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Sheridan Press Editorial: In this season of giving, know where your money is going

November 22, 2014

‘Tis the season of giving. Pretty soon, those familiar Salvation Army bells will be ringing downtown and in front of stores throughout town. Coat drives and food drives are already underway. There are countless ways to help the less fortunate this holiday season. No doubt there are numerous worthy charities in Sheridan County that will Read More

Sheridan Press Editorial: Why, how women lost in the 2014 general election

November 12, 2014

For many reasons, based on any given person’s ideologies, last Tuesday’s election was a disappointment. Perhaps you feel not enough voters participated in the process, not enough Democrats were elected or not enough Republicans were elected. Or, beyond the process, maybe you feel your issues were weren’t addressed or won’t be addressed based on who Read More

Sheridan Press Editorial: Election results reveal much about Sheridan County, its residents

November 7, 2014

Elections always reveal a little bit about the community, country and circumstances in which they are held. The results can show us what voters are thinking, where their priorities lie and how policy has impacted their lives. While talking heads analyze national politics and predict trends, local elections can also give us a read on Read More

Sheridan Press Editorial: Exercise your right, judgement Tuesday at the polls

November 1, 2014

It seems, these days, election season never really ends. Candidates announce plans to run for office sooner, news reporting overflows with political debates and voters tend to ignore a large part of it. Please don’t. This Tuesday, if you haven’t done it already, vote. Many, many people have died to protect and uphold the freedoms Read More

Amendment to allow nonresidents to serve on UW board of trustees unwise

October 24, 2014

On the Nov. 4 ballot is a proposed amendment to the Wyoming Constitution to allow the governor to appoint up to two nonresidents to the University of Wyoming Board of Trustees. The argument put forth by the proponents is that there are many UW successful graduates or supporters living outside the state who could add Read More

Same-sex marriage battle won, war not over in Equality State

October 22, 2014

Finally. The state of Wyoming may actually begin living up to its “Equality State” claim. It seemed clear, even to those who oppose the action, that Wyoming’s ban on same-sex marriages would eventually be overturned. One by one, other states’ bans have fallen. Wyoming now joins their ranks. It is unlikely many in the state Read More

Sheridan Press Editorial: Part of success means showing up

October 18, 2014

Woody Allen once said, “Eighty percent of success is showing up.” For candidates running for public office, that quote seems to fall on deaf ears. The Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce held two nights of candidate forums this week. Sheridan is one of the largest communities in the state, yet few statewide candidates participated in Read More

Sheridan Press Editorial: State should enact real consequences for workplace deaths

October 15, 2014

Two years ago, Brett Collins of Ranchester was killed on a construction job in Sheridan when he was struck in the head by an excavator bucket while working in a trench. He was 20 years old. Tomorrow, his family will attend the meeting of the Labor, Health and Social Services Committee in Evanston. The committee Read More

Sheridan Press Editorial: City’s decision to let license applications ferment shows lack offoresight

October 11, 2014

Two years. The city had two years to get their ducks in a row regarding criteria for retail liquor licences, but failed to do so. Now, after a restaurant manager has stood before Sheridan City Council to say “I want to open next month,” council members seem to be pedaling quickly, but getting nowhere. Lou’s Read More

Sheridan Press Editorial: Why the federal grant for the local airport matters so much

October 4, 2014

Thursday, it was announced that a $500,000 federal grant has been secured to help provide air service guarantees into Sheridan County Airport. This money, in combination with the $750,000 pledged by Sheridan and Johnson counties, provides real hope that reliable air service in and out of Sheridan may come to fruition soon, particularly if a Read More

The Sheridan Press Editorial: ‘Longmire’ cancellation more than just loss of popular television show

September 26, 2014

A couple of weeks ago, A&E announced that it planned to cancel the popular television show “Longmire.” The announcement left viewers in the Sheridan and Buffalo areas in shock. After all, the show was the most popular scripted show on A&E and the second most popular show overall, second only to “Duck Dynasty.” Local viewers Read More

The Sheridan Press Editorial: Internet speculation, blame not productive use of time

September 20, 2014

Earlier this week a juvenile male stole a truck. He drove through town until law enforcement pulled him over. When the officer got out of his squad car, the juvenile man drove off, leading officers in a pursuit that traveled onto the interstate. Once on the interstate, the juvenile ended up on the wrong side Read More

The Sheridan Press Editorial Sept. 13, 2014

September 13, 2014

Last week, during a celebratory and commemorative evening inside the new Thorne-Rider Campus Center, Roy Garber summed up the vibe pretty well. Garber, representing Whitney Benefits, noted how the event was about vision. Six local foundations made this facility possible along with others. Together, they have committed to the growth and the betterment of higher Read More

Editorial: If you can afford your outdoor toys, you can afford a SPOT

September 10, 2014

We’ve all seen them — the huge trucks with even larger trailers hauling various toys up into the Bighorns. Some residents loathe them. After all, those motorized vehicles do nothing but tear up the ground and make a lot of noise, right? Others look at them and see dollar signs — a huge boost to Read More

Voters feelings on fluoride could weigh heavy on November election

August 30, 2014

It isn’t often that elections in Sheridan hinge on just an issue or two. In past years, candidates have had the luxury of framing the election by what they want to accomplish — economic development, higher paying jobs, upkeep and infrastructure improvements. That likely won’t be the case this year. If the letters to the Read More

Fickle voters keep some, oust others in primary election

August 22, 2014

This week’s primary elections demonstrated some interesting differences between the different levels of government within Sheridan County. Voters ousted a state representative, Kathy Coleman of House District 30, but kept two others, Rep. Mike Madden and Rep. John Patton. While Patton’s race with challenger Ryan Mulholland was close, Coleman lost her seat by more than Read More

Shop local extends to buying produce from local producers

August 15, 2014

Shop local — a community marketing campaign — has taken on deeper meaning in recent years and months as community members seek not only local wares, but locally grown food. The movement has taken hold nationally and restaurants and markets have started to advertise not only what kind of food they serve, but where it Read More

Motorcyclists, too, should follow rules of the road to keep drivers safe

August 8, 2014

Sunday marks the end of the 2014 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Residents of Sheridan have likely noticed the huge influx of the bikers making their way through town. The event is a great boost for Sheridan’s economy, even though it takes place in South Dakota. Bikers stop in town, eat in our restaurants, drink in our Read More

Common sense, ability to cooperate all that can be asked of aquatics committee

August 6, 2014

Two of the most admirable qualities in community leaders are the ability to utilize common sense and the ability to work with others to accomplish goals. Last week, a group of local leaders announced their intentions to find a solution to Sheridan’s aging aquatics infrastructure. They are calling themselves the Citizens for Community Recreation. The Read More

Hoffman’s years of advocating for students, community admirable

August 1, 2014

Tonight, the community will honor a longtime champion of Sheridan and Sheridan College during Hoffman Days. Bruce Hoffman has committed 50 years of service to Sheridan College. He is an award-winning former instructor and basketball coach for the Generals. He racked up 651 wins, a statistic that still ranks in the top 30 in National Read More

Court’s ruling in SCSD2 lawsuit will have lasting impacts

July 25, 2014

Staff at The Sheridan Press cannot believe 4th Judicial District Court Judge William Edelman’s decision regarding the newspaper’s lawsuit with Sheridan County School District 2. We felt our case was solid. The school district had been discussing a potential $45 million multi-purpose recreational facility for months. They had worked with consultants to gather market data, Read More

Despite semantics, decision regarding chief of staff demands public input

July 23, 2014

The recent promotion of Police Chief Richard Adriaens to city chief of staff has left many Sheridan residents scratching their heads. When did this happen? The decision wasn’t talked about in public meetings, nor was it advertised. Typically, in the past, the city of Sheridan has advertised high level positions — police chief, fire chief, Read More

Planning to vote? Attend candidate forums to educate yourself first

July 18, 2014

The Sheridan WYO Rodeo, in all its glory, has passed. Summer farmers markets, festivals and camping opportunities are in full swing. Our community is full of tourists and entertaining attractions. But two events with a lasting impact will bear down on us in no time — the primary and general elections. The primary, set for Read More

Gov. Matt Mead merits another term

July 16, 2014

We don’t do it very often, so when The Sheridan Press endorses a candidate for office, you know it isn’t a half-hearted nod. Gov. Matt Mead has fought tirelessly for Wyoming coal efforts. In June, he spent a couple of days in Washington visiting with local officials in an effort to boost the chances of Read More

When is a $45 million project not a project? When SCSD#2 spins it

July 11, 2014

We had hoped the hearing before 4th Judicial District Court Judge William Edelman last week would have revealed more on the school district’s thinking when they held closed meetings to discuss a proposed $45 million multipurpose recreation facility. We were disappointed. Sheridan County School District 2 attorney Kendal Hoopes simply reiterated the district administration’s same Read More

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