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Column: Houses

This spring I spent about three weeks at our house in Colorado getting it ready for our son and his family. They will spend the summer there and then move to a new home in time to get their school-age kids enrolled in their new school. Will and Jeana have spent the last 18 months… Continue Reading

Get out and kick back

Get out and kick back

Ah … spring. When thoughts turn to the great outdoors and spending quality time chilling, grilling and entertaining. And also … daydreaming. For starters, imagine your ideal outdoor space. It might be a fabulous resort, stretching out on a pristine white chaise longue with the Mediterranean blue as a brilliant backdrop. Or a foliage-framed jungle… Continue Reading

Column: Welcoming Spring

I hope you have been doing a little watering on those especially warm days from mid-February on into April. With this early spring we tend to get our hopes up and rush into planting even though it would be foolish to do so before the average evening temperatures are well past frost dates — somewhere… Continue Reading

What to do for April

Inside: Start the month on a safe note —  replace batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Give kitchen cupboards a spring cleaning. Donate extra canned goods to the food bank. Wash your windows inside and out; it will lift your spirit. Prevent lint buildup in and around your clothes dryer, it can cause the… Continue Reading

Ideas to extend the growing season

One of the challenges of living in Wyoming is the late frost in the spring and the early frost in the fall, which really shorten our growing season for vegetables unless we can provide some protection. Several techniques will lengthen the growing season, making it possible to begin earlier in the spring and end later… Continue Reading

Lovin’ the limelight: Green grabs hold

Lovin’ the limelight: Green grabs hold

As reliable as the first furls of foliage poking up from the soil, lawns awakening from winter slumber and trees leafing out, green is the surest sign of spring. Get ready for a greening up of the interior landscape as well. Pink quartz and serenity may be the proclaimed Pantone colors of the year, but… Continue Reading

Water and salt —they don’t always mix well

Wyoming is a rugged, dry state with weather patterns that seem to be adverse to growing plant varieties. The climate plays havoc on the flowers, trees and shrubs, not to mention garden vegetables. High velocity wind and extreme temperatures definitely are a challenge to deal with, but often it is water availability and water quality… Continue Reading

The power of home

I am constantly on the prowl for the odd piece of furniture that I can make over, either with paint or fabric. I absolutely love to find a piece with good “bones,” something that speaks to me of how things could be. In this way, it is kind of a testament to life, becoming who… Continue Reading

Kid around the home

Kid around the home

Contain the chaos that often accompanies living with children by creating kid-friendly spaces throughout your home. Children are both seen and heard in homes today, and a domicile’s design reflects this inclusive attitude, says Allison Spampanato, a senior vice president of product development with Pottery Barn Kids in San Francisco. “The reality is that children… Continue Reading

Column: Planting a tree

With Earth Day a month away (April 22) now would be a great time to decide when or where you could celebrate the day by planting a new tree. Planting a new tree is the very essence of hopefulness, planting for the future. On the other hand perhaps planting a memorial tree is the real… Continue Reading

Double agents

When it comes to working around the house, having the right tools is almost better than having a helping hand. This is something that I learned while watching my father work and later realized when I worked around my own home. But sometimes the smallest most significant gadget can be made from something laying in… Continue Reading

Drought-resistant garden design

Drought-resistant garden design

Gardeners can’t take water for granted anymore. Drought-resistant garden design and drought-tolerant plants are the wave of the future. Southern California is leading the way with water-wise landscaping practices, but even if you live where you can count on a great deal more than their two inches of rainfall a year, water is getting to… Continue Reading

Column: Guys doing laundry

If your watched the Super Bowl a few weeks ago you might have noticed the laundry detergent ad featuring Persil the new detergent marketed especially for guys. It seems there is an “epic” change taking place across America — more men are doing laundry. Detergent and washing machine manufacturers have taken notice of this growing… Continue Reading

Column: Extend the growing season with high tunnels

Growing vegetables and flowers in Wyoming can be frustrating. Periodic warm periods early in the spring seem to tease us with the promise of early vegetables and lush flower beds, but planting before June is almost always punished by a late spring frost. The best vegetable crops for Wyoming are the cool season crops like… Continue Reading

Column: A healthy eating environment

After writing column after column suggesting healthy foods and diets including lean meats and plant-based proteins and hoping that some of these words were getting through, I was blown away by this easy concept of setting ourselves up to win the battle by making small changes to our environment also. Research shows that it is… Continue Reading

The modern bazaars at your fingertips

The modern bazaars at your fingertips

Weaving personality into home decor while making it relevant regardless of style requires a honed eye, spot-on instincts, the expertise of a trusted designer and imaginative resources. Color, a deft mix of beautiful fabrics, and well-chosen art and accessories, layering and texture add punctuation. And vintage, one-of-a-kind or handcrafted pieces really bring generic sofas, tables… Continue Reading

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