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Spicing it up for spectators

Wimbledon is the oldest tennis tournament in the world, the only major still played on grass and widely considered the most prestigious tournament in one of the world’s most prestigious sports. In other words, it’s a classy affair. Like, caviar and those little binoculars on a stick they have at operas classy. Imagine you’re in… Continue Reading

ObamaCare wins one, America loses

EDITOR’S NOTE: This essay first appeared in the June 26 edition of The Wall Street Journal. The Sheridan Press contacted Sen. Barrasso’s office in order to republish for our readership. The Supreme Court’s ruling Thursday in King v. Burwell has temporarily saved the Affordable Care Act, but millions of Americans are still hurting under ObamaCare.… Continue Reading

Health Watch: Sprouting grains

By Georgia Boley There are more than 200 sprouted grain products on the market today, and many food experts believe this is a food trend that is here to stay. “One of the biggest food trends in more recent years has been more nutritious, minimally processed meals, which makes sprouted grains a pretty attractive choice… Continue Reading

Column: 100-milers earned respect

By now, you all probably realize I’m a sports fanatic. I love to write about sports because I love to talk about sports. I love to talk about sports because I love to watch and play sports. Ever since I first watched Reggie Miller drain effortless 3-pointers, sports have been a part of my life.… Continue Reading

Column: The perfect tomato

Growing tomatoes is the perfect pastime for summer. From the Early Girl, beefsteak to an heirloom, getting an assortment to try is kind of like finding the perfect wine — everybody likes something different best. Years ago, a master gardener friend — one of the most brilliant MGs I’ve known — gave me a few… Continue Reading

Column: A Boxing Day adventure

Boxing Day is a time for giving gifts to those who have proven to be loyal servants, whether they have chosen their lot in life or not. Considering the treatment that was shown to slaves during the height of the British slave trade, Boxing Day can be a handy time for owners to try to… Continue Reading

Health Watch: Patient-Centered Medical Home: The new patient/physician partnership

By Hannah Hall, MD Big Horn Mountain Medicine recently received the highest level of recognition as a Level 3 Patient-Centered Medical Home from the National Committee on Quality Assurance. To accomplish this recognition, officials at BHMM had to demonstrate, by means of an arduous examination process, that their clinicians and practices consistently adhere to evidence-based,… Continue Reading

Entertainment will reach new height at the WYO

Special entertainment for the 85th Sheridan WYO Rodeo (The WYO) will reach new heights this year — 4,000 feet to be exact! That’s the altitude from which Dana Bowman, Sgt. First Class (retired), will parachute from an airplane to land in the Sheridan County Fairgrounds arena as part of the Grand Entry for each of… Continue Reading

Karma resulting from spring soccer smugness

Who’s enjoying this weather?  I know California would kill for this wetness but if one more person says we need the moisture, I’ll beat them with my soggy muck boots. I spent the holiday weekend at the Big Horn Equestrian Center as both a field marshall and parent of a player for the state soccer… Continue Reading

Community Perspectives: Protect your business from cyber threats and develop a cyber protection plan

By Jay Stender As many businesses know, survivability and growth are a much broader mission than just sales. On Wednesday, the Federal Bureau of Investigation provided an InfraGard Training Session, focused on cyber protection for our businesses. This was a risk management based seminar and introduced some ideas on how to address elements of this… Continue Reading

Column: Working on legislation we all can be proud of

By Dave Kinskey This year the Wyoming Legislature passed Senate File 12. SF 12 makes it illegal to trespass on private property for the purpose of collecting resource data. Such trespasses have allegedly occurred by activist groups seeking to interfere with, or shut down, agricultural operations. One such group has the stated goal of removing… Continue Reading

Column: Warm weather means downtown projects

By Beth Holsinger It is so exciting to see the tourists and visitors arriving in our downtown this time of year. Everything is buzzing with activity and temperatures and spirits are high. Tomorrow morning I have over 30 enthusiastic volunteers helping to hang the flower baskets on Main Street all the way to Fort Road,… Continue Reading

Health Watch: Heartburn: Nutrition therapy for Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)

By Georgia Boley Nutrition, along with other lifestyle modifications, can lead to significant GERD symptom improvement. Key messages include: • Keep a food log to track the foods and beverages that make your symptoms worse. Certain foods and beverages weaken the esophageal sphincter (the one-way ‘door’ between your esophagus and stomach) including alcohol, peppermint, citrus… Continue Reading

Column: Moving beyond ‘fight or flight’

By Beth Kelsey The “fight or flight” response was first defined by Walter Cannon in 1915. The response was critical for the survival of our ancestors who were confronted with lions, tigers and other natural predators. Today, however, the “fight or flight” response is not as helpful and, in many cases, may be destructive to… Continue Reading

Health Watch: Early detection of lung cancer

With lung cancer still in the lead for cancer related deaths in America, finding ways to detect lung cancer in its early stages has been the focus of many studies over the years. None of these studies were able to support a method for the widespread screening of individuals at high risk for lung cancer… Continue Reading

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