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Health Watch: Journey from patient to board member

Mandy Cantrell is a board member at Reproductive Healthcare of the Bighorns. The World Health Organization defines reproductive health care as “A state of physical, mental and social well-being in all matters relating to the reproductive system at all stages of life.” I have been a client of Reproductive Healthcare of the Bighorns (formally Family… Continue Reading

Health Watch: An introduction to cardiac devices

Jennifer Graslie is a physician assistant at the Big Horn Heart Center of Sheridan Memorial Hospital. “Electricity is just organized lightning.” — George Carlin Case 1: John Doe, an elderly gentleman, was admitted to the hospital for recurrent episodes of passing out. He had been struggling with excessive fatigue for six to 12 months. On… Continue Reading

Column: Charging call needs a little work

Ask any basketball coach at any level, and they’ll tell you how important taking a charge can be to a game. Sheridan College head coach Matt Hammer gets on his guys on a daily basis for not stepping over and taking a charge. For a defender to have that in his arsenal can become crucial… Continue Reading

Health Watch: The high cost of health care

Stormy Fanning, RN, BSN is a nurse at Sheridan Health Center and a local author. There have been many interesting and even heated discussions across the country about the cost of health care. Costs are rising dramatically and health insurance coverage can be a challenge to obtain. The Affordable Care Act was intended to make… Continue Reading

Resilience, ability to adapt key to economic development

Jay Stender is the executive director of Forward Sheridan. From an economic perspective, resilience is the capacity to make adjustments to changing political, economic and ecological conditions. Sheridan is resilient. Current economic data for Wyoming is projecting downturns in the coal industry and other extractive industries due to a number of conditions. This downturn reduces… Continue Reading

Wyoming’s supplemental budget a balancing act

Wyoming is consistently ranked one of the best run states in the nation. Wyomingites are never surprised to hear this fact; the Wyoming way of life means getting required tasks done, living within our means, and planning for the future. It’s how Wyoming families operate and it is the way our state operates. It was… Continue Reading

Column: What is it about Sheridan that we like so much?

Joanne Garnett is a Downtown Sheridan Association board member.    Maybe it is our expansive history, which includes the Old West, Indian Wars, mining, railroad, polo, ranching, entrepreneurs, adventurers and people with a vision about what this place could be. Or it may be our scenery, with our city being surrounded by wide open spaces… Continue Reading

Column: Creating a winter survival plan

Colin Betzler is the executive director of the Sheridan Community Land Trust. It’s that time of year when all sensible media outlets share advice on beating back the ills of winter.  Whether it is coping with seasonal affective disorder, Vitamin D deficiency, managing stress or just a case of the winter blues, it seems like… Continue Reading

Column: Rooting for tanking

These days, sports media throw around the word “tanking” the way Scott Steiner threw around Sid Vicious in the wrestling ring in the late 90s, and, for the most part, they aren’t using it to describe Johnny Manziel partying at the Palms in Las Vegas. Tanking is the term used by fans and media alike… Continue Reading

Health Watch: Hearing loss at any age

Dr. Cheryl Varner is a Board Certified Otolaryngologist with Big Horn Ear Nose & Throat. From the moment we are born, we depend heavily on our ability to hear. We use hearing to learn, communicate and socialize. Hearing enables us to enjoy music and laughter. We depend on hearing for safety, which can alert us… Continue Reading

Column: Sheridan area winter recreation abounds

Richard Wright is  director of the Sheridan Recreation District. Welcome to my first attempt and editorial on outdoor recreation opportunities in the Sheridan area.  The Sheridan area offers a variety of outdoor recreation for all ages. Lately it has been very cold outside and that may limit your activities. As my good friend Tim Demchok… Continue Reading

Column: Cooler than the other side of the pillow

Sundays tend to develop a pretty consistent routine: wake up, sift through garbage on Twitter, lay in bed with my dog until he’s licked my face enough to force me out of bed to let him out, eat a bowl of cereal, maybe a bagel, and then invest in some quality real estate on the… Continue Reading

Column: Humanity, and the gift of bell ringing

Robin Melius Guest Columnist At times the news seems all bad. It is especially difficult at this time of year when we live in the hope of “beating our swords into plowshares.” When the crazy consumer feeding frenzy of Christmas hits it is easy to lose patience and hope with humanity. I was rather in… Continue Reading

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