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Rammell ‘dolls’ mar rodeo parade

Re: Press story, photo July 19 People shouting “Lock her up!” about the opposing (Democratic Party) candidate; both candidates calling the other a “liar” and “unfit” to be president. Police dying in an ambush; children massacred along with their parents while watching fireworks. And here in good old Sheridan, Wyoming, at what should be a… Continue Reading

Announcers’ joke racist, inappropriate

I attended the Sheridan WYO Rodeo on Saturday, the final night. I was distraught by a joke told by an announcer. While Native Americans were in the arena preparing for the Indian relays, the announcer told a protracted racist joke. I was horrified and couldn’t believe what I just heard. This racist joke is never… Continue Reading

Making plans with room for adventure

Recently, I took a personality test — Meyers Briggs — as part of the CiViC Leadership retreat held at Eatons’ Ranch. I think I know who I am, but the results of the test were interesting: I am a planner, sort of. I know I like to plan. I enjoy lists and checking off things… Continue Reading

Dr. Hanke to lead Whitney Center

Lived here. Left. Returned. Sheridan, as many will tell you, gets in your blood and head and heart. It’s a familiar story. Dr. Erin Hanke, too. She is the new director of the Whitney Center for the Arts. It will open next month at Sheridan College. Dr. Hanke grew up in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and… Continue Reading

Commission decision goes against plan

Re: Open space, zoning I am very disappointed in the Sheridan County commissioners’ recent approval of the rezoning of the Roadifer property from agriculture to rural residential. Sheridan city and county residents put a lot of time and energy into the Sheridan County Comprehensive Plant. Retaining open space was a priority. That land was designated… Continue Reading

The carnival in Cleveland

The Republican National Convention wasn’t a complete disaster, but only because Mike Pence showed signs of being a more able running mate than many thought. Other than that? Hot mess, dumpster fire, train wreck — pick your overused metaphor. It was huge, but not in a good way. Political conventions are supposed to stoke and… Continue Reading

Trump: Self-worship over sound judgment

The Trump campaign has lately alternated between disaster and farce: the awkward rollout of Mike Pence, the botched logo, two parliamentary disputes on the convention floor, a muddled message, a plagiarized speech by the would-be first lady. But in one respect, the Republican National Convention of 2016 has been a yuge success. It is the… Continue Reading

Going backpacking? Tips to choose the right pack

Going backpacking? Tips to choose the right pack

Upon hearing the word “backpack,” people naturally think of back-to-school season, when throngs of children board buses and head to classrooms across the country. However, the backpack need not be pigeonholed into such a narrow stereotype; there are many different uses for backpacks. Outdoor enthusiasts, particularly hikers and day-trippers, rely extensively on backpacks. Backpacks facilitate… Continue Reading

ACCESS YES opening land for Wyoming sportsmen

The Wyoming Game and Fish Department offers several different types of access for hunting and fishing. The Department maintains approximately 413,000 acres of land under deed, lease or agreement.  These areas include access to nearly 225 miles of streams, more than 21,000 lake surface acres and more than 148 miles of road rights-of-way. These areas… Continue Reading

Trump campaign leaves Melania out to dry

Imitation may be the highest form of flattery, but plagiarism, not so much. This is especially so if you’re Melania Trump on opening night at the Republican National Convention. Or, is it? By the reaction, both within and without the campaign, you’d have thought the woman had lifted Lady Macbeth’s “Out, damned spot,” or, say,… Continue Reading

Bright, fresh flavors for hot summer nights

Bright, fresh flavors for hot summer nights

TRADITIONAL ISRAELI SALAD  Servings: makes 6 servings Preparation time: 15 minutes INGREDIENTS 3 cups chopped tomatoes 3 cups seeded chopped cucumbers 1/4 cup chopped parsley 2 tablespoons olive oil 2 teaspoons fresh lemon juice 1 teaspoon coarse salt In a large bowl, combine the tomatoes, cucumbers, parsley, oil, juice and salt. Toss well to combine,… Continue Reading

Lemon twists

Throughout history, lemons have played an important part in adding depth to regional cooking or made into lemonade or marinades; lemon are multitaskers. Other ideas: • Air fresheners — simmer slices of lemon and a few whole cloves in a pan of water help remove food odors. • Vegetable enhancers —Toss lemon peel with vegetables… Continue Reading

Notes, quotes anecdotes

Money can’t buy happiness. Everyone knows that. Still, it’s more comfortable crying in a Lexus than a used Yugo. •••••• My. What a time it is. The Sheridan WYO Rodeo, last week and all of its ancillary activities. The Wyoming Theater Festival kicked off yesterday for the next two weeks. And recently south of us,… Continue Reading

GOP Convention — the coronation of a charlatan

Years from now, bright-eyed children will look up at Grandma or Grandpa and ask, “Where were you when they nominated Donald Trump?” Far too many prominent Republicans will have to hang their heads in shame. As the garish imperial coronation in Cleveland reaches its climax, there will be much commentary — some, no doubt, from… Continue Reading

Column: For Trump, it’s (white) America First

It was just another week in Donald Trump’s (white) America First campaign. At least twice, Trump alleged that people have called for a “moment of silence” for the madman who killed five police officers in Dallas at a Black Lives Matter protest. It was an incendiary accusation, bound to stir racial hatred. Like Trump’s accusation… Continue Reading

The tale of two garden plots

This year, somehow, I ended up with two garden plots at the Sagebrush Community Garden. My husband and I had reserved one for a friend of ours who later decided he wasn’t going to have the time the garden required. So, my husband and I decided to put some seeds in the ground and see… Continue Reading

Column: GOP minds are at sea — but not the right one

Neither the unanimous decision by the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague, nor China’s rejection of it, was surprising. The timing of it was, however, as serendipitous as China’s rejection is ominous. Coming as Republican delegates convene on Lake Erie’s shore, the tribunal’s opinion about the South China Sea underscores the current frivolousness of… Continue Reading

Health Watch: The straight facts about osteoporosis

Bones are active tissue, which means they constantly break down and rebuild themselves. With osteoporosis, however, the regeneration of new bone does not keep up with the bone that has broken down. Over time, bone quality and strength degenerates. Bones become weak and brittle, leaving one more susceptible to a fracture (broken bone.) In fact… Continue Reading

Democrats become ‘So What?’ party

Re: Clintons, Obama, Bader-Ginsburg In the 1990s, then-President Bill Clinton — a Yale Law School Graduate — lied under oath to a federal judge. The U.S. Senate and large numbers of Americans said: So what? During the 2012 presidential campaign, candidate Barack Obama stated that al Qaeda was “on the run.” A month later, Islamic terrorists… Continue Reading

Resisting the revisionists: Finally, a first step

“The most significant reinforcement of our collective defense any time since the Cold War,” President Obama called it. A bit of an exaggeration, perhaps, but it was still an achievement: Last week’s NATO summit in Warsaw ordered the deployment of troops to Eastern Europe, the alliance’s most serious response yet to Russia’s aggression and provocations… Continue Reading

Notes, quotes, Rin Tin Tin

The second half of the baseball season cranks up this weekend after the 92nd All-Star Game break Tuesday. The Wall Street Journal recently provided insights into the hitting streak of Joe DiMaggio which was 75 years ago this summer and lasted for 56 games. The commentary by Jo Craven McGinty analyzes how likely the streak… Continue Reading

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