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Letter: Obama, Iran, Muslims, ISIS, humility, terrorism

Obama, Iran, Muslims, ISIS, humility, terrorism Re: National Prayer Breakfast President Obama at the annual prayer breakfast (Feb. 5) compared what is happening with ISIS today to the Crusades (800 years ago) and the Inquisition (400 years ago). He seems more concerned with getting a deal with Iran than protecting our country from terrorists. Obama… Continue Reading

Letter: Cyclists, walkers, joggers:

Cyclists, walkers, joggers: Be smart and be seen I would like to remind cyclists, walkers and joggers to wear light, bright, reflective clothing. I could have easily had a collision recently with a cyclist dressed in solid black from helmet to toe and riding a dark bike. Be smart and be seen. Cathy Storm Sheridan Continue Reading

Letter: Kinskey against firefighters, poor

Kinskey against firefighters, poor Re: Sheridan Press, Jan. 27 Will wonders never cease? In the aftermath of many controversial events in the life of Sheridan County politics, our new (state) senator, Dave Kinskey (appointed, and not elected by the people), comes out strongly against our Sheridan Fire Dept. heroes and against the needy people of Wyoming.… Continue Reading

Letter: Distasteful’ coverage is unnecessary

Distasteful’ coverage is unnecessary Re: Clemens letter, Press, Jan. 31 To Susan Clemens, I extend my heartfelt sympathy for your tragic loss compounded by the distasteful coverage by The Press. This is not the first time The Press has unnecessarily sensationalized a local tragedy at the expense of family and friends. If you are waiting for… Continue Reading

Letter: Legislators, lemmings, and a free market

Legislators, lemmings, and a free market Re: Wyoming Medicaid expansion One popular misconception about lemmings is that they mindlessly run off cliffs to their deaths, presumably following a leader with a poor sense of direction.  Lemmings can swim, but do drown when they set out for new habitat lacking the physical capacity to cross a body… Continue Reading

Letter: ‘No place for public’ with state agencies

‘No place for public’ with state agencies Re: Land rules, conflicts House Bill 209, the transfer of federal lands that cleared the House Judiciary Committee, sets Dec. 31, 2017, as the day the federal government shall extinguish title to all public lands. The day that Wyoming would receive that title would be day the public loses… Continue Reading

Letter: Recycling beneficial nationally, locally

Recycling beneficial nationally, locally Re: Environment, employment Currently less than 35 percent of households and less than 10 percent of businesses in the U.S. recycle.  Improving and increasing recycling is one of the greatest opportunities for our environment, our natural resources, and our economy. If U.S. recycling levels can reach 75 percent, it will be… Continue Reading

Letter: Press coverage hurtful

Press coverage hurtful Re: Clemens death I must commend you on your bold reporting. My daughter was killed on Jan. 16. You published the article in the Press. I get that. She had a DUI on Jan. 11, which you printed in the report. I get that as well. What I do not get is… Continue Reading

Remembering a friend; knowing a safety need

Re: Press editorial, Jan. 24 Larry Hurst was a great friend and an incredible mentor. He had the ability to make something positive out of even the most negative situations. His death should be no different. Last Saturday, I read with great interest The Sheridan Press editorial on new bicycle safety efforts being undertaken within… Continue Reading

Letter: The “wow!” factor; Sheridan arts scene

The “wow!” factor; Sheridan arts scene Re: Local concerts, theater Wow! What a treat for the performing arts we have had here in Sheridan. Last week, the Senior Theater Players presented “Fast Train to the Poorhouse” to a packed house. Then on Saturday evening at the WYO Theater, our Sheridan youth presented the play, “13”… Continue Reading

Letter: Classical concert draws large crowd

Classical concert draws large crowd Re: Strong community support A huge “thanks” to the Sheridan Press for their coverage of pianist Josh Wright in the newspaper. Your articles and pictures were a big part of why we had 450-plus at the First Baptist Church Friday evening for Wright’s outstanding solo performance. Thanks to John Craft… Continue Reading

Letter: Learning from the wisdom of the past

Learning from the wisdom of the past Re: Obama ‘Union’ speech The President, in his usual eloquent and highly rhetorically-gifted style, after listing all the glorious accomplishments of his administration and this year’s Santa list of wonderful goodies, stated that we should “look to our future, not to our past.”  A quote from British philosopher… Continue Reading

Letter: ‘If I were Mayor…’ city priorities

‘If I were Mayor…’ city priorities Re: Taxes, fluoride, other If I were mayor Sheridan, I would: • not put fluoride in our water ever. • cut the vehicle registration by 10 percent. • put a four-year freeze on all property taxes. If a home-owner or business does any upgrades to their property, they should… Continue Reading

Mentoring good for both lives

Re: National mentoring month January is National Mentoring Month, and January 15 is National Thank Your Mentor Day. Big Brothers Big Sisters is celebrating by thanking our mentors and the impact they have had on youth in our community. If you have had a mentor in your life that impacted who you are today, this… Continue Reading

Why close Red Grade?

Re: ATVs singled out This is the second year that ATVs have been outlawed from Red Grade Road during the winter months. The privilege was taken away from ATV riders by the county commissioners to satisfy a small group of snowmobile riders who I suppose own cabins up Red Grade. The ridiculous part about this… Continue Reading

Letter: Obamacare doesn’t fit ‘Wyoming values’

Re: Expansion before Legislature Several bills were brought for Obamacare Medicaid Expansion in 2014 Legislature, and when all failed, plans were put into the budget anyway pending 2015 legislative approval. Wyoming voters said a loud and clear “No!” to Obamacare two years ago when voting on the health care amendment. Those who have had a… Continue Reading

Letter: City councilman, conflict of interest

Re: Sheridan Press, Jan. 5 It sure didn’t take long for Sheridan City Councilman Alex Lee to start pushing his agenda: use taxpayer dollars to upgrade the Internet for me and my “six figure” customers. With his seeming disregard for conflict of interest rules, Lee will make a swell politician! Charles Vickery Sheridan Continue Reading

Letter: Al Qaeda not on the run after all

Re: Paris terrorism, Press, Jan. 15 Al Qaeda in Yemen has claimed responsibility for the murder of the 12 French journalists, despite President Obama’s claim during his re-election campaign in 2012 that “Al Qaeda is on the run.”  And now we have witnessed a wholesale slaughter of 2,000 innocents in Nigeria at the hands of… Continue Reading

New GOP Congress “should do their duty”

Re: Resolutions and leadership It’s traditional New Year’s resolution time. Hopefully the 114th Congress, which will convene early in January under Republican leadership in both houses, will adopt some resolutions based on the voters’ desire to actively oppose the current president’s leftwing executive orders and “memos.”  If the public wanted Congress to simply “get things… Continue Reading

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