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What to do for June

May 31, 2013

Inside:On warm days, keep salads and veggie plates crisp by serving them on chilled plates. Place a stack of plates in the refrigerator (not the freezer) for an hour or more before using. Wash your windows with a solution of hot water and dishwasher detergent. Use a squeegee to wipe dry. Replace dark drapes with Read More

Airy elegance: outdoor decor comes into its own

By Elaine Markoutsas Universal Uclick From all-weather wicker, modern mesh and other open weaves, to teak in all shades from honey to warm grays, to metal in sleek stainless steel, to rustic wrought-iron looks to a range of painted hues, the selection has never been greater or more stylish for outdoor furniture. It reaffirms a Read More

Home design for small spaces

May 24, 2013

Terence Conran is a British designer, author, developer and entrepreneur who already has plenty of professional titles to fill a business card, but he could probably add “amateur philosopher” to the list. This sideline talent emerges in the introduction of his latest book, “How to Live in Small Spaces.” As the title suggests, the book Read More

Will we ever see a better supermarket strawberry?

SHERIDAN — Big, bright red strawberries can break your heart. For durability they are often picked on the firmer, green side, meaning they will redden, but not ripen, after picking. So they fall short on taste. This is the strawberry version of the tomato problem: pretty fruit, underflavored. The tomato problem was solved in part by Read More

The importance of WD-40

WD-40 was created in 1953 by three technicians at the San Diego Rocket Chemical Company. The product began from a search for a rust preventative solvent and de-greaser to protect missile parts. It’s name comes from the project that was to find a “water displacement” compound. They were successful with the 40th formulation, thus WD-40. Read More

Sinking into functional artwork

May 17, 2013

By Mary G. Pepitone Universal UClick A sinking feeling can be a good thing when it comes to the kitchen or bathroom basin. Form follows function with today’s bounty of stylish basin choices for the home. “A sink can become an unexpected focal point in a kitchen or bathroom,” says Suzanne Healy, an artist and Read More

A Wyoming rose by any other name is still a rose

I like a western attitude to growing roses, sort of the survival of the fittest with minimum care. If you really want to, you can baby some of the nice, tender ones, but there are some that really look good and are very hardy. Botanists believe that roses evolved 60 million years ago, probably in Read More

Tips for the home and garden

A splash of color A clear shower curtain becomes a unique work of art when you use brightly colored paint markers or acrylic paint to stencil or apply designs directly to the surface. Fabric-Paint Pointer When painting on fabric, prevent fading and running during the wash cycle by using only fabric or acrylic paint. Newly Read More

Fill flowerpots with inspiration

May 10, 2013

No garden is too small or too large for fabulous plantings in flowerpots. Pots give gardeners in small spaces room to grow. In large gardens, flowerpots are a great way to develop the detail and to grow delicate plants that might otherwise get lost; pots focus the eye just as a frame sharpens the impact Read More

Tailor your garden for Wyoming

The growing season in Wyoming is short, the temperatures fluctuate from cold to hot, and often there is untimely frost. High or steady winds can cause physical damage to plants, plus soil erosion, and rapid drying. This extreme weather can make getting a garden in interesting. Also, the native soils are often alkaline, low in Read More

The garden path

A good path can be a godsend to the home gardener. Making order out of chaos and, in almost all instances leading us to delight. A path or two is a design element that engages the eye and directs the feet towards destination, task, or leisure. Whatever you use to make your path, it should Read More

Tips and tricks to improve your home

•Natural touch: Pay homage to natural style by filling your home with elements found in nature. Natural surfaces – such as wood floors, stained cabinets and stone counters – are musts. A color palette derived from nature also creates the feeling of the great outdoors from inside a room. •Designer summit: Do your reseatch befroe Read More

Style in a small outdoor space

Design magazines and home decorating catalogs tend to feature sprawling backyards with big wooden decks and room for everything from decorative fountains to artificial ponds. But few of us have that much outdoor space. Still, with a few strategic choices, you can create something truly special out of even the smallest yard or porch, says Read More

Modular homes get smart and stylish

May 3, 2013

By Bill LaHay Universal Uclick In homebuilding, as in other endeavors both professional and personal, old habits die hard. Innovation in materials technology and energy efficiency is everywhere, but construction methods seem always to lag behind as many contractors stick to the familiar and sometimes the cheap. Builders need to sell homes, and most are Read More

Mirror placement tips

How do you choose the appropriate wall for mirror use in a variety of rooms in your home? Here are some pointers. • In the dining room, make sure mirrors are hung high enough so people don’t see themselves eating. • In a small room, a mirror placed high on a wall may reflect a Read More

Zinc shows its mettle at home

April 26, 2013

Zinc is a cool metal that heats up architectural details on homes. Durable and rustproof, zinc weathers to an attractive matte gray color, which has a modern appeal, yet stands the test of time, says Gary Davis, spokesman for A. Zahner Co., a 115-year-old metal fabricator for architectural buildings throughout the world and based in Read More

What to do in May

Inside: Wash throw rugs and hang outside to dry. Move indoor plants back outside, gradually. If you gave up on your hanging baskets last fall, buy some new ones for the porch. Complete closet cleanups. Pack away clean winter clothes, rehang those on hangers and follow with dust covers. Remove, clean and pack up winters Read More

Outdoor styles move forward by looking back

April 19, 2013

A well-designed garden, like an interior, reflects the balancing of color, texture, scale and use of materials. And whether a garden, terrace, deck or the house itself is the backdrop for an outdoor room, keeping it simple is key to furnishing. Increasingly, consumers are finding that it’s kind of cool to mix materials and even Read More

Herbs can spice up your landscape design

Ounce for ounce, many herbs used to flavor our foods have more antioxidant power than berries, fruits, and vegetables, according to Agricultural Research Service study. The ARS is the chief scientific research agency of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Herbs are known to be good sources of antioxidants, but their potency can vary depending on Read More

Top 10 things you need for the house

If you are setting up house, or know someone who is, there are a few basic things that everyone needs to have to run a successful home. Here is a short list to ponder; you’ll add your own items over time. 1. A library card. There are hundreds of how-to books on every subject imaginable. Read More

Now is the time to control weeds and grasses

March 30, 2013

There is very little crabgrass in this part of the world; however, Wyoming does have cheat grass and annual foxtail. Annual grasses come from seed every year. These grassy weeds can take over in the lawn. They grow rapidly during the spring as the grass produces seed. The plant dies in July or August in Read More

What to do for April

Inside: Give kitchen cupboards a spring cleaning. Donate extra canned goods to the food bank. Wash your windows inside and out; it will lift your spirit. Send your tax return in or file for an extension.

Tabletops: A new canvas for designers

For most, choosing dinnerware is a necessity for those setting up a first apartment or a nicety associated with getting married. Bridal registries allow the dream of the fancy, as well as aspirational everyday for Food & Wine menus or takeout, with all the coordinating elements for stellar entertaining.

Happy hours in the garden: Grow your own cocktails

March 16, 2013

Gardening can be an intoxicating hobby, especially if the botany is booze-related.Consider the possibilities: grapes fermented into wine, corn distilled into bourbon, hops used to flavor beer and fruit to sweeten liqueurs. Why run to a liquor store when you can savor the harvest from your own cocktail garden?Three processes are involved in converting plants Read More

Spring prints can give a home an artistic vibe

Visiting this spring’s décor previews often felt like exploring an art gallery. There was an artistic vibe to everything from dinnerware to drapery, art photographs to textiles. Manufacturers are now able to reproduce artwork with impressive detail and precision. Originals that may have been painted or inked retain evidence of brush and pen. Computer-generated designs Read More

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