Teens find niche volunteering at Senior Center

May 3, 2013

SHERIDAN — Somewhere between wanting to play the games in elementary school and not old enough to work or drive, presents a challenge for middle school and younger high school students. Two young ladies found a positive use of this time in their lives to help make the Senior Center the vibrant, active place it Read More

Center Stage: Unleash your power in May

April 26, 2013

One day last week I was having lunch with a younger friend of mine. (One that years ago made reference to me as “mom”). In the past, I have had the pleasure of playing on his team on a volleyball league. At the time I felt like this couldn’t possibly be to his team’s advantage. Read More

Keeping things cooking at the YMCA

SHERIDAN — When people talk about tasting the love that goes into food, they could be referring to food prepared by Walline Johnson. Every Tuesday, Johnson volunteers her time at the Y Healthy Kitchen from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Her love of children and cooking is evident in the care she puts into preparing Read More

Volunteerism doesn’t translate between cultures

April 19, 2013

Our family hosted an exchange student from Russia one school year when our son was a student at Sheridan High. We were enthralled to see what an adventure the year would bring. Rauf Muzaffarov came to us from a former communist culture with his genealogy rooted in Eastern European history. We plugged Muzaffarov right in Read More

Turning trash into treasure

SHERIDAN — Joe Laughton sees treasure where others see trash. Laughton has been creating sets for performance organizations in Sheridan since he retired from teaching in 1977. His Rumpelstiltskin touch transforms throw-aways into beautiful sets. Laughton has transformed purple shopping bags into flowers, cardboard rug rolls into trees, egg cartons into rock walls and split bathroom Read More

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