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Column: You can help save someone from suicide

Suicide is the most preventable form of death: anyone can help save a life from suicide. Suicide has weighed heavy on our Sheridan community this year. Sadly, Sheridan loses lives every year to suicide. Those lost to suicide in Sheridan include young parents, middle-aged adults, young adults, youths and seniors. We often think of suicide… Continue Reading

Column: ATEA schools meet national challenges head on

Happy Fourth of July and thank you for allowing me to serve you as the new President of the American Technical Education Association. I’m both excited and a little bit overwhelmed by this new responsibility. I’ve known and worked with the last three presidents of the organization — Rich Wagner, Larry Moser and James King… Continue Reading

A terrific stress reducer

Health care providers follow current evidence-based scientific advances through continuing education resources: journals, trainings, workshops, retreats and conferences. Staying up-to-date is critical to fulfilling the commitment of employing best practices in serving clients, patients and students. Recently, a grant from Wyoming Workforce Services provided an excellent opportunity to enhance my understanding of the power of… Continue Reading

Fly Shop Report

The Fourth of July weekend was great. The fish were eating heavily in the afternoons. Caddis and Yellow Sallies were two of the best hatches. The Grey Drakes are starting to come on in the canyons and warmer waters. Look for 58 degree waters to get bigger hatches. Everyone should plan on getting out to… Continue Reading

Column: Welcome to Rodeo Week

Welcome to the 85th Annual Sheridan WYO Rodeo. If this is your first, you’re in for a treat. It’s fun. It’s exhausting. It’s crazy. I like to look at myself as a rodeo vet now. Sure, last year was technically my first experience with anything even resembling a rodeo, but Rodeo Week for a journo… Continue Reading

Coal is part of the answer, not the problem

There are those who believe that wind and solar are the only way forward for energy in a carbon-constrained world. They want to stop coal production and use. That nearly 40 percent of America’s electricity comes from coal while after decades of development and tens of billions of dollars in subsidies, wind and solar contribute… Continue Reading

Column: Do I really need all those products?

By Janine Sasse-Englert Have you ever wondered why there’s an entire aisle devoted to tooth and gum care products? Are you ever confused about what to buy? Your dentist and dental hygienist will make great recommendations for you, but until you see them next, here’s some advice. Start with a toothbrush. Manual is fine, electric… Continue Reading

Spicing it up for spectators

Wimbledon is the oldest tennis tournament in the world, the only major still played on grass and widely considered the most prestigious tournament in one of the world’s most prestigious sports. In other words, it’s a classy affair. Like, caviar and those little binoculars on a stick they have at operas classy. Imagine you’re in… Continue Reading

ObamaCare wins one, America loses

EDITOR’S NOTE: This essay first appeared in the June 26 edition of The Wall Street Journal. The Sheridan Press contacted Sen. Barrasso’s office in order to republish for our readership. The Supreme Court’s ruling Thursday in King v. Burwell has temporarily saved the Affordable Care Act, but millions of Americans are still hurting under ObamaCare.… Continue Reading

Health Watch: Sprouting grains

By Georgia Boley There are more than 200 sprouted grain products on the market today, and many food experts believe this is a food trend that is here to stay. “One of the biggest food trends in more recent years has been more nutritious, minimally processed meals, which makes sprouted grains a pretty attractive choice… Continue Reading

Column: 100-milers earned respect

By now, you all probably realize I’m a sports fanatic. I love to write about sports because I love to talk about sports. I love to talk about sports because I love to watch and play sports. Ever since I first watched Reggie Miller drain effortless 3-pointers, sports have been a part of my life.… Continue Reading

Column: The perfect tomato

Growing tomatoes is the perfect pastime for summer. From the Early Girl, beefsteak to an heirloom, getting an assortment to try is kind of like finding the perfect wine — everybody likes something different best. Years ago, a master gardener friend — one of the most brilliant MGs I’ve known — gave me a few… Continue Reading

Column: A Boxing Day adventure

Boxing Day is a time for giving gifts to those who have proven to be loyal servants, whether they have chosen their lot in life or not. Considering the treatment that was shown to slaves during the height of the British slave trade, Boxing Day can be a handy time for owners to try to… Continue Reading

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