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Column: Guys doing laundry

If your watched the Super Bowl a few weeks ago you might have noticed the laundry detergent ad featuring Persil the new detergent marketed especially for guys. It seems there is an “epic” change taking place across America — more men are doing laundry. Detergent and washing machine manufacturers have taken notice of this growing… Continue Reading

Column: Extend the growing season with high tunnels

Growing vegetables and flowers in Wyoming can be frustrating. Periodic warm periods early in the spring seem to tease us with the promise of early vegetables and lush flower beds, but planting before June is almost always punished by a late spring frost. The best vegetable crops for Wyoming are the cool season crops like… Continue Reading

Column: A healthy eating environment

After writing column after column suggesting healthy foods and diets including lean meats and plant-based proteins and hoping that some of these words were getting through, I was blown away by this easy concept of setting ourselves up to win the battle by making small changes to our environment also. Research shows that it is… Continue Reading

The modern bazaars at your fingertips

The modern bazaars at your fingertips

Weaving personality into home decor while making it relevant regardless of style requires a honed eye, spot-on instincts, the expertise of a trusted designer and imaginative resources. Color, a deft mix of beautiful fabrics, and well-chosen art and accessories, layering and texture add punctuation. And vintage, one-of-a-kind or handcrafted pieces really bring generic sofas, tables… Continue Reading

Column: Men in the kitchen

We appear to be on the edge of a major societal shift. Data and industry professionals say that when it comes to kitchen design — men want to be involved. A 2012 study, from the University of Michigan, of Americans born from 1961 to 1981, married and single men now cook more than their fathers… Continue Reading

Take a shine to sunrooms

Take a shine to sunrooms

­­­Now, it’s easier than ever for homeowners to find their place in the sun inside their houses. Most commonly called a sunroom— but also known as a solarium, garden room or conservatory — this glassed-in room allows people to take in natural views and sunlight from the comfort of a controlled environment, says Richard Harris,… Continue Reading

Column: A little privacy

As the saying goes “good fences make for good neighbors.” There can be times when living close to someone has its advantages and times when it does not. For the most part, it seems that the disadvantages always take some time to get over. Like when your neighbor goes on vacation and leaves his high… Continue Reading

Column: Winter landscaping ideas

A landscape does not have to look bleak and desolate during the winter months. When we look out the window or go outside, is all we see snow or just a non-interesting landscape picture? Let us explore how to add interest and beauty to the landscape this coming year. Most homeowners generally have several of… Continue Reading

New home, new landscape: where do you start?

New home, new landscape: where do you start?

If you’ve recently moved into a new home, the world outside your windows is waiting. It’s time to tackle the garden. Turning a piece of property into a garden that reflects your style and meets your needs is quite a project, whether your home is a brand-new place on an empty lot or an established… Continue Reading

Column: Bowled over

There is a decided shift in the kitchen these days and for once it is not about the food, but about what we eat food from. Bowls 38 ounces and larger are taking the place of the traditional dinner plate in a lot of homes and restaurants around the country. Traditional pasta serving bowls have… Continue Reading

Column: Recycling in the garden

A fun way to introduce youth or to at least add some different interest to seeding plants, particularly garden plants, is to use recycled materials. In Wyoming it is a general practice to use egg shells in gardening. They can be broken up and scattered on top of the ground to help control slugs or… Continue Reading

Column: What to do for February

I have received some feedback about these “what to do for” columns and I’d like to clarify. These first of the month home and garden columns are meant as a list of things that need to be done around the house; items mentioned may not need to be done every year but both men and… Continue Reading

Filling the generational pad

Filling the generational pad

Forget going over the river and through the woods to Grandmother’s house — for some families, it’s as easy as traveling over the foyer and through the rooms. An intergenerational living arrangement may not be for everyone, but some families are living with the benefits of built-in babysitters and the ability to age in place… Continue Reading

Beyond the background: white emerges as color of the year

Beyond the background: white emerges as color of the year

When Benjamin Moore unveiled its 2016 color of the year at a glittery fall gala event in New York City, reactions were black and white. “They phoned it in,” sniffed a few designers. “Lame,” offered some others. But more than a few voices echoed enthusiastically and succinctly: “Perfect!” The color: white. Particularly, the shade Simply… Continue Reading

Column: Garden of winter delights

I’ve written before that winter is one of the best times to take stock of your lawn and garden and to plan for the new year’s planting. Seed catalogs are now arriving as well as those fantasy ones from the likes of Jackson & Perkins. I always want one of each. Homeowners need to incorporate… Continue Reading

Column: What’s new, what’s not

Readings over the new year holiday fell into three categories: good fiction and getting lost in a story,  books and articles dealing with decorating ideas, and of course good food and cooking. One article explained the demise of two decorating trends, the industrial look and midcentury modernism expressed by our infatuation with all things “Mad… Continue Reading

Column: Tips for wintertime birding in Wyoming

People enjoy watching birds year round, but especially in the wintertime. One may find endless pleasure in watching the birds feeding on a stormy day. To be assured of these visitors at close range, special feeds and feeders are highly recommended. A sheltered open space 8 to 10 feet across, swept clear each morning before… Continue Reading

Trellises: going up

Trellises: going up

Give your garden a lift with a trellis. They’re versatile, vertical plant supports with lots of sculptural appeal. Even in the tiniest garden, you can find a place for a trellis. When you put up a trellis, you’re also adding an eye-catching architectural element to the garden. Besides providing a blank canvas for brilliant displays… Continue Reading

Column: To feed the world

By 2020, the humble chicken is projected to be the world’s most popular meat. The challenge will be how to feed the 2.4 billion additional people expected to join the global population by 2050. Food producers face the Herculean task of preparing for a larger, more affluent population with a growing taste for meat while… Continue Reading

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