Keep some pathways free of concrete

June 26, 2013

Ask most local runners which surface they would rather put their miles in on and few would say concrete. Concrete, according to runnersworld.com, is one of the hardest running surfaces around and can lead to increased shin splits and joint pain. While research regarding the impact of running surfaces on the body is not definitive, Read More

Youth work programs help teach life lessons

June 21, 2013

Summertime is often portrayed through sun tans, bathing suits, swimming pools and lemonade. Rarely is hard work seen — after all, school is out and many kids don’t have a care in the world. But, around the community, many teenagers are taking advantage of the summer months by finding employment. Kudos should go out to Read More

Get involved as a mentor

June 14, 2013

Study after study has shown the benefits of mentoring for both mentors and mentees. Fifty-nine percent of teens who are mentored get better grades and 53 percent credit mentors with improving their ability to avoid drugs. Twenty-seven percent of mentored youth are less likely to start using alcohol and 52 percent less likely to skip Read More

A little tolerance can go long way

June 7, 2013

There is something to be said for tolerance. There have been several examples of expanding tolerance in our country as of late. Last month, the Boy Scouts took an incremental step toward acceptance of homosexuals in their ranks, allowing openly gay boys to participate in their organization. Cheerios too tried to move forward and acknowledge Read More

Process to repeal bill should be difficult

June 5, 2013

As citizens, we have the privilege to elect the individuals who represent us in government. We expect them to listen to us — their constituents -— about controversial topics, gather feedback on topics the public may not be aware of and generally advocate for us in government. Many Wyoming voters recently felt their representatives didn’t Read More

Online is no public notice alternative

May 31, 2013

Internet usage statistics don’t support Wyoming governmental entities moving paid public notices to online-only alternatives. In a Wednesday meeting of the Joint Corporations, Elections and Political Subdivisions meeting in Lander, state legislators, local government officials and Wyoming journalists/publishers again discussed the publishing of legal notices in newspapers. Government agencies are concerned about the cost of Read More

Move forward with recycling program

May 29, 2013

In 2002, there were about 8,875 curbside recycling programs nationwide. In 2010, that number rose to about 9,000. In fiscal year 2014, the city of Sheridan may add one more program to that list. Finally! The city of Sheridan first began discussing curbside recycling a few years ago during budget discussions. City officials even went Read More

Cap Facilities Tax money shouldn’t be used for pool

May 24, 2013

Community pools are a tricky endeavor. Some can become a drain on already tight budgets, while others bring in more revenue than a multitude of other recreation activities combined. Right now, Kendrick Pool is one of the former. Staff members from the Sheridan Recreation District have said the pool had a net loss of $18,406 Read More

Make Sheridan a conference destination

May 17, 2013

Last year, Sheridan played host to the Wyoming County Commissioners Association and droves of people visited our community. Last weekend, the Snickers Cup soccer tournament brought thousands of visitors to Sheridan. Restaurants were full, hotels were booked and downtown Sheridan was hopping. This weekend, the Rocky Mountain Leather Trade Show returns to Sheridan and will Read More

Get unplugged and get out this summer

May 15, 2013

It’s summertime. Well, almost. But it is warm and sunny — The days are getting longer and the opportunities for recreation are expanding. So, turn off that television, radio, computer, iPad or whatever other screen-based technology you’re glued to and get outside. Go tech-free for awhile. Take some time to unplug. According to a study Read More

Our schools are good; Let’s not be complacent

May 10, 2013

Sheridan County schools had a little something to brag about recently. Sheridan’s was named among the top high schools in the country, receiving a silver medal in the U.S. News and World Report’s ranking of our country’s best secondary education institutions. That put SHS at No. 1,368 out of the more than 21,000 public schools Read More

Take care and be aware this summer

May 8, 2013

It seems after all of the late snow storms spring may have finally arrived. Kids are playing in the parks. Students at Sheridan College are outside studying in the grass and folks are once again generally on the move. Sheridan County residents should keep in mind that in the warm spring and summer months, many Read More

Trustees made right decision on bond measure

May 3, 2013

Trustees for the Northern Wyoming Community College District made the right choice when the group voted unanimously Monday to put a bond measure before the voters later this year. The special election, planned for Aug. 20, will allow Sheridan County residents to consider the general obligation bond worth $15.85 million the college says it needs Read More

Taking responsibility

May 1, 2013

One of the best things any of us can do when a mistake is made is own up to it. We all make mistakes. We’re human. Taking responsibility for those actions garners respect. After Sheridan City Councilwoman Shelleen Smith was arrested for driving under the influence last week, it appeared she was going to do Read More

Bill will help retailers capture the marketplace

April 26, 2013

You don’t have to look far in Sheridan to see that Internet sales are hurting local businesses. Take a walk up Main Street and you’ll see a few empty store fronts — not many, but they are there. Stop into any downtown business and the owners will tell you that more people would buy their Read More

Levity in baseball after a cold, dark news week

April 19, 2013

After a pretty rough week news-wise, made worse by relentless gloomy weather, we all need the levity of a little baseball talk. While it’s a nice dream sequence right now, as much as I hate to say it, when the weather finally warms up, the Rockies have to start losing baseball games. Everyone knows neither Read More

Supporting SC helps boost local economy

April 10, 2013

It is about time all of us start putting our money where our mouths are. Many Sheridan residents discuss the state of our economy, how the number of jobs in the area seem to be waning and that we wish — oh how we wish — something could be done about it. Turns out, something Read More

Will the GOP block background checks

April 5, 2013

Is Congress on the verge of turning away from the lessons of the slaughter in Newtown even as Connecticut enacts sweeping laws to curb gun violence? Is the gun lobby hellbent on aligning our country with such great friends of liberty as Iran, North Korea and Syria by opposing efforts to condition international gun sales Read More

Sheridan students not just talented on the field

April 3, 2013

Recently, Sheridan Press sports editor Brad Estes wrote a column about recognizing athletes and nonathletes off the field for their academic performance (March 29). Many of us have seen the National Collegiate Athletic Association commercials that follow a similar theme, saying “There are more than 380,000 student-athletes and most of them go pro in something Read More

Newer, affordable housing needed for young people

March 30, 2013

Figures from the Wyoming Community Development Authority suggested that Sheridan County’s aging population and inventory is making it difficult for younger people to gain a foothold in the area’s housing market. To young families or young people in general, this is not surprising news.

Riparian protections important to protecting quality of life

March 27, 2013

Most people who live here enjoy the western way of life — a slower pace, the small-town feel and especially the breathtaking scenic vistas that surround our community. Tourists, too, often pause to snap photos as they cruise through town or the mountains.

Explanations for Center land acquisition full of half-truths

March 23, 2013

The process through which Sheridan County School District 1 and its Recreation District went through to acquire the land on which a new community center is planned to be built raises some eyebrows. Conversations with members of those organizations recently did as well.

Clean up after your four-legged friends

March 16, 2013

The rise in temperatures this week brought people off of their couches and out of their homes. Locals flooded the area pathways and parks, their four-legged friends wagging behind. It is great that Sheridan has so many recreation opportunities to enjoy. The grass along the pathways stays cut, for the most part free of garbage, Read More

No iron curtain, but Wyoming can do better

March 13, 2013

It’s Sunshine Week in the U.S. and while for some that may conjure images of dissipating snow and rain, rising temperatures and beach blankets, in Wyoming, the Sunshine Week forecast looks pretty bleak. Sunshine Week is a national initiative to promote conversations about the importance of open government, freedom of information and the public’s right Read More

Technology in classroom important for schools

March 9, 2013

Earlier this week, a Sheridan County School District 1 teacher emphasized the impact having laptops in the hands of every student has had on test scores. Fort Mackenzie English teacher Mick Wiest said the 1:1 laptop program, while not the only factor, helped students reach 91 percent proficiency in math last year and 100 percent Read More

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