an increase in military support to forces fighting IS on the ground. Unfortunately, these plans as stated are doomed Read More

We elect leaders to make tough choices

September 12, 2014

Re: Fluoride debate I appreciate the sharing of opinions concerning adding a trace of fluoride to our water.  Though the letters have been repetitive, one quoted Tolstoy “Tyranny happens when good men do nothing.” I think I am a good man, so I will add to the sharing of opinions. A letter bemoaned that “a Read More

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