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Privacy concerns in the digital coupon age

A few weeks ago, I shared some innovative ways that brands and retailers are using regular people as social media influencers. A brand recently contacted Instagram users, offering to put a favorite photo on a free bag of potato chips. One of my readers participated in this campaign because it was fun and cost him nothing.… Continue Reading

Ambassadors give back to the community

This past year has been a very active one for the Chamber Ambassadors committee. This group of volunteers serves as the high-profile representatives of the Chamber, as they focus on promoting new businesses, conventions, tourism and recreation in the Sheridan area, as well as encouraging progressive growth in established businesses. In addition to assisting the… Continue Reading

Looking back at the Belle Fourche Rodeo

After graduating from high school in 1951, I was cowboying on a local ranch. I was sweet on a local girl that was a year younger than me. Our friends and we decided to attend the rodeo that was scheduled for the Fourth of July at Belle Fourche, South Dakota. I was driving a 1937… Continue Reading

Not your mother’s cleaning

I was recently sitting with a group of dental hygienists from out-of-state.  They were lamenting the fact that it is often hard to fit everything they want to do into the appointment. Dental hygienists used to be “tooth cleaners,” with their duties limited to teaching patients how to care for the teeth and gums, and using… Continue Reading

Jesus weeps!

As I view the current political landscape, the recent killings in Orlando and other places as well as the continued fighting around the world, I’m reminded of Luke 19:41 and Jesus’ words in verse 41: As he came near and saw the city, he wept over it saying, “If you, even you, had only recognized… Continue Reading

Making a miniature pond

Having a pond or large water feature is great but if you don’t quite have the acreage, try a smaller more manageable feature by making a miniature pond from a large watertight container. You won’t have to deal with a pump or a bubbler. Supplies: watertight container water plants garden soil (heavy clay or aquatic… Continue Reading

Column: A pH Diet — all about the base

Balance is key to all nutrition messages. This is true for balancing our pH as well. Balancing pH with food means choosing foods that enhance our natural body chemistry. When discussing foods that enhance pH, “The acid — alkaline balance in question is not that of the blood. The pH of human blood is strictly… Continue Reading

Health Watch: Managing, recognizing PTSD

June is national PTSD awareness month. Post-traumatic Stress Disorder is a psychiatric disorder that can occur after a shocking, scary or dangerous event. Exposure to traumatic events doesn’t automatically lead to the development of PTSD. In fact most people who live through dangerous situations do not go on to develop PTSD. However, other people who… Continue Reading

Health Watch: Talking about suicide prevention safely

We are truly blessed in Sheridan to have so many local media organizations committed to safely talking about and supporting suicide prevention. In particular, The Sheridan Press regularly provides space here in their Health Watch column and also gives regular news coverage to local suicide prevention efforts. The more we all continue to safely discuss… Continue Reading

What to do for June

Inside: On warm days, keep salads and veggie plates crisp by serving them on chilled plates. Place a stack of plates in the refrigerator (not the freezer, which can crack ceramics) for an hour or more before using. Wash your windows with a solution of hot water and dishwasher detergent. Use a squeegee to wipe… Continue Reading

Center Stage: Coal, coal and more coal

Northeast Wyoming has provided coal for personal use and the economy for many decades. When the railroad operated with steam engines, they burned a lot of coal. The CB&Q Railroad had coal chutes that coal was elevated into from a storage area beneath the rails of the tracks. The rail cars that provided the coal… Continue Reading

Health Watch: Local cancer support

A cancer diagnosis raises all kinds of challenges and concerns. Fortunately, there is help available through several local and national resources to help one through all aspects of their cancer journey. A support group offers a caring and compassionate environment for those affected by cancer, whether it is a patient, caregiver or loved one. While friends… Continue Reading

Fitting in fitness

Schedules are packed. Responsibilities are seemingly endless. Life gets crazy. You may ask yourself this same question or a version like it on a daily basis: How can I possibly squeeze in one more ‘to do’ during the day? It is easy to become overwhelmed with the incessant demands people face every day. Whether a… Continue Reading

Health Watch: Mom’s spirit lives on

Our Mom was a leader. When she discovered 4-H, an all-encompassing, practical, “learn-by-doing” youth program, she was hooked. Of course, all of us kids became members of “The Highland Clan 4-H Club.” Relatives and friends joined us. There was no way we could go wrong, actively working on projects that paved the way to developing… Continue Reading

Let’s reduce waste from events

Recycling…as I see it, it’s an extension of some of our most cherished beliefs: 1. Clean up your mess, and, 2. Leave things in better shape than you found them … for your children and grandchildren. My current soapbox recycling issue is the attitude we all have when planning events. When did we decide that… Continue Reading

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