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Letters to the Editor

What the U.S. Constitution means to us

September 17, 2013

It is Constitution Week again. Local DAR member and historian Peggy Terry asked me to articulate my thoughts about what the Constitution means to me. Since she was visiting from Michigan, I engaged my sister Judy Cherni in the project. In no time at all, we were almost emotional about the subject. No one (with Read More

5 percent sales tax

September 11, 2013

A 5 percent sales tax for Sheridan is on the ballot Nov. 5. We can vote to re-impose the 1 percent Capital Facilities (CAP) Tax, keeping our sales tax at 6 percent or we can choose to reject the CAP tax and return to a 5 percent rate. In an effort to stimulate debate and Read More

SPA fly-in a success

September 10, 2013

We would like to thank the people of Sheridan for making the first Sheridan County Airport Open House & Fly-In an amazing success. Total attendance numbers are still being calculated but the initial numbers exceeded all expectations. Many pilots from around the region flew their aircraft in and placed them on display for the public. Read More

Thorne-Rider tennis courts resurfaced

On behalf of many, I would like to thank both the Sheridan Athletic Association and the Sheridan Recreation District for their combined efforts in resurfacing the tennis courts at Thorne-Rider Park. The much needed improvement will benefit Sheridan in many ways, including improved ability to host larger tournaments and events, as well as additional court Read More

Volunteers deserve thanks

September 6, 2013

As the Sheridan County Field of Honor draws to a close, I would be remiss if I did not publicly thank the dedicated and hard-working committee who pulled this project together so beautifully. This project has been ongoing since April and a seed in the ground as early as February. The following people volunteered their Read More

Too many risks with fluoridation

Re: City water issue, Press, Aug. 24 Holy Moly! Now, I am no activist, but I’m about to dig out my favorite Erin Brockovich push-up bra over this fluoride issue. Something is going on. After we’ve already fought to remove it once and cities all over our country are voting down installing fluoride and even Read More

Everything can be a poison

Re: Fluoride debate Some folks think fluoride should not be added to the drinking water because it is a poison. I respect their choice to not drink the water however; the plain truth is everything is a poison! It is the concentration that matters. There are those who have died from drinking too much (non-fluoridated) Read More

Community commemoration

September 4, 2013

Twenty five years of our community’s summer ending festival, Don King Days was held over the weekend. A large crowd from 18 states and 16 Wyoming counties came to celebrate the silver anniversary at the Big Horn Equestrian Center Sunday and Monday. Polo, bronc riding, steer roping, and the largest horse shoeing competition to date Read More

Better diet instead

August 30, 2013

Re: Fluoridation issue There is concern that the children in Sheridan have bad teeth. Perhaps instead of fluoridating the water that all of us drink, how about advising the parents of these children to limit their soda pop, sugar and junk food from their diets. It would cost the taxpayer no extra money and free Read More

letters Aug. 28, 2013

August 29, 2013

Unnecessary expenses Re: College bond The electorate has spoken and the college bond issue was defeated. Whether rejoicing or being stunned, I believe that there was another factor besides higher taxes that may have played a part in the negative reaction to the proposal. The somewhat lack of restraint and common sense by the decision-making Read More

Funding changes pose threat

August 28, 2013

I consider myself very fortunate to be the legal guardian of a young man with developmental disabilities. Though he doesn’t live with my family, and he’s technically not one of my children, we consider him to be one of us. He lives in a group home operated by a local provider. My family is blessed, Read More

Lively discussion needed

August 23, 2013

Re: Capital Facilities Tax A 5 percent sales tax is available on Nov. 5. We can choose to re-impose the 1 percent Capital Facilities Tax or not. We should carefully debate this important issue, as it provides funding for many capital projects in the county. While it’s a small amount to each individual, it creates Read More

Don’t be dismayed

Re: Some voters understand Young men and women of Sheridan County, please do not take the results of the recent bond election personally. Don’t let it concern you that only one-third of the registered voters bothered to cast a ballot over something that could directly affect your future livelihoods. Don’t have second thoughts about the Read More

Victory for landowners

Re: Riparian regulations The rejection of the riparian restrictions by the County Commissioners was certainly a victory for private landowners. This past week it was heartening to witness such courage openly demonstrated by various Sheridan County residents at the riparian proposal meeting and by other Sheridan County residents regarding local issues as well. Sheridan County Read More

Fiscal conservative OK with higher tax

August 16, 2013

Re: SC bond isse   I support the Sheridan College Tech Center, and will vote “yes” on Aug. 20. I write this as a fiscal conservative who has always voted no to raising taxes of any kind. I’m voting yes because I am a tradesman. I don’t believe that every young person needs a four-year Read More

Employer needs SC-trained grads

Re: Tech Center vote   As an operator of an industrial company, a member of the Sheridan College machine tool technology advisory committee, and a past/present employer of dozens of Sheridan College technical program students, I’m asking Sheridan County residents to support this effort and vote in favor of the bond issue. Our county and Read More

Vote ‘no’ on Tech Center

Re: Aug. 20 referendum My position is no more new taxes. The expansion of the (Sheridan College) Tech Center has merit, but not at the expense of putting another tax on the residents of Sheridan County. Regardless of the level of government (local, state, federal), new spending must cease; we can’t afford it. If the Read More

Forward Sheridan supports SC vote

Re: Tech Center, Aug. 20   In May, Forward Sheridan formally endorsed Sheridan College’s general obligation bond proposal. Our board of directors and investors have campaigned for the proposal. Our endorsement of this bond and the support of this initiative is focused on two perspectives. First and most importantly, the renovation and construction of approximately Read More

Respect applicants during job searches

Re: Lead by example   What happened to common courtesy and respect in today’s job market or for that fact, common courtesy and respect In general? By that statement, I mean, when an applicant takes the time to fill out an application in detail or simply sends in their resume to an email as directed Read More

Supports SC bond initiative

Re: Tech Center vote Aug. 20 Although retired from Sheridan College, I continue to teach a few English classes. Last spring, I had a student who is quite remarkable. He is a veteran of two different wars, intelligent and genuinely cares for others. His goal was to get into the diesel tech program so that Read More

Vacutech expands with SC tech grads

Re: Aug. 20 bond vote I am writing today to express my strong support, as both business owner and taxpayer, of the Sheridan College bond initiative to fund renovation and expansion of the college’s Tech Center. When we relocated Vacutech to Sheridan in 2011, we brought just eight employees from our Denver production facility and Read More

Leaders ‘at the trough’; vote ‘no’ for SC bond

August 15, 2013

Re: Tech Center, Aug. 20   We must vote “NO” the 20th of August on the $15.85 million dollar bond issue for Sheridan College’s Tech Center. • The projected pay out on the bond issue is based off the assessed value of Sheridan County staying the same or improving for the next 15 years. The Read More

SC is source of skilled staff

Re: Bond vote, Aug. 20   As the vote approaches on the bond initiative to fund renovation and expansion of the Sheridan College Tech Center, I want to share some perspective on the need for skilled workers in the trades served by the Tech Center programs. L&H Industrial has a long-term relationship with Sheridan College; Read More

Farmers Market good for Sheridan

August 14, 2013

Re: Press story, Aug. 10 Kudos to the organizers and participants of the Farmers Market. What a terrific benefit to our community. Christina Schmidt’s article stated the Farmers Market began in 2001. Actually, the Farmers Market began over thirty years ago on the parking lot of the First United Methodist Church. In those days, eight Read More

‘Yes’ vote invests in Sheridan’s future

Re: SC Tech Center, Aug. 20 As a former member and chairman of the Sheridan College Board of Trustees, I feel the Aug. 20th bond election to expand and renovate our Tech Center is of profound importance of our community’s long-term financial future. In fact, this led me to agree to be the chairman of Read More

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