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Salute vs china; recognizing vets

It has come to my attention that a part of our community’s ceremony that recognizes our veterans both past and present has been cancelled due to the complaint (aka: whim) of one individual. One individual. Every year Kearny’s Frontier Regulars volunteer their cast, time and artillery piece(s) to recognize our lost veterans. They fire their… Continue Reading

Let’s end DISH access embargo

Re: Petition, new FCC ruling Some Sheridan County residents are being denied television access to national Denver network coverage, especially those channels that carry Broncos, Rockies, Nuggets and Avalanche telecasts. Sheridan County has invested considerable resources in promoting our new Denver Connection airline service. What’s the point if Sheridan County travelers can’t see the benefits… Continue Reading

Bernie Sanders, the youth vote

Re: Leftist agenda The support that self-identified socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders is receiving from young people in the Democratic Party primaries is disturbing. He is winning some 70 percent of the vote of people under 40 and many folks are struggling to understand how this is possible. As a retired teacher with a post-graduate degree… Continue Reading

Food tax idea should be buried in unmarked grave

Re: Stupid, evil, dumb, redundant, tumor-like Re-impose the food tax? Absolutely not! That would be like letting the doctor re-insert the tumor he removed. Once we rid ourselves of a tax, especially one as evil as the food tax, we should never allow it to be re-inflicted. Taxing a basic necessity is about as dumb… Continue Reading

Constitutional republic, or banana republic?

Re: Obama, school bathrooms, public housing, Iran, media It wasn’t enough that the current president trampled on the Constitution by issuing his infamous executive order on immigration. In (ab)using his “prosecutorial discretion,” President Obama has released tens of thousands of criminal aliens back into American society, many of whom have gone on to commit violent crimes… Continue Reading

‘Amoral idiots’ run the country

Re: Obama, liberals If the President can blackmail schools into instituting free-for-all toilets and shower facilities while at the same time endorsing politically correct madness over hugging or touching a child that might be considered “inappropriate,” then you are living in a country founded by geniuses, but run by idiots. If you have to have… Continue Reading

Letter: Citizens should reread Constitution

Citizens should reread Constitution Re: ‘Professional politicians’ All of us need to read and reread our Constitution and determine just what powers the government has. The first thing to read is Article I, Section 1 of the Constitution which states, “All legislative powers herein granted shall be vested in the Congress of the United States, which… Continue Reading

Antler theft ‘unscrupulous’

Hanging or displaying antlers on fence posts, driveway entrances or buildings is a common practice in Wyoming. Typically, these displays have very personal stories and memories associated with them. On Monday (May 2), in the dark of night, some low-life, hack-saw toting thieves decided to steal antlers that were displayed on a neighbors’ fence along… Continue Reading

Letter: Egocentric, establishment, socialist

Egocentric, establishment, socialist Re: Less than desirable candidates  Have we really sunk so low that our diminished selection of presidential candidates contains another egocentric member of the establishment (and presently under FBI investigation); a socialist; a member of the establishment No. 2; and…well — Donald Trump? Certainly this wasn’t in the cards given the current… Continue Reading

Letter: All Americans have religious freedoms

All Americans have religious freedoms Re: Divisive, dangerous election As we progress through this preseason of the 2016 election cycle, it is distressing, divisive and dangerous to recognize that some don’t recall from their education one of the basic principles of the founding of our country — that of religious freedom for its people. Religious freedom… Continue Reading

Letter: Democratic caucus ‘corrupt, rigged’

Democratic caucus ‘corrupt, rigged’ Re: Sanders wins, then loses It was with utter dismay that I read where Sec. Hillary Clinton will receive all the Wyoming super delegate votes, even after a decisive loss to Sen. Bernie Sanders by 12 points in the Wyoming Democratic Caucus last Saturday. What a pointless way to spend my Saturday… Continue Reading

Fortunate to have DAC air travel

Re: Sheridan to Denver My wife and I flew Denver Air Connection Feb 20. It was a refreshing change. Our tickets were $198 for both of us. The flight departed on time with a clean comfortable cabin and free Snickers. The Dornier jet zipped up to 35,000 feet above any weather and the flight was… Continue Reading

Letter: Public wants better food labeling

Public wants better food labeling Re: Barani letter, Press, Mar. 29 There are some who are ill informed, or uninformed, about the dangers associated with ingestion of unnatural, genetically modified foods. These food crops are not the naturally cross bred modified ones that have been in existence for centuries, but those that have recently been modified… Continue Reading

Letter: Honoring Joe Medicine Crow

Honoring  Joe Medicine Crow Re: Died at 102 Sunday All over this nation, and perhaps the world, people will  be reading and hearing about Dr. Joe Medicine Crow, who died Sunday in Billings, Montana, at 102 years of age. He was the last war chief of the Crow Nation; a recipient of the Presidential Medal… Continue Reading

Letter: ‘Pig pen politics;’ serious debate needed

‘Pig pen politics;’ serious debate needed Re: Trump candidacy In a November 2015 interview with CNN, Donald Trump said this of his then-rival (and, amazingly, current supporter) Dr. Ben Carson: “It’s in the book that he’s got a pathological temper. That’s a big problem because you don’t cure that … as an example: child molesting. You… Continue Reading

GMO fear unwarranted

Re: Foods we eat There are three basic responses to fear — prepare to fight, fill with anxiety and shutdown or avoid the concern and run. These basic instinctual responses are necessary for survival. Fear is a great way to gain attention and power. One such unwarranted fear created lately is with regard to genetically… Continue Reading

Sheridan community should support youth football

Re: Provides activity, teaches lessons I am a seventh-grade student at Sheridan Junior High School, and I am writing to you about a debate deciding whether the Sheridan community should support youth football. In my opinion, the Sheridan community should support youth football because it helps kids stay active, it helps kids make friends and… Continue Reading

Support for Antelope Butte project

Re: Help for economy I’m a seventh-grade student at Sheridan Junior High School. I am writing to you about the reopening of Antelope Butte, which is a ski area up on the Bighorn Mountains. Antelope Butte should be reopened because people would be more interactive, it will provide winter and summer events, and have a… Continue Reading

Letter: ‘Shop local’ retail campaign appreciated

‘Shop local’ retail campaign appreciated Re: St. Patrick’s Day Pot O’ Gold What a welcome surprise to win the Pot O’ Gold “shop local” campaign. It was sponsored by the Downtown Sheridan Association’s historic district committee. Considering, that I filled out only one ticket at the Real Deals on Home Décor, one of the sponsoring businesses.… Continue Reading

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