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It’s about time the court ruled on same-sex marriage

July 1, 2015

It’s about time. The historic ruling from the U.S. Supreme Court last week that made same-sex marriage legal in all 50 states has been a long time coming. As more and more states made marriage between same-sex partners legal, a few holdouts dug in their heels. It was time for the high court to step Read More

Sheridan Press Editorial: Heat Wave: Take care of your pets, your mountains this summer

June 26, 2015

The National Weather Service out of Billings forecast hot summer temperatures for the weekend. Highs are expected to reach into the mid-90s by Monday. While many will find comfort in the air conditioning of their homes, downtown shops or movie theaters, others will head into the mountains to seek relief. As grasses and other fuels Read More

Sheridan Press Editorial: Didn’t you see this coming?

June 19, 2015

When the Sheridan County Board of Commissioners announced recently that they may have to reduce staff and services to avoid putting the budget in the red, it came as a surprise. The community feels like it is pulling out of the Great Recession, yet the county leaders say they need to offset a $2.6 million Read More

Editorial:Go see it! The Forrest E. Mars Jr. Building at The Brinton

June 17, 2015

On Sunday, the dedication ceremony held for the new Forrest E. Mars Jr. Building at The Brinton Museum was indeed grand. The event was attended by Gov. Matt Mead, former U.S. Sen. Al Simpson and other dignitaries as well, such as the project’s primary benefactor — Forrest E. Mars Jr. Visitors received a first-hand look Read More

SCLT board: Trails project a benefit to the community

June 3, 2015

The Sheridan Community Land Trust was created by our community to protect local landscapes, wildlife habitat and historic sites, as well as provide trails and recreation opportunities to connect people to the places they love. We are passionate about this mission and thrilled to play a role in positively shaping the future of Sheridan County. Read More

Sheridan Press Editorial: Leave the ‘not in my backyard attitude’ behind, support Red Grade Trails

May 23, 2015

So often, great projects are hindered by a “not in my backyard” attitude. New facilities of all shapes and sizes sometimes lack support because a neighbor doesn’t want to deal with what they perceive as increased traffic, noise, hazards or obstructed views. This is true despite facts that counter those concerns or efforts and steps Read More

Sheridan Press Editorial: Can you define a community in three words or less?

May 16, 2015

How do you define a community? Some would describe the people and demographics. Others would point to the many attractions boasted. Still others would speak about the feeling you get when you’re in that place. Recently, a subcommittee of Sheridan’s Economic Development Task Force set about trying to find a tagline that would lure tourists, Read More

Words we use, perceptions we perpetuate harmful

May 13, 2015

Be a man. Stop crying. Don’t be a wuss. Man up. Our society is full of phrases like this. Boys and men are told to be a man, but what that means is left largely unclear. So, men stop crying, they stop communicating how they’re feeling and the effects are detrimental to our communities. Compared Read More

Sheridan Press Editorial: Need a travel, tourism director who will build us up

May 8, 2015

Travel and tourism organizations can sometimes be a tricky thing. They are marketing arms of a community. They sell who we are to outsiders, encouraging them to come and live how we live for a short period of time. It’s not always an easy sell. Sometimes people are just passing through with other destinations in Read More

Are our plans for a downturn working?

May 1, 2015

State officials at all levels of Wyoming government in recent years have stressed the need to diversify the state’s economy. We’re too dependent on the booms and busts of the energy sector, they say. Since then, coal bed methane production has dropped dramatically and now oil and coal prices are taking a hit. Yet, nearly Read More

Guest Editorial: Funds dictate diagnosis

By Heidi Montaño After working in the Mental Health field for five years now, I have seen a part of the clinical process that irks me yet continues to be a part of the system and even causes discomfort to the clinicians of the programs I have been a part of. In order to receive Read More

Sheridan Press Editorial: Rape: change the culture

April 25, 2015

The headlines pop up every now and then. “Ex-Stanford Swimmer Accused of Raping Unconscious Woman.” —San Francisco Chronicle, Jan. 27, 2015 “Two Former Vanderbilt Football Players Convicted of Rape…” —The Washington Post, Jan. 28, 2015 “Man to Serve 7-14 Years for Raping Unconscious Woman” — The Sheridan Press, April 24, 2015 The perpetrators in those Read More

Editorial: One way to get a point across — make light of a serious issue

April 15, 2015

Yesterday, April 14, was Equal Pay Day — the day that symbolizes how far into 2015 women must work to earn what men earned in 2014. The figure is based on the national average difference between men’s and women’s annual pay. The figures aren’t perfect, but it gets the point across. When the Equal Pay Read More

Editorial: How do you replace a legislative giant?

April 9, 2015

The passing of Rep. John Patton, R-Sheridan, has left a mighty hole in the Sheridan County delegation to the Wyoming Legislature. Patton’s institutional knowledge alone will be irreplaceable. His time of service in the state Legislature has spanned decades, and despite the fact that he didn’t serve as a legislator continuously throughout those years, he Read More

Sheridan Press Editorial: Get involved; shape Sheridan’s future

April 3, 2015

Next week, the city and county will host an open house to gather input on the future of our community. Specifically, officials from those two entities are seeking input on what we would like to see as various portions of the city and county grow. This particular open house — April 9 from 4-6 p.m. Read More

Sheridan Press Editorial: Is Kobza a leader without followers?

March 27, 2015

Sheridan County School District 1 Superintendent Marty Kobza has reached a point at which it no longer matters if he’s good at his job. On Tuesday, members of the West Sheridan County Education Association teachers union told the district’s board of trustees that a vote taken by district employees showed a lack of confidence in Read More

Editorial: Dose of ‘Sunshine’ needed with city records

March 18, 2015

With the backdrop of National Sunshine Week — a time to reflect on how open records and transparent government serve the greater good — The Sheridan Press is pressing for the release of public documents. There are two cases. We’ve asked the city for reports that are supposed to be submitted by Rocky Mountain Ambulance. Read More

Sheridan Press Editorial: Bill failure isn’t funny; it’s embarrassing

February 27, 2015

Some states have a knack for making a spectacle. Florida nearly always has some weird story or crime that goes viral on social media. California is full of left-wing movie stars. Mississippi is full of rednecks and everyone in New York talks funny. But Wyoming is no stranger to being the butt of a joke. Read More

Sheridan Press Editorial: Are elected officials listening to their constituents?

February 21, 2015

In at least two situations this week, Sheridan County residents expressed concern that area residents’ voices are not being heard by those elected to serve them. The rub: some of those officials aren’t elected, they’re appointed. On Tuesday, Sheridan County School District 1 opted not to renew the contract of Big Horn High School and Read More

Sheridan Press Editorial: Public-private partnership for aquatics facility the way to go

February 14, 2015

On Tuesday, a committee made up of area citizens interested in community recreation will propose a project for Sheridan County — an indoor aquatics facility that could cost between $10-12 million. It is a big project that would have a big impact — a good impact. The project became a focal point in the community Read More

Sheridan Press Editorial: SCSD2 continues to deny violating open meetings law

February 7, 2015

On Wednesday, attorneys representing The Sheridan Press and Sheridan County School District 2 will appear before the Wyoming Supreme Court to present oral arguments. The arguments will likely be similar to those already made in the case initiated by The Press last spring. The Sheridan Press believes that the school district violated state laws by Read More

Sheridan Press Editorial: Is Kinskey in pursuit of good government or a personal vendetta?

January 31, 2015

State Sen. Dave Kinskey (R-Sheridan) has renewed what seems to be a personal battle against firefighter unions by sponsoring a bill in the Legislature that would make arbitration with these unions nonbinding to government bodies throughout Wyoming. If the bill becomes law, there is nothing to stop a city from letting the 30-day negotiation time Read More

Sheridan Press Editorial: Bicycle bill won’t be enough to prevent injuries, fatalities

January 24, 2015

On Wednesday, the Wyoming House of Representatives gave initial approval to a bill that would require motorists to give bicyclists at least 3 feet of distance while passing them. The bill comes after a year marked by five bicyclist fatalities, including one locally. In Sheridan last June, a woman drove her vehicle into two cyclists Read More

Sheridan Press Editorial: Curbside recycling push, one of city’s best ideas

January 16, 2015

Officials and staff at the city of Sheridan have been discussing curbside recycling for a few years now. Now, it seems, the city will begin rolling out the program. In December, city staff presented a curbside recycling program — with the moniker Curbcycle — to members of City Council. If approved in February, the expected Read More

Sheridan Press Editorial: Why we publicly stood in solidarity with Charlie Hebdo

January 10, 2015

Usually, The Sheridan Press uses its editorial space to discuss local issues. Fluoride, $45 million multi-purpose centers, indoor tennis facilities, the elimination of wards, etc. But, The Press broke its own mold earlier this week when we made ourselves a part of the news. On Thursday, we published a photo of ourselves holding signs that Read More

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