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Column: Create a dementia friendly community

I’m a lapsed yoga aficionado. That means I love yoga.  Unfortunately, I don’t make it to class nearly as often as I’d like. As a result, I’m generally stiff, sore and stressed, all characteristics that can be drastically reduced by regular yoga. I’m working on it. The point is that one of the best parts… Continue Reading

Senior Center Happenings Sept. 26, 2015

• My family doesn’t want my things — what do I do? We don’t want Mom and Dad’s stuff — what do we do? Join us on Tuesday evening at a free community presentation. Amanda Lawson of Caring Transitions and Shelley Kinnison of Real Estate Rehab will share tips and strategies for “Downsizing Your Life.”… Continue Reading

Center Stage: Italian friends and acquaintances

Several Italian families migrated to the Cambria coal mine when it was in operation from 1888-1928.  Newcastle and Cambria were named after towns in England.  Many of the Italian miners took homesteads in the area.  The CB&Q railroad needed coal and the Cambria coal mine furnished this before the vein of coal ran out. The… Continue Reading

Center Stage: To Russia with love

We were suspicious from the get-go of the party camped next to us.  They occupied three campsites at North Fork campground near Burgess Junction even though they were obviously together.  The group of five or six — one woman, as I recall — had this tarp covered, rectangular, mysterious, humming monstrosity at the edge of… Continue Reading

Gearing up for the annual Autumn Fest

Gearing up for the annual Autumn Fest

SHERIDAN — Individuals are already signing up for the annual fall event and looking forward to the 2015 Autumn Fest dinner and dance that will be held at the Dayton Community Hall. Sponsored by the Sheridan Senior Center, the annual Autumn Fest — previously named the Harvest Moon Ball — is scheduled for Friday in… Continue Reading

Hope and healing after the pain

Hope and healing after the pain

SHERIDAN — In time, she found her strength through her voice and through action. It was not a journey she had expected she would have taken in life. Twenty-two years later, Sarah Mentock speaks out about her sister’s suicide. Mentock was a graduate student at the University of Wyoming and in the week of final… Continue Reading

Meet Wyoming’s newest poet laureate

Meet Wyoming’s newest poet laureate

By Abbie Johnson Taylor Sheridan Senior Center SHERIDAN — Sheridan poet A. Rose Hill was appointed Wyoming’s seventh poet laureate by Gov. Matt Mead on July 9. Her first duty was to read her poem “Song of Wyoming,” honoring Wyoming’s 125th anniversary of statehood. The program on the Capitol steps included Mead, three former governors,… Continue Reading

A new breed of outlaws

A new breed of outlaws

SHERIDAN — The outlaw living on the fringe of society has been a part of the lore of American West history. But the outlaw’s image has changed over the years, at least for one Sheridan group. There’s a new breed of outlaws roaming the front range of the Bighorn Mountains. At any one time, their… Continue Reading

Center Stage: I wanted to be Bob Barker

I had a goal for my life that involved me taking over for Bob Barker upon his retirement from the “Price is Right.”  In my eyes, Bob had it all.  His job was to play games.  Oh, how I love games.  What would childhood be without them? When we were small children, we would attempt… Continue Reading

WWII Rationing

Practically everything necessary for life was rationed during World War II. For example, gas, meat, shoes, dairy, sugar, tires and many other things were rationed. Needless to say, the black market and other ways to skirt the law were employed to get the items necessary for life. Mom was an excellent baker. As a family… Continue Reading

Help us continue to realize the dream

We are so privileged to live in a community where, by virtue of group effort, many dreams get realized and hopes become fulfilled. It is a pleasure to write about one of our local gems that originated in 1973 under the helm of Ky Dixon and now Carmen Rideout as Executive Director of the Sheridan… Continue Reading

Happy birthday Older Americans Act

Anyone who knows me knows that I just don’t have that muscle in my body that triggers getting a card out to someone before their birthday, anniversary or any other big occasion. So, is it no wonder that I didn’t get a birthday greeting out to Washington wishing them a Happy Birthday for the 50th… Continue Reading

Man of many talents

Man of many talents

By Jessie Hetzler Sheridan Senior Center SHERIDAN — John Engels, 68, was born in New York near Lake Ontario. He moved to Wyoming with his family at a very young age when his parents purchased the Banner store. His mother served as postmistress there for nearly 50 years. Farming was Engels’ main occupation until he… Continue Reading

Good eating and good health are good partners

SHERIDAN — Advancing age can involve increased health problems. Excess weight has been proven to be a major cause of chronic diseases. Weight loss to an ideal weight can add years to your life. Being careful with your diet has been proven to significantly slow down these effects, according to Georgia Boley, registered dietitian. Boley… Continue Reading

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