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Letter: Back-to-school lunch issues

Back-to-school lunch issues Re: Need vegetarian options With the new school year just around the corner, parents’ attention is turning to school clothes, supplies, and lunches. Yes, school lunches! In past years, U.S. Department of Agriculture had used our nation’s schools as a dumping ground for surplus meat and dairy commodities. Not surprisingly, one-third of… Continue Reading

Column: Perfectly incorrect college football predictions

The College Football Playoff proved to be everything we had hoped it would be last year. It earned Ohio State a national championship that they otherwise wouldn’t have even played for, and the Buckeyes dominated. The question heading into this season is: Can anybody dethrone the Bucks? I must admit, I’m not as up to… Continue Reading

Column: More excuses to play tourist

Having company in town provides a fantastic excuse to play tourist. This weekend, it’s my brother’s visit to Sheridan that allows me the privilege. We plan on taking full advantage of what Sheridan has to offer for the four days he will be in town. We’ll start off with some hiking in the Bighorn Mountains… Continue Reading

Editorial: Why is ABF struggling so much?

For roughly four years, the Antelope Butte Foundation has been working to revitalize and reopen the Antelope Butte Ski and Recreation Area. The nonprofit needs somewhere between $2.9 and $4.33 million to complete the task. As of last week, ABF had raised a little more than $210,000. So we have to ask: Why is the… Continue Reading

Column: Affirming a right to die

Brittany Maynard was soon to die. The question was whether she could do so on her own terms, as a last act of autonomy. Dr. Lynette Cederquist, who regrets that Maynard had to move to Oregon in order to do so, is working with others to change California law to allow physician assistance in dying.… Continue Reading

Column: What six years of ‘reset’ have wrought

On Sept. 5, 2014, Russian agents crossed into Estonia and kidnapped an Estonian security official. Last week, after a closed trial, Russia sentenced him to 15 years. The reaction? The State Department issued a statement. The NATO secretary-general issued a tweet. Neither did anything. The European Union (reports The Wall Street Journal) said it was… Continue Reading

Column: Trump shows he has no decency, no backbone

Wednesday was Women’s Equality Day, the anniversary of the 19th Amendment, which gave American women the right to vote 95 years ago. And how have Republicans marked this egalitarian milestone? Why, with another bimbo eruption, of course. The perpetrator, as usual, was Donald Trump, the front-runner for the GOP presidential nomination, who, in his three-week-old… Continue Reading

LTE: Women in foxholes?

Re: Female Ranger graduates   A day late and a dollar short. That is the way I felt when I read the editor’s column by Kristen Czaban in The Press Aug. 22. I served in the military 65 years ago. Women were in the military then. They were nurses, instructors, office workers and worked in… Continue Reading

Column: Free market lessons from Uber

In 1776, philosopher-economist Adam Smith published “The Wealth of Nations.” He praised the benefits to society from “the invisible hand” of the free market. Smith was skeptical of government regulation. He felt it impossible to manage complex human affairs “with as much ease as the hand arranges the different pieces upon a chess-board.” Recent national… Continue Reading

Celebrate women who serve

Friday was a day women could celebrate. Really, everyone should celebrate, but women in particular. On Friday, two female soldiers became the first of their gender to graduate the U.S. military’s Ranger School, one of the most challenging courses in the world. They endured incredible physical and mental hardships and achieved not only a personal… Continue Reading

Column: Trump defines down the GOP

It has come to this: The GOP, formerly the party of Lincoln and ostensibly the party of liberty and limited government, is being defined by clamors for a mass roundup and deportation of millions of human beings. To will an end is to will the means for the end, so the Republican clamors are also… Continue Reading

Health Watch: Awareness in action!

I watched and listened closely, as my emergency room physician and assistants attended carefully to my dire needs that early July morning. When I woke up my brother at 4:30 a.m. to take me to Sheridan Memorial Hospital, I was in excruciating physical pain that seemed to come from nowhere. I wanted help. This was… Continue Reading

Column: The proposed Eisenhower memorial is a monstrosity

We could wearily shrug, say “Oh, well,” and economize waste and annoyance by just building the proposed $142 million Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial. But long after its perpetrators are gone, it would squat there, representing Washington at its worst and proving that we have forgotten how to nurture our national memory with intelligent memorials. This… Continue Reading

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