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Center Stage: The shivaree and car theft

Mom and Dad were married in October at Deadwood, South Dakota.  A common practice back then was to shivaree the newly marrieds.  A dance was held to honor and shivaree the newly married couple.  The dance was held in the loft of the barn belonging to Bill Foltz.  The Foltz place was about five miles… Continue Reading

Courage to make a good life

Courage to make a good life

By Lois Bell Sheridan Senior Center SHERIDAN — Yes or no: do our attitudes change as we age?  Can we have a good life to the end? According to Dr. Beth Kelsey, studies show that people report more positive emotions as they age. We become less prone to anxiety, depression and anger even though facing trials… Continue Reading

Can we be a ‘Greatest Generation’ for our future?

As the development director for the Sheridan Senior Center, I get excited when the time rolls around for our annual Operation Independence Campaign.  At the Senior Center, we have made it our mission to help older adults maintain and regain their independence. This year our Operation Independence Campaign is a part of our larger effort… Continue Reading

An act of love

An act of love

By Lois Bell Sheridan Senior Center SHERIDAN — They are bonded through love for their children that began out of personal tragedy. Twenty-one years ago, a very special group of volunteers began tending the baby section at Sheridan Municipal Cemetery. In 1981, Mary and Rod Reimers’ son, Steven Phillip, was buried in the baby section. “We… Continue Reading

Johnson’s protagonist is a grandfather

Johnson’s protagonist is a grandfather

By Jessie Hetzler Sheridan Senior Center SHERIDAN — The Walt Longmire novels and television series are well known to many who read or who watch television, both in the United States and 100 other countries worldwide, broadcast in English and 12 other languages. Craig Johnson, the creator of the Walt Longmire character, is a Sheridan… Continue Reading

Center Stage: Pouring concrete

By Bob Huff One of the concrete men around Upton, Wyoming, was Tom McCarter by trade.  McCarter hired me when I turned 13 years old.  Wheeling concrete was sometimes a struggle at that age.  The authorities would not allow that employment to happen today. McCarter paid me 50 cents an hour.  I had a lot… Continue Reading

Senior Center Happenings May 2, 2015

• Mother’s Day Tea at the Senior Center, 6:30 p.m. Wednesday. Invite that important lady in your life. Carolyn Wertman will share the history and special memories of her doll collections. Hats, gloves and boas are optional. There is no charge for the evening, but please call 672-2240 to let us know that you are… Continue Reading

Talented local artisan is adopted son of Crow

Talented local artisan is adopted son of Crow

By Jessie Hetzler Sheridan Senior Center SHERIDAN — He is talented, which is an understatement. His story has been published in Wyoming Wildlife and Destination Sheridan. It’s most likely because he has an interesting story. Kim Fuka is an extraordinary artist who works with beads, feathers and porcupine quills. What’s most special about Fuka is… Continue Reading

Senior Center Happenings April 25, 2015

• Monday nights are Support Group nights at the Senior Center: family caregiver, cancer support and Parkinson’s support. The groups meet separately throughout the Senior Center at 5 p.m. (cancer support) and 5:30 p.m. (caregiver and Parkinson’s). For more information, call Stella Montano at 675-1978. • Many grocery stores will pay for your round-trip ride… Continue Reading

Erpelding finds comfort in a life of rhymes

Erpelding finds comfort in a life of rhymes

By Jessie Hetzler Sheridan Senior Center SHERIDAN — Writing poetry came to her years ago when she was faced with hardships. As the wife of a civilian missile contractor, her family moved frequently and was not always welcomed by community residents where the missiles were being built during the Cold War. “Not being accepted by… Continue Reading

Lessons from one lifetime

By Barb Blue Mary Magdeline Legerski is a redheaded Bohemian who grew in Monarch and is cute as heck.  Our friendship began four months ago when Mary started coming to Day Break. Mary is a delight to visit with. She is fortunate to have a close-knit family that cares for her as she ages. Family… Continue Reading

Senior Happenings April 11, 2015

• Third Friday Pasta Night at the Senior Center, April 17, 5:30 p.m. Your choice of toppings and pasta with salad and garlic bread, coffee, tea and water. $10 per person. Live music entertainment by Andy and Ann Lowe. Call 672-2240 to let us know you are coming; pay at the door. • Feeling overwhelmed… Continue Reading

Center Stage: Childhood recreation

Bob Huff grew up in Upton, Wyoming. Center Stage is written by friends of the Senior Center for the Sheridan Community.  It is a collection of insights and stories related to living well at every age. Palmer hill was about a mile north of our house in Upton. In the winter, it was a very… Continue Reading

Military, radio … movies?

Military, radio … movies?

By Jessie Hetzler Sheridan Senior Center SHERIDAN — John Foufoutakis’ life is as varied as one can get including a romp as an extra in Hollywood movies. Foufoutakis thinks that his movie experience may have started when he was 12 years old. The actor James Garner made a personal appearance at a local theater in Foufoutakis’… Continue Reading

Senior Center Happenings April 4, 2015

• Countdown to Keystone Awards 2015!  The Sheridan Senior Center’s fifth annual Keystone Awards is April 23. Tickets are now on sale at the WYO Theater, 42 N. Main St. Honoree reception at 5:30 p.m. and award show at 7:30 p.m. $75 per person.  Ticket price is $35 per person if you are registered with… Continue Reading

Do I need long-term care insurance?

From the Sheridan Senior Center SHERIDAN — What is long-term care insurance? What does it cover? How do long-term care policies work? Do you need it? These questions will be addressed at the Senior Center’s “When I’m 64 or More” community presentation on Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. The presentation will be hosted on the dining… Continue Reading

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