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Letter: Egocentric, establishment, socialist

Egocentric, establishment, socialist Re: Less than desirable candidates  Have we really sunk so low that our diminished selection of presidential candidates contains another egocentric member of the establishment (and presently under FBI investigation); a socialist; a member of the establishment No. 2; and…well — Donald Trump? Certainly this wasn’t in the cards given the current… Continue Reading

Letter: All Americans have religious freedoms

All Americans have religious freedoms Re: Divisive, dangerous election As we progress through this preseason of the 2016 election cycle, it is distressing, divisive and dangerous to recognize that some don’t recall from their education one of the basic principles of the founding of our country — that of religious freedom for its people. Religious freedom… Continue Reading

Letter: Democratic caucus ‘corrupt, rigged’

Democratic caucus ‘corrupt, rigged’ Re: Sanders wins, then loses It was with utter dismay that I read where Sec. Hillary Clinton will receive all the Wyoming super delegate votes, even after a decisive loss to Sen. Bernie Sanders by 12 points in the Wyoming Democratic Caucus last Saturday. What a pointless way to spend my Saturday… Continue Reading

Fortunate to have DAC air travel

Re: Sheridan to Denver My wife and I flew Denver Air Connection Feb 20. It was a refreshing change. Our tickets were $198 for both of us. The flight departed on time with a clean comfortable cabin and free Snickers. The Dornier jet zipped up to 35,000 feet above any weather and the flight was… Continue Reading

Letter: Public wants better food labeling

Public wants better food labeling Re: Barani letter, Press, Mar. 29 There are some who are ill informed, or uninformed, about the dangers associated with ingestion of unnatural, genetically modified foods. These food crops are not the naturally cross bred modified ones that have been in existence for centuries, but those that have recently been modified… Continue Reading

Letter: Honoring Joe Medicine Crow

Honoring  Joe Medicine Crow Re: Died at 102 Sunday All over this nation, and perhaps the world, people will  be reading and hearing about Dr. Joe Medicine Crow, who died Sunday in Billings, Montana, at 102 years of age. He was the last war chief of the Crow Nation; a recipient of the Presidential Medal… Continue Reading

Letter: ‘Pig pen politics;’ serious debate needed

‘Pig pen politics;’ serious debate needed Re: Trump candidacy In a November 2015 interview with CNN, Donald Trump said this of his then-rival (and, amazingly, current supporter) Dr. Ben Carson: “It’s in the book that he’s got a pathological temper. That’s a big problem because you don’t cure that … as an example: child molesting. You… Continue Reading

GMO fear unwarranted

Re: Foods we eat There are three basic responses to fear — prepare to fight, fill with anxiety and shutdown or avoid the concern and run. These basic instinctual responses are necessary for survival. Fear is a great way to gain attention and power. One such unwarranted fear created lately is with regard to genetically… Continue Reading

Sheridan community should support youth football

Re: Provides activity, teaches lessons I am a seventh-grade student at Sheridan Junior High School, and I am writing to you about a debate deciding whether the Sheridan community should support youth football. In my opinion, the Sheridan community should support youth football because it helps kids stay active, it helps kids make friends and… Continue Reading

Support for Antelope Butte project

Re: Help for economy I’m a seventh-grade student at Sheridan Junior High School. I am writing to you about the reopening of Antelope Butte, which is a ski area up on the Bighorn Mountains. Antelope Butte should be reopened because people would be more interactive, it will provide winter and summer events, and have a… Continue Reading

Letter: ‘Shop local’ retail campaign appreciated

‘Shop local’ retail campaign appreciated Re: St. Patrick’s Day Pot O’ Gold What a welcome surprise to win the Pot O’ Gold “shop local” campaign. It was sponsored by the Downtown Sheridan Association’s historic district committee. Considering, that I filled out only one ticket at the Real Deals on Home Décor, one of the sponsoring businesses.… Continue Reading

Letter: ‘Progressive citizenry’ is envy of Wyoming

‘Progressive citizenry’  is envy of Wyoming Re: Simpsons, ‘On Golden Pond’ We wish to acknowledge and thank all the citizens who made our return to Sheridan, brief as it was, so rewarding and heartwarming. The production of “On Golden Pond” would not have been possible without the leadership of Rebecca Leibinger, our director, and the… Continue Reading

Democrats ‘banging oatmeal spoons’ regarding Court

Re: Press cartoon, Mar. 15 A cartoon recently published in The Sheridan Press visually presented the Democratic Party talking points by showing President Obama holding up a sign reading “2008 and 2012” and a tag line of his saying that actually the country had voted twice. The implication was that Senate Republicans were thwarting the… Continue Reading

Letter: City friendly towards elderly, dementia

City friendly towards elderly, dementia Re: Albrecht column, Feb. 27, Press I love this town! Specifically, I love that we live in a community that doesn’t give up on the elderly and embraces the idea of creating dementia-friendly communities. I am referencing Amy Albrecht’s article in the Feb. 27 edition of The Sheridan Press and… Continue Reading

Letter: Oil conflicts bedevil U.S.

Oil conflicts bedevil U.S. Re: Republicans, Democrats, Israel, Iraq, Wall Street, Rockefellers, Rothschild, Clinton, Bush, Cheney, Obama, taxpayers. The U.S.’ conflict of interest by both Republicans and Democrats with the banking cartel is revealed in Israel and Iraq. First reported on Feb. 24, 2013, by, Vice President Dick Cheney and Clinton administration cabinet officers… Continue Reading

Cartoon disrespects Scalia legacy

Re: Press opinion page, Feb. 16 The late Justice Antonin Scalia hasn’t even been buried yet, and the left is already impugning his reputation. In addition to being highly disrespectful and inconsiderate of the memory of a well-liked and highly respected Supreme Court justice, the cartoon on The Sheridan Press’ editorial page shows the depths… Continue Reading

Letter: Cheney pandering; ‘pay-at-gate’ Bighorns

Cheney pandering; ‘pay-at-gate’ Bighorns Re: Clabaugh letter, Press, Feb. 11 Patricia Clabaugh’s letter, “Cheney BLM claim wrong,” was spot on. When the notion of Wyoming taking over much of the federal land in the state first popped up and was endorsed by some of our lawmakers, it sounded like a good idea. Then reality set in.… Continue Reading

Letter: ‘Heart’ versus ‘head;’ Legislature muffs it

‘Heart’ versus ‘head;’ Legislature muffs it Re: Medicaid expansion Last year we joined with other concerned Wyoming citizens to encourage the Wyoming Legislature to approve expansion of Medicaid coverage to help meet the health-care needs of approximately 20,000 people in the State of Wyoming. There were plenty of numbers to support a responsible fiscal accounting as… Continue Reading

Cheney BLM claim wrong, fuels hate

Re: Sheridan Press story, Feb. 3 Liz Cheney asserted that the Bureau of Land Management is “devoted” to eliminating all human use on land. The BLM’s mission is: “To sustain the health, diversity, and productivity of America’s public lands for the use and enjoyment of present and future generations.  It administers more public land — over… Continue Reading

Letter: Public lands to suffer with Cheney

Public lands to suffer with Cheney Re: Candidacy, Press, Feb. 3 Liz Cheney announced in the Feb. 3 Sheridan Press her intent to run for Congress representing Wyoming.  One of the first issues she highlighted was that the Bureau of Land Management was supposedly eliminating all human use of public lands in Wyoming and that funding… Continue Reading

Letter: Legislators letting underserved suffer

Legislators letting underserved suffer Re: Medicaid expansion refusal When you eat out at the restaurant, did you know there is a high probability the server does not have health insurance?  The same is true for day care workers, lodging workers, home industry workers and other workers whom you know by name.  Are you aware that approximately… Continue Reading

Veteran urges veterans to vote

Re: Be informed, vigilante When I enlisted in the U.S. Air Force in 1950, I took an oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies both foreign and domestic. When I received that DD214, nothing in that document or any other I have received ever relieved me of that duty. This letter is to remind… Continue Reading

Press protects its ‘master,’ Obama

Re: Liberal media, censorship, Easter Bunny It’s strange. When the liberal media, including The Sheridan Press, publish an editorial, it is unfettered and uncensored. Yet, when we conservatives attempt to publish a letter to the editor, our letter is often butchered, as was my letter of Jan. 22. We are told this is “editing.” Having been… Continue Reading

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