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Sheridan, an aMAYzing place to live, work, play and shop!

The Historic District Promotions Committee celebrates the community with our latest promotion to shop local… “aMAYzing Places!” Starting on May 7, through May 22, residents can pick up a passport from participating businesses and while shopping or dining downtown, have the back stamped for a chance to win one of three prizes which include gift… Continue Reading

Health Watch: National Child Abuse Month

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month. We all have the duty to protect the children in our community. Every child has the right to thrive and learn, grow up in a safe, nurturing and stable home. In the state of Wyoming, mandated reporting laws state that any person who suspects child/vulnerable adult abuse, neglect… Continue Reading

Proven strategies for local businesses’ success

We all know we’re facing some extremely difficult times ahead, with seemingly recurring news of layoffs, closures and bankruptcies impacting our state and its economy. And we know the trickle-down effect is beginning to pose significant challenges for the Sheridan County business community. As the proactive voice of local business, the Chamber continues to work… Continue Reading

How can I help prevent suicide?

I am often asked the question “How can I help prevent suicide?” If you have ever wondered what you can do to help prevent suicide, here are some ideas for helping right here in Sheridan. Helping in our community These evidence-based efforts have been shown by research to be effective in reducing suicide and having sustainable… Continue Reading

Damage claims are the exception, not the rule

Hunters seeking access to private lands in the Sheridan area find obtaining permission can be difficult. As a means of obtaining additional income from agricultural lands, some property owners lease their lands, charge fees for hunting access or offer “ranch hunts” where they provide outfitting and guiding services. Some allow free hunting with verbal or… Continue Reading

Health Watch: High blood pressure and you

High blood pressure or hypertension is a very common and chronic disease affecting tens of millions of adults in the U.S. In fact, it is one of the most common reasons for doctor visits in the U.S., second only to pregnancy. Approximately 30 percent of U.S. adults have a diagnosis of hypertension, and another 8… Continue Reading

Column: NCAA Tournament takeaways pt. II

It was a thing of beauty, that Villanova buzzer-beater Monday night. From the execution of the play — not enough credit can be given to Ryan Arcidiacono on this — to the expression on Jay Wright’s face as he Jordan-shrugged his way to shake Roy Williams’ hand. There’s nothing quite like the NCAA Tournament. Kris… Continue Reading

Mindfulness: Fitness for the brain

The physical health benefits of keeping active are well known and backed by quality, scientific research. Engaging in regular physical activity can result in such benefits as lower blood pressure, weight loss or weight maintenance, lower resting heart rate, improved body composition and an enhanced quality of life — to name a few. However, engaging… Continue Reading

Volunteering changes lives — yours, others’

April 10-16, 2016, is National Volunteer Week across America.  Here at the Sheridan Senior Center we have close to 600 volunteers that do everything from home delivered meals, helping carry trays in our dining room, to shoveling snow and or teaching exercise class. Many volunteer for one event once a year, many others for a… Continue Reading

Downturn will impact state, but efforts will buffer the blow

The state of Wyoming continues to receive harsh economic news and projections around the energy industry. The impacts of the extractive industry downturn — both coal and oil/gas industries — have layoffs of employees and indirect impacts via retail sales, school populations and increased social burdens. Clearly the  coal and oil/gas production has been a… Continue Reading

HEATH WATCH: Giving and receiving

Christians around the world are culminating a 40-day period of introspection, reflection and personal contemplation called Lent. This past week (Holy Week), preparations have taken place for their most important feast of the year, the Resurrection of Christ. Likewise, our Jewish brothers and sisters are planning Passover celebrations for late April, their commemoration of the… Continue Reading

Health Watch: Another month, another cancer

It’s sad but true, we are inundated with cancer awareness months. I wish there weren’t a need to bring awareness to the public, but until we discover the key to curing, or even better, preventing, cancer, I’d like to focus your attention for the next few minutes on April: Oral Cancer Awareness Month. As a… Continue Reading

Column: Reselect the NCAA Selection Committee

March is here, baby! I get it — it’s March 16, so technically March has been here for a couple of weeks. But for me and most of the basketball — and gambling — junkies across the globe, March doesn’t start until that very fine Sunday evening when Greg Gumbel announces the NCAA Tournament bracket.… Continue Reading

Last week of legislative session a test of consensus

Last week was the last of the 20-day budget session. Coming down the home stretch, one of the big unresolved questions was the proper formula for supplemental funding for counties, towns and cities. Like all of Wyoming, the economic downturn has impacted local government. Would state aid be distributed in a fashion that helped the… Continue Reading

Jim Bridger in our neck of the woods

Jim Bridger, the youth who came to our attention with Hugh Glass in the movie, “The Revenant,” became the man who many describe as “the greatest guide, scout and mountain man who ever lived.” Highly regarded Montana historian, Dr. Merrill Burlingame said that “Jim Bridger, with no surveying equipment, mapped out what became major highways,… Continue Reading

Health Watch: Sport snacks simplified

We are in an era where instead of going home after school to play kick the can, often little Johnny or Jane go to practice or “organized play.” Getting kids transitioned from school to the field (or rink, or dance floor, or court, etc.) is hectic and downright stressful at times! Having a healthy snack… Continue Reading

Column: 18 years of Peyton Manning memories

Andy Taylor spent years protecting the town of Mayberry. Rosco P. Coltrane could never quite catch the Duke boys in the General Lee. Woody hitchhiked on a Pizza Planet truck to rescue his eventual best bud Buzz Lightyear. Peyton Manning spent 18 years saving the Indianapolis Colts and the Denver Bronocs. The man appropriately dubbed… Continue Reading

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