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Column: How to: Stock a pantry

Having a few staples in your pantry and a few easy last minute recipes can make all the difference in how easy or hard it is to come up with menu ideas and quick, healthy meals. And it is easy — I swear. • Always have foundation ingredients — things like canned beans, broths and… Continue Reading

Column: Showing Cam some class

I’m not a Denver Broncos hater, I promise. I wasn’t rooting against them in the Super Bowl Sunday. I just honestly thought the Panthers were better. I thought — and hoped — it was Cam Newton’s time at a point where we need it to be Newton’s time. A young, black quarterback taking the reigns… Continue Reading

Guest Column: Wyoming Legislature wrong to take away state authority to label genetically modified foods

Last spring, the Joint Agriculture Committee passed a resolution calling on the federal government to limit the rights of states to pass labeling policies regarding genetically modified organisms. This resolution takes away the rights of states, including Wyoming, to act in the best interest of their citizens. The committee’s bill will be up for debate… Continue Reading

Community Perspectives: Awards of Excellence

Do you have those people in your life who, when they say something encouraging or compliment you, it means more than 100 compliments from other acquaintances? I do, and I received one the other day from such a person. It’s a great feeling when you know that it is sincere and that your efforts are… Continue Reading

Health Watch: The art of forgiveness

“Forgiveness is the healing tool I carry with me everywhere.”  — L.L. Hay What a powerful statement Louise L. Hay offers for us to contemplate! She continues this affirmation, embracing the idea of enjoying a “feeling of freedom” to remove a “heavy coat of criticism, fear, guilt, resentment, and shame.” This is letting go, allowing… Continue Reading

Column: Winter landscaping ideas

A landscape does not have to look bleak and desolate during the winter months. When we look out the window or go outside, is all we see snow or just a non-interesting landscape picture? Let us explore how to add interest and beauty to the landscape this coming year. Most homeowners generally have several of… Continue Reading

Column: Bowled over

There is a decided shift in the kitchen these days and for once it is not about the food, but about what we eat food from. Bowls 38 ounces and larger are taking the place of the traditional dinner plate in a lot of homes and restaurants around the country. Traditional pasta serving bowls have… Continue Reading

A Sheridan native in Florence, Italy

Recently, Jeff Thickman began  appearing as featured chef on an Italian TV station in a program hosted by Miss Italy. It gave viewers here the chance to see him work, and view some of his gourmet creations, though without understanding of the language. It was a big surprise to viewers to suddenly see an old… Continue Reading

Guest column: A tough budget season in tough times

Wyoming’s economy is in a tough spot. Families and businesses are feeling it. So is government.  Balancing demands and needs with dwindling resources is a tough job. Last month Wyoming Gov. Matt Mead delivered to the Legislature his spending plan for the next two years. In the current year, the governor cut more than $160… Continue Reading

Health Watch: Credible? Or just incredible?

Humans are curious. We are especially interested and inquisitive when it comes to personal topics such as health, nutrition and physical activity. What should I be eating? How much exercise do I need? How can I avoid catching the flu? It can be a challenge to find the right answer to these and other similar… Continue Reading

Column: What to do for February

I have received some feedback about these “what to do for” columns and I’d like to clarify. These first of the month home and garden columns are meant as a list of things that need to be done around the house; items mentioned may not need to be done every year but both men and… Continue Reading

Op-Ed: Let’s end child abuse and neglect

No one should simply shake their head and sadly lament the horrific story of child neglect that has rocked our community this past week. Instead of passive despair, let this tragic incident serve as a galvanizing call to action for us all to commit to ending child neglect abuse and securing the safety and future… Continue Reading

Health Watch: Dietitian’s take on the new USDA guidelines

Every 5 years, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) updates the  Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGA).  These guidelines have a major impact on the American diet because federally funded food programs such as school lunches and food assistance programs must comply with the recommendations.   Agriculture industries have much to gain or lose depending… Continue Reading

Column: What’s new, what’s not

Readings over the new year holiday fell into three categories: good fiction and getting lost in a story,  books and articles dealing with decorating ideas, and of course good food and cooking. One article explained the demise of two decorating trends, the industrial look and midcentury modernism expressed by our infatuation with all things “Mad… Continue Reading

Health Watch: Stay on track with your goals

January tends to be the month we look at our lives and examine our goals. Research says that half of all Americans make resolutions but only 8 percent will actually achieve them. Many people want to loose weight, get organized, focus on relationships or improve themselves. What do you do after the first few weeks… Continue Reading

Column: Comfort food at sunrise

This is one of those moments — why didn’t I think of this sooner? Make your casserole the night before, in fact it is better if you do, and the next morning you can pop it into the oven while you shower and set the table. The basic ratio of a breakfast casserole is one… Continue Reading

Column: Afraid of death, afraid of life

I spent my Monday and Tuesday preparing to come in this morning to write a nice little recap of the College Football Playoff National Championship. It was an exciting game. I sat on my couch filling my phone with notes and funny remarks, ready to write a lighthearted recap on how Nick Saban is the… Continue Reading

Health Watch: Youth suicide prevention in Sheridan County

The evidence-based Sources of Strength Program is new to Sheridan High School this fall. The program unites Sheridan High School students, staff and community members in a one-day training and bi-monthly meetings over the school year. The mission of this student-driven program is to spread hope, help and strength into every corner of our community… Continue Reading

It’s not as easy as it looks

There isn’t much I enjoy more than talking about sports. Whether it’s meeting with Don Julian on Tuesdays in the fall to get all the haps on the Sheridan Broncs or sitting at Powder River Pizza watching a bonkers three-overtime slugfest between the two best college basketball teams in the country. Did you see that… Continue Reading

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