National Columnist The media, the mob and the desire for the rule of law

August 21, 2014

Those of us who admit that we were not there, and do not know what happened when Michael Brown was shot by a policeman in Ferguson, Missouri, seem to be in the minority. We all know what has happened since then — and it has been a complete disgrace by politicians, the media and mobs Read More

Publisher's Notebook Thanks and congrats: one more election noted

Congratulations and thanks. Congratulations to all of Tuesday’s winners. Soon, the real work of government will begin and in some cases, begin again. And thanks. One upside to aging and publishing the community newspaper coincidentally is the perspective of candidates and campaigns. Over the last generation, there seems to be less joy and certainly more Read More

National Columnist Political scandals hiding in plain sight

August 20, 2014

The laboratories of democracy are blowing up. A rash of relatively convoluted, thoroughly unsexy political scandals involving governors is moving through the country. So many of them involve Republican presidential hopefuls that conspiracy theorists could argue they must be manufactured, or at least overhyped, by wily Democratic strategists. At least one Democratic governor has also Read More

Publisher's Notebook Third Thursday, market downtown tomorrow

“How do you keep the Cleveland Browns out of your front yard?” asks one longtime Browns fan. “Put in goal posts.” •••••• Come Thursday, it’s the August edition of the Third Thursday Street Festival which also includes the weekly Downtown Sheridan Association’s Farmers Market. Think: live music, home grown food, fresh vegetables, breads, crafts, activities Read More

Local ColumnistsLocal Sports Column: Overcoming baseball fatigue

Summer’s just about over and fall sports are barreling down on us like Jadeveon Clowney. I spent most of my first summer in Sheridan covering baseball. A lot of baseball. They keep telling me that baseball is “America’s pastime,” but I think the history buffs are just holding onto the last bit of desperation that Read More

National Columnist Random thoughts on our justice system, world events

August 19, 2014

Random thoughts on the passing scene: I don’t know why we are spending our hard-earned money paying taxes to support a criminal justice system, when issues of guilt and innocence are being determined on television — and even punishment is being meted out by CNN’s showing the home and address of the policeman accused in Read More

Publisher's Notebook ‘Radical Descent’ reading Thursday

The next edition of Destination Sheridan magazine — coming Oct. 18 — will feature “favorite places” of Sheridan County by citizens who know them well. Plus, there will be stories on winter camping and survival, winter activities, features on local history and heritage and Sheridan’s burgeoning music scene. It’ll be good reading. •••••• Recommended reading…….. Read More

Letters to the Editor Educators, politicians: give us a longer summer

Re: School year calendars   People who have lived in Wyoming for any length of time can tell you summer is short here. Summer activities are at the mercy of weather patterns that do not necessarily fall in line with solstices and equinoxes. Because of this, activities in multiple venues are often slated on the Read More

FaithLocal Columnists What is the purchase price? What is the church worth?

August 15, 2014

What is its value? What does it cost? What will it take to make it happen and/or make it mine? These are questions that apply to merchandise, rentals, homes, ranches, automobiles, ATVs, SUVs, kayaks, boats, day trips, month long vacations, air flights, cruises, hosting guests, garage sales, holiday festivities and gift buying (Thanksgiving, Christmas, July Read More

Letters to the Editor Coleman is role model, approachable, attentive

Re: Aug. 19 primary   I have had the pleasure of knowing state Rep. Kathy Coleman since she began her term in the House of Representatives. My first experience with Rep. Coleman was during my attendance of a Labor, Health, and Social Services committee meeting. She was extremely knowledgeable, attentive, and engaged in the meeting Read More

Home and GardenLocal Columnists Colorful columbines work well to enhance the garden

The genus name Aquilegia is derived from the Latin word for eagle (aquila), because the shape of the flower petals, which are said to resemble an eagle’s claw. The common name “columbine” comes from the Latin for “dove,” due to the resemblance of the inverted flower to five doves clustered together. This very adaptive native Read More

Letters to the Editor Debt becomes city’s economic development

Re: Who is managing liabilities?   The Aug. 9 edition of The Press printed a public service ad titled, “There’s a lot going on in Sheridan.” This ad updates progress on five city construction projects. The minutes of City Council for Aug. 4 show that council passed three resolutions, without discussion, on the consent agenda. Read More

Letters to the Editor Mead ‘dishonored’ oath; Haynes a better choice

Re: Aug. 19 primary   Gov. Matt Mead took an oath to “support, obey and defend the Constitution of the United States, and the Constitution of the state of Wyoming” when he took office. He broke that oath when he signed SF104 into law. In addition to being unconstitutional, SF104 was legislation that we, the Read More

Letters to the Editor Coleman helpful with new mayor

Re: Aug. 19 primary   As the new mayor of Clearmont, I have been working hard at moving the town of Clearmont forward in a positive manner. I have contacted state Rep. Kathy Coleman on several issues. She has been very helpful with researching state statutes that have given me guidelines on how I should Read More

Home and GardenLocal Columnists Edging, walls can provide you with landscape definition

About 15 years ago I asked a young landscape architect to do a plan for our backyard. We had moved into a newer home that was landscaped in front but nothing had been done to the back of the house. It was “natural.” The house is built on a bluff above a river and some Read More

Letters to the Editor Tell the flea beetles just to attack leafy spurge

Re: Sheridan Press, Aug. 9   We once again see government interfering with nature. I do not argue that leafy spurge is a noxious weed and must be dealt with in some fashion. My issue comes from introducing an equally noxious pest, such as the flea beetle. The article is correct in how the flea Read More

Local Columnists Three-prong approach to development — awareness, attitude, action

A3 is our constant economic development strategy — this is simple. A=Awareness, A=Attitude, A=Action.  Recently (end of July) we had two potential business relocation opportunities exploring Sheridan as a place of business. One business is a metal fabrication business and the other business is a bio-sensitive cleaning solution manufacturer and distributor.  One from afar and Read More

National Columnist In a stew over inversions

Barack Obama, presiding over an unusually dismal post-recession economy, might make matters worse with a distracting crusade against the minor and sensible business practice called “inversion,” more about which anon. So, consider his credentials as an economic thinker. Obama, who thinks ATMs and airport ticket kiosks cost America jobs, gave a 2013 speech regretting that Read More

Editorials Shop local extends to buying produce from local producers

Shop local — a community marketing campaign — has taken on deeper meaning in recent years and months as community members seek not only local wares, but locally grown food. The movement has taken hold nationally and restaurants and markets have started to advertise not only what kind of food they serve, but where it Read More

National Columnist Why Hillary got it right

“Great nations need organizing principles, and ‘Don’t do stupid stuff’ is not an organizing principle.” — Hillary Clinton, The Atlantic, Aug. 10   Leave it to Barack Obama’s own former secretary of state to acknowledge the fatal flaw of his foreign policy: a total absence of strategic thinking. Mind you, Obama does deploy grand words Read More

Publisher's Notebook One vote certainly can make a difference

A dose of baseball trivia, right off the bat: Which major league baseball team/franchise never had a losing season? Answer below.   ••••••   In less than two weeks, Wyoming’s lottery kicks off with much anticipation. “Just maybe.” That’s the catchy branding slogan and it’s better than many. More than 400 dealers throughout the state Read More

Letters to the Editor Coleman is pragmatic voice for resource industries

Re: Aug. 19 primary As we cast our ballots Aug. 19, we owe it to our state’s future to support candidates with a demonstrated record of support for the industries that fuel both our economy and our way of life–our natural resource industries including energy, agriculture and tourism.  Voters in House District 30 have that Read More

Letters to the Editor Diversity, demographics will change with Mulholland

Re: Aug. 19 primary Ryan Mulholland running for the Wyoming Legislature? I will not vote for him.  A few years back, he ran for the Sheridan City council and was elected.  However, within a short time, he resigned his seat on the council, effectively negating our votes in that general election.  Why would any of Read More

Letters to the Editor $137,427 ‘helper’ – Does city need position?

August 14, 2014

Re: Adriaens as chief of staff   The people of Sheridan said no to a city manager position in 2008. Yet when John Heath was appointed mayor, he immediately elevated Sheridan police chief Rich Adriaens to the job of “chief of staff” at a salary of $137,427.10 per year. Not bad, for a small town Read More

Letters to the Editor Coleman diligent, articulate, focused

Re: Aug. 19 primary   It is often times very difficult for voters to really know whether their representatives are serving them well or not. In the fog of mailers and verbiage surrounding an election, it becomes difficult to tell substance from mirage. Knowing that, I wanted to let you know that Rep. Kathy Coleman Read More