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The denigration of patriots Re: Parker column, Press, Mar. 4

Kathleen Parker, assuming the role of adjudicator of congressional pragmatism, excoriated some 50 conservative members of the Republican House majority, opined that “principles defended at the expense of pragmatic application is the business of priests.” So, officials whom the American people elected to stand up to an out-of-control president should just apply “pragmatism” and cave… Continue Reading

Letter: Failure of Great Lakes result of service

Re: Surveys needed A Feb. 24 article in The Sheridan Press read, “Great Lakes, the only airline serving Sheridan, is losing money on the flights, adding the airport won’t reach the 10,000-passenger mark this year.” If Great Lakes will not reach the 10,000 mark (approximately 14 departures and 14 returns per day), I contend this… Continue Reading

Letter: No more knee-jerk reactions

Re: Second Amendment rights, HB114 I think that the only way to ensure the safety of people in this great state of Wyoming is to quit taking away our constitutional rights. Knee-jerk response to emotionally charged issues such as school shootings is claiming our rights at an alarming rate. Any citizen who has gone through… Continue Reading

Predators, livestock, grazing on public land

Re: Respect mountain water Killing predators is the saddest aspect of grazing livestock in this area. The predators are noble, exquisite creatures, unlike the over-bred livestock that is often smeared with its own excrement polluting our watershed.  The mountain water deserves more respect.  It is a treasure, as are the predators. At the top of… Continue Reading

Illegal immigrants, Social Security cards

Re: Cole letter, Press, Feb. 18 Charles Cole’s letter was well-written and to the point. The punch line was his final paragraph: What are principled representatives in Congress to do regarding the latest presidential “memo” regarding the Social Security numbers for illegal immigrants? Ann Coulter describes it best. “If the Republican majority in both houses… Continue Reading

Letter: 17,600 Wyomingites versus 19 senators

17,600 Wyomingites versus 19 senators Re: Medicaid expansion There are more than 17,600 Wyoming citizens without health insurance. I’m not sure if I read it right, but it was only 19 state senators who voted against the Medicaid expansion bill. To state Sen. Charlie Scott: we need some numbers from you. Such as how many of… Continue Reading

Letter: ‘Perpetual’ war and its expectations

‘Perpetual’ war and its expectations Re: Sheridan Peacemakers American citizens are responsible for their government’s decisions and for holding it accountable.  Because war is so onerous and consequential, some of us have been holding peace vigils to protest the decision for war and to urge peace. These vigils are sometimes challenged by veterans who take… Continue Reading

Letter: Goose-stepping Democrats,“left” media in cahoots

Goose-stepping Democrats,“left” media in cahoots Re: Possible DHS shutdown Here we go again! On cue, the national “news” media, including even a few conservatives like George Will, are already blaming the Republican Congress for an impending shutdown of the Department of Homeland Security. The partial government shutdown of 2013 was an effort by principled conservatives… Continue Reading

Letter: “Crony capitalism;” voters said no in ‘08

Re: City shops for leader The city of Sheridan is advertising for a financial and administrative director. The job description for the position states the director will assume management for all administrative departments. The director will be responsible for city finances, purchasing, budget, council agenda, IT services (established IT contracts and IT priorities). The director… Continue Reading

Letter: Obama, Iran, Muslims, ISIS, humility, terrorism

Obama, Iran, Muslims, ISIS, humility, terrorism Re: National Prayer Breakfast President Obama at the annual prayer breakfast (Feb. 5) compared what is happening with ISIS today to the Crusades (800 years ago) and the Inquisition (400 years ago). He seems more concerned with getting a deal with Iran than protecting our country from terrorists. Obama… Continue Reading

Letter: Cyclists, walkers, joggers:

Cyclists, walkers, joggers: Be smart and be seen I would like to remind cyclists, walkers and joggers to wear light, bright, reflective clothing. I could have easily had a collision recently with a cyclist dressed in solid black from helmet to toe and riding a dark bike. Be smart and be seen. Cathy Storm Sheridan Continue Reading

Letter: Kinskey against firefighters, poor

Kinskey against firefighters, poor Re: Sheridan Press, Jan. 27 Will wonders never cease? In the aftermath of many controversial events in the life of Sheridan County politics, our new (state) senator, Dave Kinskey (appointed, and not elected by the people), comes out strongly against our Sheridan Fire Dept. heroes and against the needy people of Wyoming.… Continue Reading

Letter: Distasteful’ coverage is unnecessary

Distasteful’ coverage is unnecessary Re: Clemens letter, Press, Jan. 31 To Susan Clemens, I extend my heartfelt sympathy for your tragic loss compounded by the distasteful coverage by The Press. This is not the first time The Press has unnecessarily sensationalized a local tragedy at the expense of family and friends. If you are waiting for… Continue Reading

Letter: Legislators, lemmings, and a free market

Legislators, lemmings, and a free market Re: Wyoming Medicaid expansion One popular misconception about lemmings is that they mindlessly run off cliffs to their deaths, presumably following a leader with a poor sense of direction.  Lemmings can swim, but do drown when they set out for new habitat lacking the physical capacity to cross a body… Continue Reading

Letter: ‘No place for public’ with state agencies

‘No place for public’ with state agencies Re: Land rules, conflicts House Bill 209, the transfer of federal lands that cleared the House Judiciary Committee, sets Dec. 31, 2017, as the day the federal government shall extinguish title to all public lands. The day that Wyoming would receive that title would be day the public loses… Continue Reading

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