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Letters to the Editor

Letter: ‘American way;’ fluoride in water

January 14, 2015

Re: Sheridan Press, Jan. 7 I have lived in Sheridan most of my life and never thought I’d see the day when they put fluoride in the water. Prevention published a book on fluoridation and all the things it can do to your health. I thought the American way is to vote on an issue. Read More

Letter: City councilman, conflict of interest

January 13, 2015

Re: Sheridan Press, Jan. 5 It sure didn’t take long for Sheridan City Councilman Alex Lee to start pushing his agenda: use taxpayer dollars to upgrade the Internet for me and my “six figure” customers. With his seeming disregard for conflict of interest rules, Lee will make a swell politician! Charles Vickery Sheridan

Letter: Al Qaeda not on the run after all

Re: Paris terrorism, Press, Jan. 15 Al Qaeda in Yemen has claimed responsibility for the murder of the 12 French journalists, despite President Obama’s claim during his re-election campaign in 2012 that “Al Qaeda is on the run.”  And now we have witnessed a wholesale slaughter of 2,000 innocents in Nigeria at the hands of Read More

Letter: “Wonderful community” responds to winter falls

January 7, 2015

Re: Slipping on snow, ice We are blessed to be in a community where people are kind and caring. I fell recently, slipping off the curb at the Holiday station. A gentleman saw me go down! He quickly helped me to my feet. I was so shaken up, I didn’t get his name. After the Read More

New GOP Congress “should do their duty”

January 2, 2015

Re: Resolutions and leadership It’s traditional New Year’s resolution time. Hopefully the 114th Congress, which will convene early in January under Republican leadership in both houses, will adopt some resolutions based on the voters’ desire to actively oppose the current president’s leftwing executive orders and “memos.”  If the public wanted Congress to simply “get things Read More

Letter: County practicing selected enforcement

December 31, 2014

County practicing selected enforcement Re: Garage removal I had built a $17,000 new construction detached storage building on my property this summer in Story. I built this building not only for my personal items, construction tools and equipment; I also built this garage to clean up the property for a fire lane and to promote Read More

Letter: Blessed by our community

December 30, 2014

Re: Support after a loss My kids and I have been through rough times with losing my husband and their dad at the end of August to cancer. The community of Sheridan has been amazing to us, from the support while Kevin was battling cancer to helping us cope afterward. I cannot say enough good Read More

Letter: Friendliest city in the West

Re: Trip in Story On July 9, our son Jeff and family, who were visiting from Tennessee, and ourselves went to a favorite spot, the Story Fish Hatchery, in their car with Tennessee license plates. After a lovely morning of picnic brunch, tour of the facility and viewing of the fish in their various stages Read More

Obama’s unnecessary move in Cuba

December 26, 2014

Re: Reopening of U.S. relations For some reason, President Barack Obama has reached out to the Castros in a completely one-sided “deal” with American taxpayers’ dollars to replace the money the Cuban government used to get from the old Soviet Union and, later, from Venezuela until the latter’s petro dollars dried up. And what exactly Read More

Letter: Life, memories before and after Santa’s visits

December 24, 2014

Re: The season’s wealth It’s the season of Christmas so let’s not consider bursting Santa’s bubble. For children everywhere who come to believe in Santa Claus, their entire universe appears wonderfully transformed. From within their perspective, this is the time when the world takes on new meaning and significance. It’s a rosy, magical place and Read More

Letter: Jaycees shopping tour celebrates 50 years

Re: 30 families, 65 children What a wonderful community we live in! This time of year, we read in the paper and hear on the radio many stories of community members helping out others. I would like to take this time to share one more story and say a generous thank you to the individuals Read More

Letter: Trail End activity sparks holiday spirit

December 20, 2014

Trail End activity sparks holiday spirit Re: Largest turnout ever I would like to thank the Trail End Museum (Kendrick Mansion) for the wonderful Christmas Open House they put on every year for the community.  It is such a treat to go to the mansion and see the beautiful decorations, listen to all the great Read More

Letter: Gollings art ‘historical,’ should stay with schools

December 19, 2014

Gollings art ‘historical,’ should stay with schools Re: Sheridan Press, Dec. 15 I was very disappointed when reading how Sheridan School District No. 2 school board is contemplating the sale of (William) Gollings paintings which I believe were given to the Sheridan public schools many years ago. I truly don’t know what our current school Read More

Letter: Citizen falls on ice; citizens come to rescue

Citizen falls on ice; citizens come to rescue I feel blessed to live in the community I do, where people are considerate and kind and see to their fellow man or woman in this case. Wednesday, I fell — hard! — on the ice, landing on my back, by the Sheridan post office. One woman Read More

Letter: Who’s paying for the fluoride push?

December 17, 2014

Re: Water changes coming The mayor’s decision to put fluoride in the water supply on Jan. 1 has not been democratically approved by the community of Sheridan and Sheridan County. Why haven’t city leaders considered the right to vote on this issue? The citizens of Sheridan County voted fluoride out of the water in 1953. Read More

Letter: Fluoride coming; representing people

December 16, 2014

Fluoride coming; representing people Re: Press, Dec. 10 On Jan. 1, four days before he swears in the newly elected city council members, Mayor John Heath will flip the switch, dumping fluorosilicic into our public water system — four days before those who spoke loudly against fluoridation during their campaign have even had a chance Read More

Letter: Not the Democrats’ first anti-CIA rodeo

Not the Democrats’ first anti-CIA rodeo Re: Senate CIA report Kudos to Charles Krauthammer whose column in Friday’s Sheridan Press correctly excoriated the report of the Senate Special Committee on Intelligence panning the so-called “torture” administered by CIA personnel after the 9/11 attack. As Krauthammer correctly notes, the chair of the SCCI, Dianne Feinstein, D-California, Read More

Letter: Story home for sale; what’s going on Cheyenne?

December 11, 2014

Story home for sale; what’s going on Cheyenne? Re: Gov. Mead, tax laws, UW, Somalis, debt, proliferate spending, liberal (imported) professors, “forced charity,” the Constitution and other crap Dear Gov. Mead: I regret to say I am selling my dream home and leaving Wyoming because I cannot afford the government rent (property taxes) you (Czar Read More

Letter: Promote ambition, early graduation

December 9, 2014

Promote ambition, early graduation Re: SCSD#2 graduation coach It is great to see the community of Sheridan address the issue of school drop-outs, however, one group of students is being ignored — those who do not wish to be there. Young adults are amazingly capable. They have the energy, the ambition, brain-power and the time Read More

Fuel prices dropping everywhere but here

December 5, 2014

Re: $1.99 in OKC Thursday evening (Dec. 3), all of the network newscasts showed Oklahoma City to be the first city in the U.S. in four years to be selling fuel (87 octane/regular) for $1.99 per gallon. The same day, Sheridan’s gas stations were selling 85 octane/regular for $2.97 a gallon. We’re paying  98 cents Read More

Letter: ‘Great Christmas Stroll’, visitor enjoys Sheridan cheer

December 3, 2014

‘Great Christmas Stroll’, visitor enjoys Sheridan cheer Re: Downtown event, Nov. 29 I was able to attend this year’s Christmas Stroll on Main Street in Sheridan. The businesses and residents of the area really support the Stroll as you can tell from stores that were open and the people attending the event. I was lucky Read More

Letter: Remember Pearl Harbor; Mead declares remembrance

December 2, 2014

Remember Pearl Harbor; Mead declares remembrance Re: Dec. 7, 1941 The governor of the great state of Wyoming, the Hon. Matthew H. Mead, has proclaimed Sunday, Dec. 7, 2014, as “Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day.” It is earnestly recommended by the few remaining veterans in Wyoming of the attack on Sunday, Dec. 7, 1941, that we Read More

Letter: ‘Shop With a Cop’ builds trust, friendship

‘Shop With a Cop’ builds trust, friendship Re: Dec. 20 at Kmart This is the time of the year when great stories are told. This is about our “Shop With a Cop” program that began 11 years ago here. The program allows any child in the area to spend the morning between 7 a.m. and Read More

Letter: Snow dump puts citizens, wildlife at health risk

November 29, 2014

Snow dump puts citizens, wildlife at health risk Re: South Park Natural Area The Hunter Draw area of South Park Natural Area in Sheridan is being used as a waste disposal site for the snow from streets, lots and other traffic areas.  The snow is laden with waste from motor vehicles, road agents, soils and Read More

Letter: “Home/Range” director appreciates city, “stars”

“Home/Range” director appreciates city, “stars” Re: Film debut at WYO I first discovered your community while working on the Meade Creek Ranch in Story during the summer of 1955. Dr. Pete Schunk, father of Diana, represented for me then the caring community that I would grow to love. Though I carried a small instamatic camera Read More

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