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Column: Living up to the last paycheck

“Don’t live up to your last paycheck.”  I was told that when young, earning money stacking ice cream in the freezer at the Jersey Creamery. It means spend according to what you need – not what you have – and save the rest.  Good advice. That is hard for most people to do.  The human… Continue Reading

Health Watch: The scoop on calcium supplements

Most of my patients can attest to the fact that I not only encourage them to take a variety of vitamins and supplements, but I, too, am a dedicated vitamin taker. Calcium supplements are at the top of my list because they promote good bone health and prevent osteoporosis. While calcium is important to all… Continue Reading

Health Watch: Happiness — it’s powerful stuff

I cuddle my 13-year-old Maltese as the day draws to an end, sharing time together, before my “Love you, little Buddy” and his gentle lick of my hand. Our special bond endures through one another’s shortcomings: me sometimes forgetting his cookie, Buddy always barking at vehicles entering our cul-de-sac. Since coming into my life at… Continue Reading

Community perspectives: A reputation for working together, getting things done

Sheridan has a great reputation for community involvement and accomplishment. From an economic development perspective, this is the ideal picture to paint for existing and recruitment of business. Those that invest in themselves and work collectively reap larger returns.      The Economic Development Task Force, a collection of city, county and other community organizations… Continue Reading

Welcome home to the Gallatin Collection

Goelet and Edith Gallatin, and their daughter Beatrice Beuf with her husband, Carlo, would be so pleased to know their extraordinary collection of Indian artifacts is finally being shared as they had intended and is now on exhibit in the Plains Indian Hall of the Forrest E. Mars building at the Brinton Museum.  The family’s… Continue Reading

Health Watch: A few of my favorite foods

A Dietitian is a foodie fused with nutrition. I am always looking for new food that everyone in my family enjoys and still makes the dietitian side of me smile. Some of my recent finds include: 1. Siggi’s Yogurt (or more appropriately — Skyr): Adding a daily probiotic through food is a fantastic health choice.… Continue Reading

Time to revisit the Capitol Square Project

The last session of the Legislature saw approval of $300 million for the Capitol Square Project. The project, as I understand it, began as a review of safety issues in the Capitol, such as sprinkler systems and fire exits. Over time, it grew to include constructing new government offices and historic renovation. The project now… Continue Reading

Column: Bring on basketball season

Baseball is over. Thank God. OK, I guess baseball isn’t quite over. There’s that little thing called the World Series going on — and man did it go on last night. But baseball is pretty much over. The Cubs let me down after I gave them 1,200 words of beautifully crafted poetry in this very… Continue Reading

Community Perspectives: First class

I just left a meeting with the Critical Air Service Team as we prepare for new air service in Sheridan. And I’m here to tell you today that what is about to happen to Sheridan is first class. This isn’t a twin prop. This isn’t an old airline or an old airplane. This isn’t something… Continue Reading

Column: New era in cancer care

For decades, cancer specialists observed that cancer seemed to enjoy some sort of protection from the body’s own immune system. Cancer cells appeared to have a cloaking device, which kept them from being discovered and destroyed. Indeed, high resolution photomicroscopy (taking photos using a microscope) shows cancer cells moving with great ease and escaping the… Continue Reading

Getting romantic about baseball

So I’m sitting in the first row of the outfield at Great American Ball Park last Tuesday — right around right-centerfield — and there’s this kid sitting at the end of the row, about 10 or 12 seats away. Let me tell you, this kid was the worst. It was the Chicago Cubs versus the… Continue Reading

Health Watch: Highest time of living

As I slip out into early dawn with our doggies, Tika and Buddy, for our morning walk, I feel a crisp breeze brush against my cheek. I smile, giggling to myself: “Nature is stirring things up!” Off we trek to fields where deer and rabbits play, anticipating the sun’s warming glow. I am reminded of… Continue Reading

Community Perspectives: An investor, air service update

Forward Sheridan convened an “investor” update meeting last week at the “Loft” located in the top of the old Sheridan Press building. This meeting enables our board members and investors to meet around a specific business topic or opportunity. Mike Wandler, CEO of L&H, described his efforts worldwide and specifically for Sheridan’s growth on high… Continue Reading

Health Watch: Did you know?

Did you know that September is national Dental Infection Control Awareness Month?  Me neither, but now that I do, I’m provided with the perfect opportunity to tell you what dental offices do, often behind the scenes, to keep you safe from the spread of disease. Let’s start with the basics.  “Infection control” refers to the… Continue Reading

Community Perspectives: Sleepy little towns?

I usually only drive through Ranchester and Dayton at certain times, mostly weekends on my way up to the mountains, or in the evening to visit my in-laws in Dayton.  Almost always I am with my family and chatting up a storm or singing a high-spirited children’s song at the top of my lungs (if… Continue Reading

Center Stage: Italian friends and acquaintances

Several Italian families migrated to the Cambria coal mine when it was in operation from 1888-1928.  Newcastle and Cambria were named after towns in England.  Many of the Italian miners took homesteads in the area.  The CB&Q railroad needed coal and the Cambria coal mine furnished this before the vein of coal ran out. The… Continue Reading

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