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Contradictions and statistics

Every once in awhile, one of us here at The Sheridan Press receives a phone call or an email that includes comments lamenting the state of news today. The feedback typically includes a wish that the news media — The Sheridan Press included — would cover more “good” news. We try to include a broad… Continue Reading

‘How would Arnold play this’ golf shot?

Re: Arnold Palmer, 1929-2016 I was very saddened to learn of the Sept. 25th death of the great golfer Arnold Palmer at age 87. His prime years as a pro came in eras which included other greats, including Sam Snead, Jack Nicklaus, Gary Player, Billy Casper and Lee Trevino. Palmer’s ability to play the game… Continue Reading

‘Wrong person’ elected means loss of freedoms

Re: Presidential election, Nov. 8 As a veteran who took a solemn oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic, I am deeply concerned about the outcome of the Presidential election.  If the wrong person is elected, I fear that all of those who fought for and died to defend the Constitution may… Continue Reading

Sheridan continues to excel in variety of ways

Sheridan continues to excel on a variety of economic development themes. First off, congratulations to Susan Bigelow, Ph.D, of Sheridan College, and Robert Briggs, of the city of Sheridan, for the successful continuation of state funding for the WYO Theater project that includes renovating and expanding into the old Hallmark building. This, in times of… Continue Reading

You can dress him up, but Trump is Trump

If Beltway insiders and other East Coast elites ever wondered why so many Americans prefer Donald Trump to Hillary Clinton, all they need do is watch a rerun of Thursday night’s 71st annual Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner. There they were in their finery, A-listers from the once-cherished institutions of church, state and the… Continue Reading

Public lands legacy is American issue

Re: Debate, election 2016 Outdoor users, such as myself, are alarmed by the threatened takeover of our public lands by Wyoming and other western states.  These public lands were given to each and every one of us by courageous and visionary public leaders such as President Theodore Roosevelt and others in the early 1900s. This… Continue Reading

My vote, explained

The case against Hillary Clinton could have been written before the recent WikiLeaks and FBI disclosures. But these documents do provide hard textual backup. The most sensational disclosure was the proposed deal between the State Department and the FBI in which the FBI would declassify a Hillary Clinton email and State would give the FBI… Continue Reading

Lies and politics

Re: House District 51 race  I feel obligated to comment on the race for the Wyoming House District 51 seat, which has been very competently served by Rosie Berger until her defeat in the Republican primary by her opponent, Bo Biteman. Biteman and Democrat Hollis Hackman will face off on Nov. 8. I think we… Continue Reading

Headline writing, a skill all its own

The other day, a newspaper pal and I were talking about “the old days” — that’s what old newspaper publishers do. We reminisced about long-ago jobs. One of mine was headline writing on a mid-sized metropolitan newspaper in southeast Texas. (I also wrote obituaries, but that’s a whole ‘nother column.) Headline writing in those days… Continue Reading

How Trump could still win

As the final presidential debate looms like a Halloween pinata full of October surprises, voters may be less committed to one or the other candidate than the numbers suggest. And this, my fellow sufferers, could bode better for Donald Trump. Lest you suddenly seek the highest perch from which to hurl yourself, this is strictly… Continue Reading

Repeal 22nd Amendment; no Hillary, no Trump

Re: Jonathan Swift and the presidential election Dreadful times may call for dreadful proposals.  Or modest ones. Too many years ago in Dublin, I veered away from a pilgrimage, of sorts, to the landmarks (i.e., pubs) of James Joyce’s “Ulysses” to search for another point of interest. In Anglican St. Patrick’s Cathedral in the Catholic… Continue Reading

Federal land return issue merits scrutiny

Re: State, congressional races In 2015, the Wyoming Legislature passed Senate File 56 (Study of Public Lands) which directed the Office of State Lands and Investment to commission a study and provide a report addressing the management of certain specific federally administrated public lands in Wyoming. The study, which cost $75,000, was to be completed by… Continue Reading

Brinton exhibit; film festival

Saturday, it’s the Spear-O at The Brinton Museum exhibit in Big Horn. The exhibit is in its second year and will feature 11 artists who convened for a week at Sheridan College’s Spear-O Mountain Campus in the Bighorns. They sketched, they painted, they shot the bull. While spending a week ensconced at one of the… Continue Reading

Arkansas is pleased to forget Hillary Clinton

Forty-one years ago, 14 people gathered in a small room on California Boulevard in Fayetteville, Arkansas, for the wedding of an aspiring local politician and his law school sweetheart from up north. The bride was wearing a $53 dress bought at a local mall, the groom the same suit in which he’d been seen in… Continue Reading

Column: Inspiration to be better

Everyone can use a dose of inspiration now and then. It’s evident if you scroll through anyone’s Facebook newsfeed. Pretty images with inspiring words often fill those feeds. Sometimes, pretty words with an uplifting message can give us that extra boost that we need. If we’re sad, we look for sayings like, “You can’t have… Continue Reading

Supporting the flowers on Main Street

Every year we are sad to see the beautiful flower baskets lining Main Street removed for the winter season. Sadly, it must be done. On Sept. 25, on a beautiful, brisk Sunday morning a number of individuals helped make quick work of a tough job. The task of removing the baskets, separating and storing all of… Continue Reading

Health Watch: The color of winter

What is the color of winter? This depends upon what aspect of winter we reference. The ground is white, trees are gray and there is a darkness to the early morning sky. When blended together, for many, these colors result in “the winter blues.” Most of us, at some point during the season, suffer from… Continue Reading

Don’t fear Trump’s lawsuits. He’ll lose.

A wash in allegations that he sexually assaulted several women, Donald Trump is reaching into his old playbook and threatening to sue the media for reporting the claims, which he says are false. Although a number of outlets, including People and an NBC affiliate posted stories Wednesday night about Trump’s allegedly forcing himself on women, it… Continue Reading

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