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ACA ‘opt out’ costly to citizens

Re: Hospitals and uninsureds The Wyoming Legislature and governor have decided over the last couple of legislative sessions to opt out of the Medicaid expansion portion of the Patient Protection Affordable Care Act, that would have gone in to effect Jan. 1 of this year. By the state Department of Health’s own projections, that left… Continue Reading

City leaders force ‘pox,’ tyranny

Re: Flouridation project By all means, we should keep Rich Adriaens in place as the city’s new chief of staff to assist the mayor with running Sheridan.  Apparently, the mayor feels incompetent for running the city’s affairs if he does not understand that no sitting city council can commit or obligate any future city council… Continue Reading

Letter: Lessons learned from Tiny

Lessons learned from Tiny Re: Spay, neuter pets Tonight I want to share with you the story of a kitten named Tiny. I don’t have any pictures of Tiny because she only lived for two hours after I first met her. Tiny was given away, along with several of her littermates, on a public Facebook… Continue Reading

Letter: Who is crazy now?

Who is crazy now? Re: Role of elected officials In his letter to the editor Sept. 12, Jack Landon Jr. offered, “We expect our elected officials to listen, to study, to gather enough information based on peer-reviewed studies, so that they can make decisions which will serve the best welfare of our society.” Landon gave… Continue Reading

Letter Sept. 16, 2014

‘Democracy’ nowhere in top U.S. documents Re: Kobza letter, Press, Sept. 13 Marty Kobza, superintendent of Sheridan County School District 1, discussed the schools and the U.S. Constitution in a lengthy letter. In his letter, Kobza said: “To function as a democracy, we must certainly be educated.” The problem is how can the children be… Continue Reading

Letter Sept. 16, 2014

27th amendment, Constitution Day noted Re: DAR, Sheridan Bar Sept. 17 is the 227th anniversary of the signing of the U.S. Constitution. The Daughters of the American Revolution, in partnership with the Sheridan County Bar Association, will visit every fifth-grade class in Sheridan County to celebrate Constitution Day. The classrooms will have interactive education sessions and… Continue Reading

Letter: Constitutional influence in education

Re: It’s everywhere Recently, a representative of the Daughters of the American Revolution approached me about writing a letter as a community member for Constitution Week.  The assignment was to write about how the Constitution relates to my work as a public education superintendent. Although education is not expressly included in the Constitution, it is… Continue Reading

Letter: Doomed to failure

Re: Plans to defeat IS On Wednesday, President Obama outlined his plans to “degrade and ultimately destroy” the Islamic State terrorist group through a systematic campaign of airstrikes against IS targets in Iraq and Syria and an increase in military support to forces fighting IS on the ground. Unfortunately, these plans as stated are doomed… Continue Reading

We elect leaders to make tough choices

Re: Fluoride debate I appreciate the sharing of opinions concerning adding a trace of fluoride to our water.  Though the letters have been repetitive, one quoted Tolstoy “Tyranny happens when good men do nothing.” I think I am a good man, so I will add to the sharing of opinions. A letter bemoaned that “a… Continue Reading

Letter Sept. 11, 2014

Do nothing  Republican Congress? Re: Democrat sloganeering One thing you must concede to our Democrat friends — they are persistent rascals, continually  resurrecting old saws of yesteryear from their musty vault of golden oldies. One which the “news” media keep harping on is the “Do nothing Republican Congress.” If only, the story goes, those recalcitrant,… Continue Reading

Letter to the Editor Sept. 9, 2014

Positive attitudes  can enrich city Re: Sheridan’s history, future It has been said, “history is not presented in one neat, tidy, little package” and this seems to be the case with the Sheridan community. Living, working, raising a family, growing older against the backdrop of the spectacular setting of the Bighorn Mountains is enticing and… Continue Reading

Letter to the Editor

What happened to freedom of choice? Re: Keep fluoride out of water Water fluoridation is a topic of concern for many in our community. I have read pros and cons. My primary concern regarding this issue is that we have not been given a choice. I believe that we have the right to decide. A… Continue Reading

Council’s stubbornness on fluoride harms citizens

Re: Tolstoy, trust, ‘Big Pharma’ Week after week, we sit at the Clean Water Sheridan table at the farmers market sharing with residents what we have learned through our sometimes exhausting research on fluoride. We see young moms with innocent babes who have been encouraged to give fluoride supplements to their child while their hearts… Continue Reading

Sept. 3, 2014 Letter to the Editor

Pure water a human right Re: Fluoridation In 1931, Dr. H.T. Dean of the U.S. Public Health Service initiated a major project to investigate dental fluorosis. Fluorosis is a condition of brown stain on teeth caused by fluoride in drinking water. Dr. Dean saw a benefit of fluoride, that it hardened tooth enamel. In 1944,… Continue Reading

Freedom! Freedom! charities and fluoride

Re: November vote Two big issues facing Sheridan are the addition of fluoride to our water and the vote on re-imposing a 6 percent sales tax in November. Your freedom is a common factor in both. The freedom to choose what we ingest is at stake in the fluoride debate. And the freedom to decide… Continue Reading

Humans not ‘bright’ with voting choices

Re: Aug. 19 primary I’m so disappointed and confused by the outcome of our Wyoming primary with the race for governor and Wyoming state representative, District 40. It is beyond my understanding how the Republican Party (or any other party) could support a candidate for governor who broke the law (or at least was not… Continue Reading

Candidate info access needs improvement

Re: Aug. 19 primary It’s no wonder less than 40 percent turned out for the Aug. 19 primary. Informed voting takes more than a little time and effort and I suspect many lack the time or resources to do it adequately. In the state where I used to live, sample ballots were mailed out weeks… Continue Reading

Low voter turnout keeps Republic at risk

Re: Apathy, Congress   No wonder Congress is so comfortable in Washington, just talking and blowing smoke while they do nothing but add to the cost of government. They vote themselves raises and increase the debt. I guess most of our registered voters feel comfortable with what is happening or just don’t care. It is… Continue Reading

Want growth, get out of the way

Re: Aug. 14 Press article Those of us experienced Sheridan citizens know that historical opportunities for growth have been greeted with reluctance and tepid enthusiasm.  The resistance generally prevailed, producing a lengthy trail of rejected prospects. That’s why I was very intrigued and yet perplexed with the front page article in last Thursday’s Sheridan Press… Continue Reading

Educators, politicians: give us a longer summer

Re: School year calendars   People who have lived in Wyoming for any length of time can tell you summer is short here. Summer activities are at the mercy of weather patterns that do not necessarily fall in line with solstices and equinoxes. Because of this, activities in multiple venues are often slated on the… Continue Reading

Coleman is role model, approachable, attentive

Re: Aug. 19 primary   I have had the pleasure of knowing state Rep. Kathy Coleman since she began her term in the House of Representatives. My first experience with Rep. Coleman was during my attendance of a Labor, Health, and Social Services committee meeting. She was extremely knowledgeable, attentive, and engaged in the meeting… Continue Reading

Debt becomes city’s economic development

Re: Who is managing liabilities?   The Aug. 9 edition of The Press printed a public service ad titled, “There’s a lot going on in Sheridan.” This ad updates progress on five city construction projects. The minutes of City Council for Aug. 4 show that council passed three resolutions, without discussion, on the consent agenda.… Continue Reading

Coleman helpful with new mayor

Re: Aug. 19 primary   As the new mayor of Clearmont, I have been working hard at moving the town of Clearmont forward in a positive manner. I have contacted state Rep. Kathy Coleman on several issues. She has been very helpful with researching state statutes that have given me guidelines on how I should… Continue Reading

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