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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Senators disrespect Commander-in-chief, Re: Iran nuclear talks

March 19, 2015

It is a sad day for our country when 47 U.S. senators, of any political party, believe it shows strength and maturity to go behind any president, duly elected by the people, and threaten another nation in the midst of treaty negotiations. They are wrong! This childish behavior is even more shameful that our Wyoming Read More

Letter: Keep commercial use out of ag land, Re: Kinnison proposal

March 18, 2015

On April 7, the Board of County Commissioners will hear the Kinnison conditional use permit expansion. The Kinnisons currently host an event called “Born in a Barn” on their property, off U.S. Highway 14. The event is limited to four days a year. In 2014, the Kinnisons constructed a 60-by-100 foot barn on this property. Read More

Letter: Obama, Kerry negotiations put world at nuclear risk

March 13, 2015

Obama, Kerry negotiations put world at nuclear risk Re: Milbank column, Press, Mar 12 Dana Milbank writes,  “… 47 Republican senators did their level best to bring us closer to war by writing a letter to Iran’s mullahs.”  He and other leftwing ideologues are irate that these Republican senators dared to intervene in American statecraft Read More

Exit circus elephants; big cats, horses next

March 12, 2015

Re: Ringling Bros., animal rights Ringling Brothers has bowed to animal-rights pressure and announced the end of the participation of elephants in its circus by 2018. Count on the big cats to go next from the center ring, then the horses, finally the atrocity of little dogs walking on hind legs. Rodeo is likely to Read More

Letter: City “cover up” benefits the few

March 11, 2015

Sheridan seems to be in the midst of the “Big Cover-Up,” needing to put a cover on event facilities just to provide a few with the excuse not to get out and enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors? We live in close proximity to over 2 million acres of the Bighorn National Forest but Read More

Letter: One way out: death; ISIS angry with everyone

March 10, 2015

The following is a quote from the Life and Religion of Mohammad, the Prophet of Arabia. Published 1912. Rev. J. L. Menezes, author and religious scholar and historian. “It may be fairly assumed that during his early longings after a more spiritual faith and his searching’s after the knowledge of the one true God were Read More

Letter: Support competitive pool in Sheridan Re: Aquatic center

March 7, 2015

Imagine driving four hours on icy roads, just to swim three races. That’s my reality. Since Wyoming only has two 50-meter pools, my team usually has to go out of state to compete in most of our swim meets. Wouldn’t it be great to have a 50-meter pool in Sheridan? Wouldn’t it be nice to Read More

Letter: End Eaton ‘saga’ in ’15; shoot him, string him up Re: Wyoming’s only death row inmate

End Eaton ‘saga’ in ’15; shoot him, string him up Re: Wyoming’s only death row inmate I am generally against the death penalty, but am making an exception for Wayne Eaton. I am tired of reading about the “Great Saga of Wayne Eaton.” I want to volunteer to take part in ending it. Let’s list Read More

Letter: A new opportunity for Sheridan Re: Support the new aquatic center

A new opportunity for Sheridan Re: Support the new aquatic center A new opportunity has presented itself for the Sheridan community to create a brand new, indoor aquatic center. This new center might include equipment like large slides, a lazy river, a small lap pool for exercising and many other elements that could possibly be Read More

Letter: Need help getting the word out Re: Aquatic center

Need help getting the word out Re: Aquatic center I’m a seventh-grader at Sheridan Junior High School. Many seventh-graders, including myself, are thinking about a new aquatic center in Sheridan and I need your help to get the word out. The aquatic center should be built in Sheridan because it would be a way better Read More

The denigration of patriots Re: Parker column, Press, Mar. 4

March 6, 2015

Kathleen Parker, assuming the role of adjudicator of congressional pragmatism, excoriated some 50 conservative members of the Republican House majority, opined that “principles defended at the expense of pragmatic application is the business of priests.” So, officials whom the American people elected to stand up to an out-of-control president should just apply “pragmatism” and cave Read More

NSI Wolves show teamwork, pride Re: State 1A tournament

March 5, 2015

It is with great pleasure that we take the time to recognize one of your county’s finest programs. As avid activities and high school sports followers, we are blessed with getting to travel the state and watch our young men and women participate in a wide variety of contests that will hopefully help them as Read More

Congrats to coach Moser; not the only head coach Re: Press article, Feb. 23

March 4, 2015

We would like to congratulate Diane Moser as she retires from her coaching career at Tongue River High School. Her dedication and achievements for 41 years as head coach of the Lady Eagles is remarkable. The Press published a very nice write-up regarding her many years of service. It also stated that she was “the Read More

‘Concealed carry’ talks not realistic Re: Gun laws ineffective

March 3, 2015

With the recent discussion in the Legislature about “concealed carry” at the University of Wyoming, let’s remember past events. Did the “gun-free school” signs prevent the carnage at Columbine, Virgina Tech or Sandy Hook? No. They served to exacerbate the slaughter. The signs ensured the murder victims would be unarmed and helpless. How many murderers, Read More

When is a contract not a contract? Re: City ambulance services

The city of Sheridan entered into a contract with the Sheridan firefighters union and apparently hasn’t been living up to the agreement. Even the (appointed, not elected) senator has joined the battle from Cheyenne with his phony arbitration bill. The arbitrator who is supposed to be neutral can be anybody that the group chooses, even Read More

Letter: Failure of Great Lakes result of service

February 27, 2015

Re: Surveys needed A Feb. 24 article in The Sheridan Press read, “Great Lakes, the only airline serving Sheridan, is losing money on the flights, adding the airport won’t reach the 10,000-passenger mark this year.” If Great Lakes will not reach the 10,000 mark (approximately 14 departures and 14 returns per day), I contend this Read More

Letter: No more knee-jerk reactions

Re: Second Amendment rights, HB114 I think that the only way to ensure the safety of people in this great state of Wyoming is to quit taking away our constitutional rights. Knee-jerk response to emotionally charged issues such as school shootings is claiming our rights at an alarming rate. Any citizen who has gone through Read More

Letter: Cities ripe for history, recreation tourism

February 21, 2015

Cities ripe for history, recreation tourism Re: Advertise, promote I read that grant funds are now available for a new air carrier for the city. I do hope that we can get a very reliable carrier for this area, and have more than one flight in and out a day. The Chamber of Commerce should Read More

Predators, livestock, grazing on public land

February 20, 2015

Re: Respect mountain water Killing predators is the saddest aspect of grazing livestock in this area. The predators are noble, exquisite creatures, unlike the over-bred livestock that is often smeared with its own excrement polluting our watershed.  The mountain water deserves more respect.  It is a treasure, as are the predators. At the top of Read More

Illegal immigrants, Social Security cards

Re: Cole letter, Press, Feb. 18 Charles Cole’s letter was well-written and to the point. The punch line was his final paragraph: What are principled representatives in Congress to do regarding the latest presidential “memo” regarding the Social Security numbers for illegal immigrants? Ann Coulter describes it best. “If the Republican majority in both houses Read More

Letter: 17,600 Wyomingites versus 19 senators

February 19, 2015

17,600 Wyomingites versus 19 senators Re: Medicaid expansion There are more than 17,600 Wyoming citizens without health insurance. I’m not sure if I read it right, but it was only 19 state senators who voted against the Medicaid expansion bill. To state Sen. Charlie Scott: we need some numbers from you. Such as how many of Read More

Letter: ‘Perpetual’ war and its expectations

‘Perpetual’ war and its expectations Re: Sheridan Peacemakers American citizens are responsible for their government’s decisions and for holding it accountable.  Because war is so onerous and consequential, some of us have been holding peace vigils to protest the decision for war and to urge peace. These vigils are sometimes challenged by veterans who take Read More

Letter: Goose-stepping Democrats,“left” media in cahoots

February 18, 2015

Goose-stepping Democrats,“left” media in cahoots Re: Possible DHS shutdown Here we go again! On cue, the national “news” media, including even a few conservatives like George Will, are already blaming the Republican Congress for an impending shutdown of the Department of Homeland Security. The partial government shutdown of 2013 was an effort by principled conservatives Read More

Letter: “Crony capitalism;” voters said no in ‘08

February 17, 2015

Re: City shops for leader The city of Sheridan is advertising for a financial and administrative director. The job description for the position states the director will assume management for all administrative departments. The director will be responsible for city finances, purchasing, budget, council agenda, IT services (established IT contracts and IT priorities). The director Read More

Letter: Obama, Iran, Muslims, ISIS, humility, terrorism

February 11, 2015

Obama, Iran, Muslims, ISIS, humility, terrorism Re: National Prayer Breakfast President Obama at the annual prayer breakfast (Feb. 5) compared what is happening with ISIS today to the Crusades (800 years ago) and the Inquisition (400 years ago). He seems more concerned with getting a deal with Iran than protecting our country from terrorists. Obama Read More

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