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Column: Whitney Rink history; 25th holiday dinner

Happy Halloween, everyone! •••••• 25 years! The Notebook received a note and invitation from Erin DeFries and Bob DeFries about the forthcoming Sheridan County Community Holiday Dinner. • The skinny: Holiday Inn Conference Center, Sunday, Dec. 6, from 4 to 7 p.m. Last year, more than 1,750 people were served either at the Holiday Inn… Continue Reading

Column: Bacon, book, Trump, debate

Today’s Notebook — it is bacon free. •••••• Last week, the Notebook had an item about the world’s oldest living human being, a Brooklyn woman who has four strips of bacon daily. She’s 116. I’ve had cancer, and Monday’s stories about the World Health Organization saying it (bacon) and other processed meats are carcinogenic like… Continue Reading

Column: Sheridan named ‘most picturesque’

Most “picturesque place” in Wyoming? Why, it’s right here. We know this. USA Today, with research and “crowd sourcing” says so, too. In the Oct. 26 edition, USA Today notes how Sheridan is the most picturesque city in Wyoming. The story is headlined: “Idyllic America: Picturesque towns in each state.” (Would imagine this distinction doesn’t… Continue Reading

Column: Cleaning up a stack of notes, anecdotes

Today’s Notebook, free of pumpkin spice……. •••••• I read, am a full-blooded “magazine-o-phile.” This penchant for magazine dates back to when the income was modest and not unlike Scarlett O’Hara, pledging, “someday,” I’ll have whatever books, magazines or newspapers available. As a result of something in the mail or online, regularly, the anecdotes and notes… Continue Reading

Western’s new novel; other book/author items

A column about books, to wit: • Sam Western will have a launch party and book signing for his new novel, “Canyons,” come Friday, Nov. 6, at Sheridan Stationery, Books and Gallery. Would imagine it’ll be a busy place as a number of people hereabouts have copies of his previous books, including “Pushed Off the… Continue Reading

Ignite conference, House notes

Our Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce is presenting a professional development conference, “Ignite Your Business” on Thursday, Oct. 22, at the Holiday Inn Conference Center. There will be nine different training sessions from communications, to human resources, to leadership and much more. John Tucker, CEO of Vacutech, will be the breakfast/ keynote speaker. Call the… Continue Reading

CTG turns 60; SA toasts 100 years

Gene Davis, mover-and-shaker and a leading cheerleader for the Sheridan Civic Theatre Guild, stopped in last week touting the virtues of the forthcoming season. While every season is an “anniversary” of some sort, the 2015-2016 is a milestone — 60 years! The Carriage House Theater is its home and the first production is “Standing By,”… Continue Reading

SC’s vision, commitment

The Notebook has written often — and in support — of the ongoing multi-million dollar investment in new construction and renovations at Sheridan College. In a word: impressive. Our college is in the middle of the “Our Plan to 2020” with a bona fide commitment to higher education and the attraction of students from all… Continue Reading

PO praise; ‘20/40’ ‘Destination’ coming

An “Attaboy!” for the Sheridan Post Office…… Our two-week summer vacation with grandchildren turned into 55 days of medical care and recovery as noted in an earlier column. After awhile, you start missing your mail — you know, the old stuff — letters, bills from utility companies, “special” offers, magazines. We’re still “old school” when… Continue Reading

‘ArtScapes’ showcases Brinton Museum, Warnke

Scattershooting, while going through 55 days of mail… • The Wyoming Arts Council magazine arrives four times a year. Its fall edition featured a terrific story about The Brinton Museum and its distinctive Forrest E. Mars, Jr. Building that opened in June in Big Horn. Writer Michael Shay interviews Brinton curator Ken Schuster and Mars,… Continue Reading

Catching up

After the fog of sudden illness, sedation, surgeries and rehab, the head begins to clear some. And you start to catch up. To wit: • How many of the thousands of Trump supporters who show up and cheer are registered to vote? • How did the Texas Rangers end up in first place? There aren’t… Continue Reading

How I spent my summer vacation

A note about circumstances, or: “How I spent my summer vacation.” •••••• Susan and I left Sheridan Aug 7. Our grandkids (often voted “Most Adorable” by us) and their mom were flying into Montrose, Colorado, for a couple of weeks of vacation and family reunion stuff. If you have grandkids, you know that you’ll move… Continue Reading

Column: Vinich connection to ‘Men at War’

Last week, I recommended Alexander Rose’s fine book, “Men of War.” It’s available from Sheridan Stationery, Books and Gallery. I forgot to mention an anecdotal backstory. One of the Marines whose story, among many others, is featured in the book is that of Mike Vinich of Hudson. He’s quoted in the book by Rose and… Continue Reading

Column: New Vaudevillians, Farmers Market

This evening, The New Vaudevillians take the stage again. The curtain is 7:30 p.m. With Sheridan-area music, entertainment and humor, it’s a lively hour-plus of smiling at the WYO Theater. •••••• The Vaudevillians recall a time while growing up in Marshall, Texas, and how the local Lion’s Club would annually put on “Lions Loonies.” There… Continue Reading

Column: Franklin’s ‘new’ store; Senior Center campaign

August? Already? That must’ve been the quickest July ever. ••••• From the I-Know-This-Sounds-Like-An-Ad, file…… I stopped by Ryan Franklin’s store Friday morning. Coincidentally and unbeknownst to me, it was the last day his company, Sheridan Electronics, was associated with Radio Shack. Most know that Radio Shack as a national brand is troubled and is in… Continue Reading

Column: ‘Vaudevillians;’ golf; ‘scattershooting’

Sitting at the computer monitor — scattershooting — and wanting to be able to sing like Ron Kensey. ••••• Kensey emcees “The New Vaudevillians,” now in its seventh summer of showcasing Sheridan-area music, poetry recitation, theater; why, there’s even a “mentalist.” And jokes, too, from Mr. Kensey at the WYO Theater. It’s summer relief from… Continue Reading

Column: Farmers Market; local bridge play

Come this evening, to the Farmers Market in downtown Sheridan. The fun starts at 5 p.m. ••••• Jane Votaw sends a shout to all Sheridan bridge players. “Lunch and Bridge” will be Aug. 11, at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church. It’s $20, and the lunch begins at noon. Proceeds will benefit scholarships at Sheridan College for… Continue Reading

Column: Vaudevillians tonight; baseball tales

Tonight, the New Vaudevillians at the WYO Theater. Fast-paced local music, comedy and entertainment. Curtain: 7:30 p.m. ••••• Baseball matters…… Our son William is a photojournalist with the Citizen Times in Asheville, North Carolina. He recently sent me an Asheville Tourists baseball cap for Father’s Day. The Tourists’ name has been around since 1897, one… Continue Reading

Column: Theater cool stuff; so is journalism

Thank you, DannyLee Hodnett. Two weeks of original theater with professional actors that lifted Sheridan. One great idea realized with a genesis and incubation via Sheridan College. Looking forward to the second annual Wyoming Theater Festival in 2016. ••••• From the Why-Journalism-Is-Still-Cool, Dept…… Friday morning’s Orange County Register in southern California devoted most of its… Continue Reading

Column: Mason invites; 4-H sale coming

Coincide, defined: It’s what you do when it’s raining. ••••• A polite young man, Mason Mayfield, dropped by The Sheridan Press offices Wednesday afternoon and did something unusual. Instead of asking for money — I, in fact, started the conversation with a friendly, “How much?” — he replied, instead, with a gracious invitation to the… Continue Reading

Column: Roller derby coming; Schultz performance

It’s a “Smackdown in Sheridan.” ‘Tis so. Sheridan’s Wild West Wreckers women’s roller derby team hosts the Rapid City Revolution at 6 p.m. Saturday at the Sheridan Junior High. Doors open at 5 p.m. Bring a can of food — get a ticket discount. It’s the only home bout of the season. A portion of… Continue Reading

Column: Theater festival in second week

It was a “mid-festival” lunch and catch up with DannyLee Hodnett, the mover-and-shaker behind the ongoing, inaugural Wyoming Theater Festival, in residence these days at the WYO Theater. Mark Saltzman, playwright for the popular “Romeo and Bernadette” sat in, as did festival patron and cheerleader Paul DelRossi. (Saltzman is the recipient of seven Emmy Awards… Continue Reading

Column: ‘Longmire’ cast; ‘New Vaudevillians’

Tip of the cowboy hat! The Buffalo Chamber of Commerce once again did a first-rate job in bringing in thousands of people to Johnson County and Sheridan County for Longmire Days. Susan and I marveled at the goodwill and grit by actors Robert Taylor (Sheriff Walt Longmire), Adam Bartley (The Ferg) and several others to… Continue Reading

Column: Events, bankers; Brinton, notes

Tonight: Third Thursday Street Festival, 5 p.m. Farmers Market, 5 p.m. Wyoming Theater Festival, at the WYO, ••••• Nobody asked me, but… I’ve published daily newspapers in four distinctly different markets in 35 years. Sheridan’s bankers, for the most part, have a sense of humor and are comfortable with self-effacing gestures, like dressing in… Continue Reading

Column: Airport shuttle; Trump fodder

The Press first reported Tuesday afternoon how Sheridan’s Critical Air Service Team has begun talks with a possible new air carrier, Denver Air Connection. The Sheridan to Denver route would provide two flights daily into Denver International Airport out of our county airport with return flights as well. There are some particulars to be determined… Continue Reading

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