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Column: Where crops grew first

In an interesting article I recently read, the sources of a lot of the world’s favorite food crops were discussed. Food origins and their evolution are interesting. I think, sometimes, what we thought we knew is absolutely not so. Take apples for instance. They are originally from central Asia, and it is thought they first… Continue Reading

Column: You could help save the monarchs

There is an interesting page in this month’s National Geographic magazine that makes the case for using our backyards and surrounding properties to help save the monarch butterfly. It seems a little strategic gardening can make a big difference. In studying the data, the monarch population peaked in the mid-1990s with an estimated 1 billion… Continue Reading

Woof: Decor goes to the dogs

Woof: Decor goes to the dogs

By Elaine Markoutsas Universal Uclick “Putting on the dog” has taken on a whole new meaning when it comes to designing with pets in mind. Whether it’s fashioning an area or three for your pup or kitty to lounge, sleep or dine, you no longer have to fret about whether their stuff will clash with… Continue Reading

Column: Step into fall – What to do for September

Inside: Dust ceilings, walls, baseboards and woodwork. This is especially important now, because dust that collects during summer is often laden with allergy-inducing pollen. A vacuum cleaner’s brush attachment or a Swiffer broom are good tools to use for this job. Clean ceilings first then work your way down. Rearrange furniture with the fireplace as… Continue Reading

Column: Raptors can be found across Wyoming

There are officially 22 raptor species recorded in Wyoming. Some live here year-round while others visit only during the summer or winter. They can be found in all corners of the state from forested mountains to open prairies. Raptors are important components of the natural landscape. A healthy raptor population is a good indicator of… Continue Reading

Column: High summer temperatures

Many of us know that cold weather including frost can affect plants. Many people also know that hot temperatures can also affect plants, especially in the garden. I would like to take some time and discuss the effects of temperature on plants. For example, peas convert sugar to starch twice as fast at 58 degrees… Continue Reading

Column: Prune a tomato?

Q. There is a family dispute: Must you prune suckers from tomato plants, or does it make          any real difference? A. It makes a big difference. Although they sound vaguely sinister, suckers are simply late-flowering branches formed in the leaf axils of larger stems. Removing them makes plants narrow and open,… Continue Reading

Column: Grasshopper control in gardens, landscapes

This summer, I have seen reports of grasshoppers hatching out with numbers quite high, at least in this area.  Wyoming has over 100 species of grasshoppers. Fortunately, only four or five of them ever become pest problems. The redlegged, migratory, differential and two-striped grasshoppers are major pest species, with the differential and two-striped being the… Continue Reading

Fight cabin fever with creative design

Fight cabin fever with creative design

You don’t need a mountaintop experience or woodland dwelling to treat your cabin fever. The warm, rustic design details of a cabin getaway can be brought into your home no matter where you live, says Jeff Balmer, a fourth-generation builder, cabin designer and an owner of Lands End Development in Crosslake, Minnesota. “Most everyone has… Continue Reading

Column: Gifts from the garden

With fall looming on the horizon, now is a great time to look around the yard and think about holiday gifts. Once your garden is frozen and snow is falling, you and your gardening pals can enjoy the outdoors when opening gifts made or gathered now. Here are a few ideas to get you thinking… Continue Reading

Design trends coming with international flair

Design trends coming with international flair

It’s a small world — especially when it comes to home design. Those retailers, designers and architects seeking cutting edge, forward thinking in form, materials and color, sometimes artisanal or bespoke, are more frequently heading to international destinations. The number of Americans attending these furnishings, lighting, accessories, kitchen and bath shows has ratcheted up in… Continue Reading

Column: What to do for August

Inside: Make pesto with all of your fragrant basil. Put out some new colorful placemats for the table. Wash windows inside and out; inspect windows for damage, recaulk and repaint if necessary. Don’t let all the fresh corn go to waste. Slice kernels from the cobs, and store in freezer-safe resealable plastic bags. The frozen… Continue Reading

Column: Cure a leaky basement from inside: Part 3

In the last two parts, we have discussed several ways of dealing with basement leakage from the inside. In this final chapter, we will examine the best option for removing water in the basement. SUMPS AND SUMP PUMPS As to sumps, there are ready-made plastic ones. Some contractors have used drywall mud buckets into which they… Continue Reading

A shed ahead of the rest

A shed ahead of the rest

By Mary G. Pepitone Universal Uclick The standard shed takes a modern twist by creating a structure that adds square footage to a homeowner’s property for a guest bedroom, artist studio, workout space, home office or man cave. More than a simple storage unit for lawn and garden items, a thoroughly modern milled out-building is… Continue Reading

Yellow jackets generally unwelcome garden guests

By Scott Hininger Bees and wasps are generally considered beneficial insects in the garden because of their pollination and predatory activities. They can, however, become a pest or even life threatening if a person with allergies to the insects is stung. Almost every summer, Wyoming residents become concerned with yellow jackets, which are members of the… Continue Reading

Is your kitchen towel toxic?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that one in six Americans is sickened with foodborne illnesses each year. And according to evidence, most foodborne pathogens start in the home. We all know about having a designated cutting board for meats and others for vegetables. We’ve read about cross contamination when working in the… Continue Reading

Keeping your food dollars fresh

Part of the joy of growing your own food is eating it. Right? We all love the thought of growing, eating and possibly sharing a little of the harvest each season. Here are a few tips on how to refrigerate items to prolong their shelf life. Herbs: Keep stems in water and wrap in plastic.… Continue Reading



Water is always a powerful element in a garden, but you don’t need a rushing cascade to capture the magic. It only takes a splash. You can have water in your garden and conserve resources, too. Garden designers rely on water features of all kinds to complement their plantings and give gardens dimensions — sound… Continue Reading

Drawing butterflies to your garden

From staff reports Butterflies are attracted to a garden for two reasons: food in the form of flower nectar and habitat, conditions that butterflies need to reproduce and thrive. Examples of habitat conditions include puddles or moist areas that butterflies use to obtain nutrients from, sheltered sunny spots to bask in, and host plants in… Continue Reading

Our June winner: Our June winner in The Sheridan Press’ Home & Garden page birdhouse contest is builder Mike Donohue. This charming birdhouse is hanging in Mike’s father’s (Chuck Lee) yard on Loucks.

Our June winner: Our June winner in The Sheridan Press’  Home & Garden page birdhouse contest is builder Mike Donohue. This charming birdhouse is hanging in  Mike’s father’s (Chuck Lee) yard on Loucks.

Over the summer months starting in June The Sheridan Press’ Home and Garden page is sponsoring a birdhouse contest. There will be monthly winners and an overall grand prize winner. Please submit photos of your birdhouse to or bring a photo to the office. Please explain who built the house and where it is… Continue Reading

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