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Name dropping: When anonymous is OK, when it’s not

November 1, 2013

There has been a lot of talk in the newsroom lately about when to include names of individuals in articles and when it is OK to use anonymous sources. First, let me say that it is our policy to avoid anonymous sources. The primary reason is motive. Why would somebody who believes strongly in something Read More

Well-deserved ‘thanks’ to federal workers

October 18, 2013

I try to avoid politics in my columns, but after the last couple of weeks it is hard to resist. While some posted comments on Facebook about being happy the government was shutdown, I quietly fumed. Jokes were made about the “gooberment” and how too many people rely on government for too many services. I Read More

Warmth of friends helped get us through

October 11, 2013

The storm last weekend really got me thinking. I’m kind of a pansy when it comes to not having any power. Most of the time I like to think I could rough it with the best of them. Live off the grid, fetch water from the well and pretend I live on the wild frontier Read More

FAB down but not dead

October 4, 2013

Well, schucks. Months of planning, speakers lined up, goodie bags ordered and catering planned. I kept looking out the window last night at the rain, telling myself it would be OK. No snow had stuck yet and I was sure things would work out. Yet the best laid plans are always subject to Wyoming weather, Read More

Alittle me time goes a long way

September 6, 2013

In the 24-hour news cycle that dominates journalism today, it is easy to find yourself run a little ragged. Everyone who calls believes their event is the most important thing to be covered, and in an attempt to do it all, you work way more hours than you ever planned and still, not everyone is Read More

Believe it or not, I’m ready for snow

August 30, 2013

I’m ready for snow. This 90-something degree heat is starting to get old to me. Everyone is sweaty. You have to escape inside to stay cool. When you go to work you have to be prepared for the breeze from the air conditioning giving you goosebumps. Plants begin to look droopy no matter how many Read More

Roving reporters, favorite books

August 23, 2013

Every once and awhile, I have to pinch myself to remind myself I’m not dreaming and that my job really is one of the best jobs in the world. I don’t mean the management portion. Sure it is nice to be in charge and have some say, but I’m primarily referring to my job as Read More

Amazing women right here in town

August 9, 2013

Earlier this year, Sheridan Press Publisher Stephen Woody and I began talking about the fall Destination Sheridan magazine. “I want it to focus on Sheridan’s women,” he told me. No problem. “I want to hold a conference and expo along with that,” he said about a week later. “So start thinking about it.” I’m not Read More

August: Makes me want to buy school supplies

August 2, 2013

I love this time of year. I always have. Local stores are starting to put out their school supplies. Pens, pencils, notebooks, planners and best of all, sticky notes. There was a movie once, “You’ve Got Mail,” that featured Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks. In it, Hanks writes an email (via old-school dial-up Internet) to Read More

Sad end to an exciting season

July 26, 2013

The Sheridan Press sponsored softball team surprised a lot of people this week. We went from being ranked 13th out of 15 teams at the end of the regular season, to winning four of the first five games in the tournament. We’re just two games out before we could be playing for the championship; one Read More

Not Wrigley, but looking forward to a little baseball

July 19, 2013

There are a lot of great things about Wyoming. This place has beautiful landscapes, wildlife galore, wide open spaces, friendly people and communities that know how to make you feel right at home. But, I’m not going to lie, there is one thing I really wish Wyoming had that it likely never will — a Read More

Disappointed pet parent

July 12, 2013

I am a pet parent. This means I do all of the silly things pet parents do. I brag about my dog (his name is Toby and he is adorable). I buy my dog Christmas and birthday gifts. I take my dog for walks and allow others to oohhh and ahhh over him. He is Read More

Rodeo Week means good times

July 5, 2013

Rodeo Week is upon us and like most other Sheridan-area residents, I can’t wait for the fun to begin. After arriving in Sheridan in 2008, just two weeks before the biggest event in town, I had no idea what I had gotten myself into. Sure, I’d see rodeo on TV, briefly as I flipped through Read More

Two-wheeled memories both good and bad

June 21, 2013

There is something really exciting about a brand new bike. Whether it is new to you or just brand spanking new, a new bike creates a sense of adventure. It conjures up images of back country roads, trails in the Bighorns or pathways to Kendrick Park for ice cream. I recently got a new mountain Read More

Lessons my father taught me

June 14, 2013

If your dad is anything like mine, he’s mostly the strong, silent type. He never said a whole lot, but did ask about my day, my game or in general just how things were going. He knew I followed the news so he’d ask me about articles he had seen or sports games he knew Read More

Conversations among the young and the older

June 7, 2013

It is funny how conversations with friends change as you get older. It starts out all goo, goo and gah, gah. Then it is all about baseball teams, bike riding and how your social studies teacher always spits when he talks so nobody sits in the front row. In high school it is all homework, Read More

No more rain delays, play ball

May 31, 2013

I know we needed the moisture but I’m glad the rain is supposed to stop today. The Sheridan Press organized a softball team made up primarily of Press staffers as well as some friends and family. We got rained out on Wednesday and again for our makeup game Friday. We’ve dubbed ourselves the “Muckrakers” and Read More

Some valuable graduation advice

May 24, 2013

High school seniors will be celebrating their accomplishments this weekend with graduation ceremonies. Let me be one of the many who say “congratulations!” I don’t remember much about my high school graduation, but I remember the convocation at Northwestern University took forever. I didn’t attend my commencement ceremony. The whole school was set to gather Read More

A disheartening invasion of the Fourth Estate

May 17, 2013

I have always been pretty protective of the Fourth Estate. Journalism, to me, is a form of public service. Newspapers and other forms of media strive to keep citizens informed and to keep politicians and other officials honest. We don’t always succeed and it isn’t always easy, but without it corruption levels grow and accountability Read More

Honoring those who care —mothers, nurses

May 10, 2013

This past week was National Nurses Week and Sunday we recognize our mothers. Today, I want to recognize one woman, who to me, is both. Growing up in northeastern Ohio, I remember coming home from school to spend a little time with my mom before she left for the night shift as a registered nurse. Read More

A reminder of home

May 3, 2013

Ten years ago, I never would have thought the words, “I’m from Wyoming,” would ever come out of my mouth. But on a recent trip to Portland, my family was sitting in one of the many local breweries asking about the local fare when the waitress asked where we were from. Initially, my mother responded Read More

The purpose of big projects

April 26, 2013

There is something very exciting about a new project. They make me feel like a kid getting ready to go back to school. I suddenly feel the need to buy new notebooks, pens and folders — I must have these items to keep myself organized. I can’t, after all, shove all of the notes and Read More

A not so peaceful ocean

April 19, 2013

There is something so calming about being by the ocean. The sound of the waves, the sound of the rain on the waves… you just can’t beat it. I’m in Cannon Beach, Ore., right now. Spending time with family. My grandma, aunt and uncle live and Portland and every few years we try to rent Read More

A profile of determination

April 6, 2013

As a reporter, and now an editor, I’ve gotten to meet a lot of very interesting people. Both Sheridan, and my former Chicago stomping grounds, are full of fascinating people — and most of them are not famous or well-known. In Chicago, I met President Barack Obama, though at the time he was a senator Read More

Technology time wasters

March 30, 2013

It is amazing the technology time wasters that have found their ways into my life. Sure, some of them could be useful, but mostly it is just a way to keep myself busy while I’m waiting for a friend, a movie to start, airplane boarding to begin or if I’m just plain bored. There are Read More

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