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How I spent my summer vacation

A note about circumstances, or: “How I spent my summer vacation.” •••••• Susan and I left Sheridan Aug 7. Our grandkids (often voted “Most Adorable” by us) and their mom were flying into Montrose, Colorado, for a couple of weeks of vacation and family reunion stuff. If you have grandkids, you know that you’ll move… Continue Reading

Column: Vinich connection to ‘Men at War’

Last week, I recommended Alexander Rose’s fine book, “Men of War.” It’s available from Sheridan Stationery, Books and Gallery. I forgot to mention an anecdotal backstory. One of the Marines whose story, among many others, is featured in the book is that of Mike Vinich of Hudson. He’s quoted in the book by Rose and… Continue Reading

Column: New Vaudevillians, Farmers Market

This evening, The New Vaudevillians take the stage again. The curtain is 7:30 p.m. With Sheridan-area music, entertainment and humor, it’s a lively hour-plus of smiling at the WYO Theater. •••••• The Vaudevillians recall a time while growing up in Marshall, Texas, and how the local Lion’s Club would annually put on “Lions Loonies.” There… Continue Reading

Column: Franklin’s ‘new’ store; Senior Center campaign

August? Already? That must’ve been the quickest July ever. ••••• From the I-Know-This-Sounds-Like-An-Ad, file…… I stopped by Ryan Franklin’s store Friday morning. Coincidentally and unbeknownst to me, it was the last day his company, Sheridan Electronics, was associated with Radio Shack. Most know that Radio Shack as a national brand is troubled and is in… Continue Reading

Column: ‘Vaudevillians;’ golf; ‘scattershooting’

Sitting at the computer monitor — scattershooting — and wanting to be able to sing like Ron Kensey. ••••• Kensey emcees “The New Vaudevillians,” now in its seventh summer of showcasing Sheridan-area music, poetry recitation, theater; why, there’s even a “mentalist.” And jokes, too, from Mr. Kensey at the WYO Theater. It’s summer relief from… Continue Reading

Column: Farmers Market; local bridge play

Come this evening, to the Farmers Market in downtown Sheridan. The fun starts at 5 p.m. ••••• Jane Votaw sends a shout to all Sheridan bridge players. “Lunch and Bridge” will be Aug. 11, at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church. It’s $20, and the lunch begins at noon. Proceeds will benefit scholarships at Sheridan College for… Continue Reading

Column: Vaudevillians tonight; baseball tales

Tonight, the New Vaudevillians at the WYO Theater. Fast-paced local music, comedy and entertainment. Curtain: 7:30 p.m. ••••• Baseball matters…… Our son William is a photojournalist with the Citizen Times in Asheville, North Carolina. He recently sent me an Asheville Tourists baseball cap for Father’s Day. The Tourists’ name has been around since 1897, one… Continue Reading

Column: Theater cool stuff; so is journalism

Thank you, DannyLee Hodnett. Two weeks of original theater with professional actors that lifted Sheridan. One great idea realized with a genesis and incubation via Sheridan College. Looking forward to the second annual Wyoming Theater Festival in 2016. ••••• From the Why-Journalism-Is-Still-Cool, Dept…… Friday morning’s Orange County Register in southern California devoted most of its… Continue Reading

Column: Mason invites; 4-H sale coming

Coincide, defined: It’s what you do when it’s raining. ••••• A polite young man, Mason Mayfield, dropped by The Sheridan Press offices Wednesday afternoon and did something unusual. Instead of asking for money — I, in fact, started the conversation with a friendly, “How much?” — he replied, instead, with a gracious invitation to the… Continue Reading

Column: Roller derby coming; Schultz performance

It’s a “Smackdown in Sheridan.” ‘Tis so. Sheridan’s Wild West Wreckers women’s roller derby team hosts the Rapid City Revolution at 6 p.m. Saturday at the Sheridan Junior High. Doors open at 5 p.m. Bring a can of food — get a ticket discount. It’s the only home bout of the season. A portion of… Continue Reading

Column: Theater festival in second week

It was a “mid-festival” lunch and catch up with DannyLee Hodnett, the mover-and-shaker behind the ongoing, inaugural Wyoming Theater Festival, in residence these days at the WYO Theater. Mark Saltzman, playwright for the popular “Romeo and Bernadette” sat in, as did festival patron and cheerleader Paul DelRossi. (Saltzman is the recipient of seven Emmy Awards… Continue Reading

Column: ‘Longmire’ cast; ‘New Vaudevillians’

Tip of the cowboy hat! The Buffalo Chamber of Commerce once again did a first-rate job in bringing in thousands of people to Johnson County and Sheridan County for Longmire Days. Susan and I marveled at the goodwill and grit by actors Robert Taylor (Sheriff Walt Longmire), Adam Bartley (The Ferg) and several others to… Continue Reading

Column: Events, bankers; Brinton, notes

Tonight: Third Thursday Street Festival, 5 p.m. Farmers Market, 5 p.m. Wyoming Theater Festival, at the WYO, ••••• Nobody asked me, but… I’ve published daily newspapers in four distinctly different markets in 35 years. Sheridan’s bankers, for the most part, have a sense of humor and are comfortable with self-effacing gestures, like dressing in… Continue Reading

Column: Airport shuttle; Trump fodder

The Press first reported Tuesday afternoon how Sheridan’s Critical Air Service Team has begun talks with a possible new air carrier, Denver Air Connection. The Sheridan to Denver route would provide two flights daily into Denver International Airport out of our county airport with return flights as well. There are some particulars to be determined… Continue Reading

Column: WYO Rodeo parade, coverage on the mark

Pete Rose is part of tonight’s All-Star game in Cincinnati. Wonder if he’s got a bet down. ••••• Fearless prediction: American League wins, 8-3. ••••• Last Friday’s rodeo parade was festive as always. Visitors always note how the chairs come out the day before, some families reserving the same spot along Main and Gould streets… Continue Reading

Rodeo Week coverage; Big Horn music festival

Welcome, visitors! We’re glad you’re in Sheridan. •••••• The Sheridan Press is “all in” at this year’s Sheridan WYO Rodeo, now in its 85th season. The Press is a performance sponsor and we’ve had extensive photo, video and news coverage all this week. The Destination Sheridan RODEO magazine is disappearing from newsstands all over town.… Continue Reading

Column: Mile High City notes; welcome, Rodeo Fans!

Susan, Ryann and I visited Denver earlier this week. A few newspaper-digital media-printing related meetings and a Rockies game. Some notes from The Mile High City: A taxi had a notice in its price schedule that “illness (vomit) will be charged an additional $100.” I told the driver it was unlikely that I would hurl,… Continue Reading

Rodeo magazine out; Rodeo Week July 6

Welcome, visitors! We’re glad you’re here in Sheridan. •••••• Our Destination Sheridan WYO Rodeo magazine is out everywhere. It’s 140 full-color pages of what you need to know about next week’s rodeo, feature stories, history of the event, terrific photography and useful marketing information from Sheridan area merchants. It’s our biggest edition to date. Pick… Continue Reading

News bug bites, and being HAD

Honor America Day in 1970 was Ross Perot’s idea. The founder of Electronic Data Systems, one of the earliest “tech” companies, Perot was en route to becoming a billionaire and a presidential candidate 22 years later. Perot and others were weary of watching the networks’ (imagine, just three in those days) nightly coverage of Vietnam… Continue Reading

Stuart, Superlatives coming to Festival

Have got my tickets. The 11th annual Big Horn Mountain Festival will feature one of my favorite groups: Marty Stuart and his band, The Fabulous Superlatives. John Anderson, too. And a good lineup of other artists. Rick Clark, the financial manager of the festival, stopped by Monday to talk music and history. It’s July 10-12… Continue Reading

Brinton evening, Theater festival

Bush and Clinton running for president. The big summer movie is “Jurassic Park.” Some things never change. •••••• Tip of the Hat!, to Ken and Barbara Schuster for welcoming 300-plus people for an evening of celebrating fine art and the new Forrest E. Mars Building at The Brinton Museum in Big Horn. Schuster’s brief introductory… Continue Reading

Column: Rodeo coming soon, Wyoming well-being

The “buzz” is familiar — the 85th annual Sheridan WYO Rodeo is coming soon. July 6 through July 12, officially, is “Rodeo Week.” This year’s theme: “Paintin’ the town Red!” Apt, indeed. The Sheridan Press is a performance sponsor. We’ll be publishing our annual Destination Sheridan RODEO magazine on July 2. We’ll also publish daily… Continue Reading

Column: Local history has timeless appeal

The appreciation of local history bit me early. It was in San Angelo, Texas, where my older brother Paul and I were born. San Angelo was a frontier post, the home of Fort Concho that was commanded by Gen. Ranald S. Mackenzie. Mackenzie was a decorated Civil War general and a contemporary of Custer’s. We… Continue Reading

Column: Press coverage, Samaritan boost

Welcome, visitors! We’re glad you’re in Sheridan. ••••• Lt. Kim Warriner of The Sheridan Salvation Army sends a shout about the annual Good Samaritans Awards Dinner that was held in May at the Holiday Inn Conference Center. The “numbers” are in from the celebration of good citizenship: Some 210 people attended the dinner, an increase… Continue Reading

Column: Pancakes, Relay, Brinton lunch views

All that purple around town? It’s the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life coming Friday at 6 p.m. at Kendrick Park. Cancer survivors, care givers, current patients are encouraged to participate and commemorate. ••••• Dr. Rod Bisbee dropped by The Sheridan Press offices Monday and said that pancake breakfast tickets and duck race tickets are… Continue Reading

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