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Letters to the Editor

Point by point opposition

August 9, 2013

Re: Say ‘no’ to fluoridation   Fluoride is a deadly poison. Fluoride is toxic to the body. It is corrosive to everything it touches, especially the skin. It is not a lack of fluoride in a person’s body that causes tooth decay. It can be several factors, such as diet (too much sugar), genetics or Read More

One property, one vote

Re: College bond issue   Here’s the solution to almost all the issues raised about the coming bond vote. “Only property owners can vote and their vote affects only their property.” That way, most of us get what we want. A supporter of the new bond will do just that: support the bond with their Read More

Tech Center expansion good for students

August 8, 2013

Re: Sheridan College bond issue I’m sure your readers have seen news reports and promotional materials by now that spell out the details of the upcoming Sheridan College Tech Center bond issue election. To summarize: On Aug. 20, Sheridan County residents will vote on a $15.8 million bond issue for the renovation and expansion of Read More

Need a better plan

Re: Riparian rules don’t make sense   I respectfully submit that a case for implementing new riparian set-back regulations has not been made. It has been stated this is a “water quality” issue yet by the county’s own admission these new regulations will not fix the water quality problems since most water quality issues are Read More

Must consider the common good

Re: Riparian regulations As a resident of the county and a property owner with over a quarter mile along both banks of the Tongue River near Ranchester, I would like to urge the county commisioners to vote in favor of the riparian management proposal. I know the value of watching the daily events that take Read More

Kindness of strangers

August 7, 2013

Re: Medical personnel The people of Sheridan are fortunate to live in a very caring community with a great health care system in place. My husband collapsed at the rest area in Sheridan during rodeo week. Every person who helped me was so kind starting with the women who work at the Chamber of Commerce. Read More

Warm welcome at the state trap shoot

I wanted to drop a note thanking the team that put on the Wyoming State Trap Shoot over the Fourth of July holiday weekend. This was my first registered state trap shoot and I had a great experience. The weather was hot, which must have added to the warmth of those who were running the Read More

Risky business

Re: Fluoridation of water The fluoridation of the city’s water is a major issue. As an athletic person who drinks in excess of one to two liters of water a day, the amount of fluoride in the city water can be harmful for people’s health and the businesses around Sheridan. All diabetics, laborers and anybody Read More

Students thrive using hands, head

August 6, 2013

“Learn a skill or a trade son, work hard, be honest and you’ll never be without a job for long.” That’s what my father used to say. Modified for today, “Learn a skill or trade, work hard, be honest, select a job that pays a wage that can support a family. A job that has Read More

America’s racism

August 2, 2013

Re: Zimmerman trial Is anyone else as tired as I am of the race baiting going on since the Zimmerman/Martin trial? Here’s some facts. • The last census shows blacks make up 13 percent of the total population of the U.S. FBI statistics say that black males perpetuate 50 percent of the violent crime in Read More

Public needs to wake up

Re: Riparian amendment After attending the Sheridan County Planning and Zoning meeting concerning riparian setbacks, I am concerned. First, there is absolutely no need for this legislation. The miniscule amount of property that will be affected is 1.3 percent. Agriculture operations, the big culprit for stream pollution according to national statistics, are excluded from any Read More

Water issues already addressed

Re: Proposed riparian rules flawed The riparian restriction proposal is flawed in many ways. There have been water quality issues brought up in the past and the county commissioners may be accountable to the Department of Environmental Quality. But in consideration of the recent updating of the countywide septic restriction requirements and the building restrictions Read More

Trail End Museum a gem

Re: 100th anniversary party Thank you staff and volunteers of the Trail End Museum, for the wonderful anniversary party in celebration of the Kendrick Mansion turning 100 years old. The Sheridan Press recently (July 27) called the Kendrick Mansion, “A Beacon on the Hill.” More than 1,200 people proved that statement to be true. A Read More

‘Decent behavior’ missing from society

July 30, 2013

Re: Humans and animals What has happened to people’s decent behavior? It seems as if the current events of some recent behaviors should help all of us reexamine our role in a community. Let’s look at politicians and the behavior of New York City mayoral candidate, Rep. Anthony Weiner, or the acts of the San Read More

Force or freedom

Re: College bond issue Sheridan College is a fine institution, worthy of a new tech center. However, the ballot issue is not, “Do you think a new building is a good idea?,” but rather, “Do you favor raising property taxes?” I do not favor raising taxes. I have no desire to attempt to tell others Read More

Tired of inconsiderate dog owners

July 26, 2013

Re: July 23 Press article In the article concerning the lady and her dog who were attacked by a pit bull amd mastiff, it was stated that it was “only the ninth such attack since Jan. 1, 2013.” Only the ninth attack? Should one conclude that the vicious dog-owners of Sheridan are doing a good Read More

Communism, Christianity

July 25, 2013

Looks to me like the early Christians were small “c” communists. Capital “C” Communism, with its gulags, secret police and generally poor living conditions, is no doubt even more antithetical to real Christianity than capitalism. Small “c” communism, on the other hand, appears to have been perfectly harmonious with the spirit of the early Christian Read More

Smith’s DUI

The Sheridan Press story, “Councilor’s April DUI,” (July 19), raised the question of how fit the councilwoman is to represent her ward. Both Ms. Smith and Mayor Dave Kinskey have said she will stay focused and serve her constituents. The night of her arrest for DUI, Ms. Smith was driving a car registered, not to Read More

Dislikes coverage of Miss Indian Americas

Great coverage of the Miss Indian America Reunion. Oh, wait. There was no coverage, unless it was buried in small print in all the rodeo photos. Seems this was a news event that deserved extensive coverage. Would have thought The Sheridan Press staff could have interviewed these talented ladies and done a complete special section Read More

Thanks for supporting veterans

July 19, 2013

 Re: Wyo-Rodeo board I want to publicly thank the members of the Sheridan-Wyo-Rodeo board, specifically Vicki Kane, Linda St. Clair and Zane Garstad, for their incredible support of the men and women who have served in the U.S. military and are receiving treatment at the Sheridan VA Medical Center. This year the board asked if Read More

SCSD2 supports Sheridan College

Re: Tech Center bond issue Sheridan County School District 2 would like to submit this enthusiastic letter of support for the upcoming Sheridan College Tech Center bond election. Our district and Sheridan College have a close relationship that is both collaborative and beneficial for our students and the community. Sheridan College has been an integral Read More

‘Humble brilliance’

July 18, 2013

With the passing of Helen Graham, the historical community has lost our matriarch. As a historian, archivist, author and librarian, her humble brilliance benefitted thousands in our community. As an unpublished author she quietly took me aside and encouraged me and went out of her way to provide me with matierials of her own. I Read More

A can of worms

July 17, 2013

Re: Riparian Buffer Zone I am writing in opposition to the proposed riparian buffer zone. The county wishes to impose a riparian easement of up to 50 feet on lots adjacent to creeks to provide cleaner water. Do they have undeniable evidence this will do just that? If I understand the proposal, the distance of Read More

Gilead Fire area regenerating

July 12, 2013

Re: Natural disturbance can be good for environment Last Sunday I finished my summer internship with the Wyoming Wilderness Association by going on the Gilead Fire regeneration and wildflower Hike in the Rock Creek recommended wilderness area in the Bighorn Mountains. Given the recent wildfire-related events in Arizona and Colorado, the timing couldn’t have been Read More

Much help went into July 4th show

July 11, 2013

I’d like to thank the community for helping make the fireworks at Big Horn a success. Although my name is mentioned most frequently with the show, there are a number of people and groups without whom I could not put on the display and I would like to publicly recognize them — Pat Pearce; Dr. Read More

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