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Rammell ‘dolls’ mar rodeo parade

Re: Press story, photo July 19 People shouting “Lock her up!” about the opposing (Democratic Party) candidate; both candidates calling the other a “liar” and “unfit” to be president. Police dying in an ambush; children massacred along with their parents while watching fireworks. And here in good old Sheridan, Wyoming, at what should be a… Continue Reading

Announcers’ joke racist, inappropriate

I attended the Sheridan WYO Rodeo on Saturday, the final night. I was distraught by a joke told by an announcer. While Native Americans were in the arena preparing for the Indian relays, the announcer told a protracted racist joke. I was horrified and couldn’t believe what I just heard. This racist joke is never… Continue Reading

Commission decision goes against plan

Re: Open space, zoning I am very disappointed in the Sheridan County commissioners’ recent approval of the rezoning of the Roadifer property from agriculture to rural residential. Sheridan city and county residents put a lot of time and energy into the Sheridan County Comprehensive Plant. Retaining open space was a priority. That land was designated… Continue Reading

Democrats become ‘So What?’ party

Re: Clintons, Obama, Bader-Ginsburg In the 1990s, then-President Bill Clinton — a Yale Law School Graduate — lied under oath to a federal judge. The U.S. Senate and large numbers of Americans said: So what? During the 2012 presidential campaign, candidate Barack Obama stated that al Qaeda was “on the run.” A month later, Islamic terrorists… Continue Reading

Some are more equal than others

Re: Hillary, FBI Last year, the Associated Press reported that a U.S. Navy reservist had been sentenced to two years of probation, fined $7,500, and had lost his security clearance forever for “unauthorized removal and retention of classified materials.” He had downloaded classified briefings and digital records onto an unsecure electronic device. The FBI found… Continue Reading

Civil rights violation; discontinue democracy

Re: City, county, state Though a solution to a citizen’s conflict with his government is sought through the rhetoric and legality of civil rights, the problem is much more encompassing. It is the fundamental foundation of democracy that is in question. A civilization without a functioning government cannot survive, if even exist. A democracy without… Continue Reading

WWP participants welcomed in city

Re: SC visit, writing marathon Recently, the Wyoming Writing Project visited Sheridan. The WWP is a local site of the National Writing Project housed at the University of Wyoming and our goal is to encourage teachers as writers and to support them as teachers of writing. On July 1, we worked with teachers in the… Continue Reading

Letter: Bighorn roadless collaborative effort

Bighorn roadless collaborative effort Re: Roads, recreation, economics The Bighorn Forest Collaborative was formed by Shoshone Conservation District (Lovell) and initially funded by a grant from the Governor’s Forest Collaborative Assistance Program to form a local collaborative committee. This collaborative is directed to make recommendations to the Wyoming governor following recommendation 8.1 from Final Report: Governor’s… Continue Reading

Letter: “Optics” and corruption; Clinton meets Lynch

“Optics” and corruption; Clinton meets Lynch Re: Airport meeting So, we are to believe that President Bill Clinton and Attorney General Loretta Lynch just happened to find themselves on the same tarmac at the private aircraft area of the Phoenix airport. Lynch is the Department of Justice official who will make the determination as to whether… Continue Reading

Consequences of  ‘senseless tribute’

Re: Legislators nix ACA funds Sunday’s edition of the Casper Star Tribune contained a fact-based editorial entitled “Financial Pain Was Somewhat Avoidable.” In it are noted the dire economic consequences to Wyoming resulting from the policy of our state Legislature to “put a spending priority on projects, rather than people.” Specifically, this article notes the… Continue Reading

Veggies burgers, soy dogs for the 4th

Re: Health risks What ever happened to the good old days when our worst worries on the Fourth of July were traffic jams and wayward fireworks? A well-warranted worry, according to the Department of Agriculture’s Meat & Poultry Hotline, is food poisoning by nasty E. coli and salmonella bugs hiding in hot dogs and hamburgers… Continue Reading

More Americans to die with Obama policies

Re: Democrats’ ‘farcical’ sit-in, guns, Muslims Reuters reported that migrants in Germany were involved in 69,000 crimes early this year, including more than 750 sex crimes — a byproduct of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s immigration policies.  President Barack Obama wants to bring more such “migrants” here.  Google Malmo, Sweden, for a case study in civilization being… Continue Reading

Bighorn versus Big Horn spelling

Re: Press story, June 13 I read an article in The Sheridan Press that had the two word spelling — Big Horn in the headline and then the one word spelling — Bighorn in the article. This prompted me to recall the research I did on this subject while preparing a map of a hike… Continue Reading

Letter: No Internet access for VA patients

No Internet access for VA patients Re: ‘Legal’ delays cited The VA Hospital in Sheridan, Wyoming, has had the internet, wi-fi and basic computer usage in the patient library shut down for six months. The hospitalized veterans undergoing treatment there want it back. The reason for the suspension, according to hospital director, Kathy Berger, is inappropriate… Continue Reading

Letter: Tongue River quilters known for kindnesses

Tongue River quilters known for kindnesses Throughout the year, the Tongue River Quilt Club donates quilts to patients at Sheridan Memorial Hospital’s Welch Cancer Center. We would like to express a huge thank you to all the quilters that donate their time and talent to those individuals going through treatment. To all of you that volunteer,… Continue Reading

Supports local stock car racing

Re: Press, June 15 As a longtime fan of stock car racing, I am thrilled to see the unified effort and combined energy to keep our local speedway open in Sheridan. The growing amount of enthusiasts, along with the resilient individuals who built their personal racing machines, are eager to (once again) be a part… Continue Reading

Burns provides highway rescue

On Wednesday, June 1, my recently college-graduated son and I set out on a road trip to California to move him there to start his new job at Monterey Bay Aquarium. After a brief stop in Casper, we headed off toward Rawlins. At about 50 miles out, the car died. Within minutes, we were rescued… Continue Reading

Salute vs china; recognizing vets

It has come to my attention that a part of our community’s ceremony that recognizes our veterans both past and present has been cancelled due to the complaint (aka: whim) of one individual. One individual. Every year Kearny’s Frontier Regulars volunteer their cast, time and artillery piece(s) to recognize our lost veterans. They fire their… Continue Reading

Let’s end DISH access embargo

Re: Petition, new FCC ruling Some Sheridan County residents are being denied television access to national Denver network coverage, especially those channels that carry Broncos, Rockies, Nuggets and Avalanche telecasts. Sheridan County has invested considerable resources in promoting our new Denver Connection airline service. What’s the point if Sheridan County travelers can’t see the benefits… Continue Reading

Bernie Sanders, the youth vote

Re: Leftist agenda The support that self-identified socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders is receiving from young people in the Democratic Party primaries is disturbing. He is winning some 70 percent of the vote of people under 40 and many folks are struggling to understand how this is possible. As a retired teacher with a post-graduate degree… Continue Reading

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