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Beyond the background: white emerges as color of the year

Beyond the background: white emerges as color of the year

When Benjamin Moore unveiled its 2016 color of the year at a glittery fall gala event in New York City, reactions were black and white. “They phoned it in,” sniffed a few designers. “Lame,” offered some others. But more than a few voices echoed enthusiastically and succinctly: “Perfect!” The color: white. Particularly, the shade Simply… Continue Reading

Column: Garden of winter delights

I’ve written before that winter is one of the best times to take stock of your lawn and garden and to plan for the new year’s planting. Seed catalogs are now arriving as well as those fantasy ones from the likes of Jackson & Perkins. I always want one of each. Homeowners need to incorporate… Continue Reading

Column: What’s new, what’s not

Readings over the new year holiday fell into three categories: good fiction and getting lost in a story,  books and articles dealing with decorating ideas, and of course good food and cooking. One article explained the demise of two decorating trends, the industrial look and midcentury modernism expressed by our infatuation with all things “Mad… Continue Reading

Column: Tips for wintertime birding in Wyoming

People enjoy watching birds year round, but especially in the wintertime. One may find endless pleasure in watching the birds feeding on a stormy day. To be assured of these visitors at close range, special feeds and feeders are highly recommended. A sheltered open space 8 to 10 feet across, swept clear each morning before… Continue Reading

Trellises: going up

Trellises: going up

Give your garden a lift with a trellis. They’re versatile, vertical plant supports with lots of sculptural appeal. Even in the tiniest garden, you can find a place for a trellis. When you put up a trellis, you’re also adding an eye-catching architectural element to the garden. Besides providing a blank canvas for brilliant displays… Continue Reading

Column: To feed the world

By 2020, the humble chicken is projected to be the world’s most popular meat. The challenge will be how to feed the 2.4 billion additional people expected to join the global population by 2050. Food producers face the Herculean task of preparing for a larger, more affluent population with a growing taste for meat while… Continue Reading

Column: What to do for January

Inside: Stow away Christmas gear and make next year easier by getting organized and labeling every box as to contents. Change over calendars. Spend a few minutes marking birthdays, anniversaries, doctor appointments (or reminders on when to schedule) and other appointments of importance. Update your address book or contact list. Start organizing household paperwork. Make… Continue Reading

Column: Sugar and spice

For the first time ever the Federal Drug Administration is recommending a daily cap on the amount of sugar we ingest. What most of us fail to realize is that there is a lot of hidden sugar in our foods. We have long been told to pay attention to the amount of salt we eat;… Continue Reading

Light the way to peace and happiness this holiday season

Light the way to peace and  happiness this holiday season

Both Christmas and Hanukkah are associated with lights — sparkling on trees, illuminating home exteriors, nestled into evergreen garlands, flickering in symbolic candles. But in recent years, there’s been much more thought given to holiday decorative lighting with a boost from technology, including the advent of LEDs, and many more design possibilities. A variety of… Continue Reading

Link home to the neighborhood

Link home to the neighborhood

Meet and greet is a simple strategy to welcome new neighbors into your community or old friends into your home. Whether you live in an established neighborhood of single-family homes or an apartment building, empathy is always the best policy when it comes to those living closest to you, says Peter Post, director of the… Continue Reading

Column: Create your own family cookbook

With the holidays upon us this might be the ideal time to ask family members to gather their favorite recipes to combine into a culinary treasure. Here are a few tips on how to go about it. • Spread the word. Call, write, text or email family members, requesting their favorite recipes. • Try to… Continue Reading

Column: A winter garden project

At this time of year I automatically go into craft mode. I’m almost always working on something or investigating something I’ve seen in a book or magazine. The idea I recently saw in Southern Living, for instance, of bleaching pinecones caught my eye. Just submerge pinecones in a two-to-one mixture of water and bleach and… Continue Reading

Column: Things are looking up

I’ve written before of the fifth wall, otherwise known as the ceiling. Ceilings are often overlooked areas in our homes that could be used to liven up your decor. Some ceiling treatments lend themselves to rooms that are used only at night, like dining rooms and bedrooms. Others are chances to explore subtle effects or… Continue Reading

An attraction of opposites

An attraction of opposites

Exposed plumbing or ductwork, a worn wood-hewn floor and rustic metal tiles can all become the perfect imperfections in a home’s design. Creating a cool warmth inside your home is about having a harmonious relationship between seemingly disparate elements, says Brent Ridge, co-owner with Josh Kilmer-Purcell of the Beekman 1802 brand, which was inspired by… Continue Reading

Column: Mow your leaves

Raking leaves is a pain in the grass, says my daughter. I used to do a lot of raking, it is such good exercise for the upper body,  but not so much anymore. Instead, we run over fallen leaves with the mower, shredding them. The groundup leaves then filter down through the grass to the… Continue Reading

In the round: Circles in the garden

In the round: Circles in the garden

There’s something about a circle: They’re a perfect fit in any garden. Garden designers turn to circles to define spaces, frame views and break up the sharp lines of a garden. They change the usual geometry of a space and your experience of it. Circles are approachable, restful, cozy, embracing. Squares and rectangles are formal… Continue Reading

Column: The right path

I read a review of the book, “The Lost Art Of Reading Nature’s Signs” by Tristen Gooley. I immediately began thinking of all the trees and rocks and other signs in nature that I felt gave dimension to my memories, or served like scaffolding on which to build my life. Iconic local images like Steamboat… Continue Reading

Column: What to do for November

Inside: With the holidays approaching, ready your refrigerator with a thorough cleaning. Wash interior walls with 2 tablespoons of baking soda mixed with 1 quart of water. Clean your oven in preparation for holiday baking. Organize pots and pans. Nest them to save space and to make it easy to see which ones you need.… Continue Reading

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