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A shed ahead of the rest

A shed ahead of the rest

By Mary G. Pepitone Universal Uclick The standard shed takes a modern twist by creating a structure that adds square footage to a homeowner’s property for a guest bedroom, artist studio, workout space, home office or man cave. More than a simple storage unit for lawn and garden items, a thoroughly modern milled out-building is… Continue Reading

Yellow jackets generally unwelcome garden guests

By Scott Hininger Bees and wasps are generally considered beneficial insects in the garden because of their pollination and predatory activities. They can, however, become a pest or even life threatening if a person with allergies to the insects is stung. Almost every summer, Wyoming residents become concerned with yellow jackets, which are members of the… Continue Reading

Is your kitchen towel toxic?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that one in six Americans is sickened with foodborne illnesses each year. And according to evidence, most foodborne pathogens start in the home. We all know about having a designated cutting board for meats and others for vegetables. We’ve read about cross contamination when working in the… Continue Reading

Keeping your food dollars fresh

Part of the joy of growing your own food is eating it. Right? We all love the thought of growing, eating and possibly sharing a little of the harvest each season. Here are a few tips on how to refrigerate items to prolong their shelf life. Herbs: Keep stems in water and wrap in plastic.… Continue Reading



Water is always a powerful element in a garden, but you don’t need a rushing cascade to capture the magic. It only takes a splash. You can have water in your garden and conserve resources, too. Garden designers rely on water features of all kinds to complement their plantings and give gardens dimensions — sound… Continue Reading

Drawing butterflies to your garden

From staff reports Butterflies are attracted to a garden for two reasons: food in the form of flower nectar and habitat, conditions that butterflies need to reproduce and thrive. Examples of habitat conditions include puddles or moist areas that butterflies use to obtain nutrients from, sheltered sunny spots to bask in, and host plants in… Continue Reading

Our June winner: Our June winner in The Sheridan Press’ Home & Garden page birdhouse contest is builder Mike Donohue. This charming birdhouse is hanging in Mike’s father’s (Chuck Lee) yard on Loucks.

Our June winner: Our June winner in The Sheridan Press’  Home & Garden page birdhouse contest is builder Mike Donohue. This charming birdhouse is hanging in  Mike’s father’s (Chuck Lee) yard on Loucks.

Over the summer months starting in June The Sheridan Press’ Home and Garden page is sponsoring a birdhouse contest. There will be monthly winners and an overall grand prize winner. Please submit photos of your birdhouse to or bring a photo to the office. Please explain who built the house and where it is… Continue Reading

Rock gardens

The nicest rock garden I’ve ever seen was outside of Phoenix. It was sited on a sharp incline along a busy road. What by rights should have been just a bare spot had been lovingly turned into a beautiful piece of landscaping thanks to someone who cared. Rock gardens are one of those often overlooked… Continue Reading

Battling the pine beetles

ByScott Hininger Yes we do have beetles attacking the pine trees. There are several different ones that are damaging pine and spruce trees. They develop under the bark and produce girdling tunnels that can cause dieback and kill trees. There are 10 to 15 types of pine beetles in this region. They are all very… Continue Reading

Column: Secrets of great gardeners

By Susan Woody This is a collection of tips from a varied circle of gardeners. What is your favorite tip? Pam Wolf, MS in botany • Break up and spread the root ball of pot-bound transplants before setting them in the ground. • Bury herb pots in the ground during summer, and bring them indoor for… Continue Reading

Fixing the leaky basement: Part 2

By Henri de Marne Universal Uclick If leakage is occurring through the walls of your basement, or through cracks in them, as opposed to coming up from below the slab, or if you do not wish to go to the hassle of installing an under-slab drain, you can use an above slab drain system, either… Continue Reading

Column: The cure for the common coneflower

Echinacea — the staple of any garden — is suddenly a whole lot more interesting. For years the only color was that Pepto-pink shade. Now you can find a variety of colors to add interest to any yard. The simple Echinacea is indigenous to North America and you’ll find them growing along side highways across… Continue Reading

Design around the block

Design around the block

By Mary G. Pepitone Universal Uclick Utilizing natural light, while still maintaining privacy, need not be a design stumbling block in the home. Once relegated largely to commercial applications, the ease of installing clear block systems as residential windows and walls can be as smooth as glass, says Roger Murphy, president of Hy-Lite, a U.S.… Continue Reading

Column: The perfect tomato

Growing tomatoes is the perfect pastime for summer. From the Early Girl, beefsteak to an heirloom, getting an assortment to try is kind of like finding the perfect wine — everybody likes something different best. Years ago, a master gardener friend — one of the most brilliant MGs I’ve known — gave me a few… Continue Reading

Column: Dealing with pesky lawn weeds

By: Scott Hininger One of the more common weeds most of us recognize is the dandelion which is in the sunflower family. This low growing perennial is easily recognized by the yellow flower followed by the white fluffy ball of seeds. The leaves are a wide lobed shaped, and the root is a long taproot… Continue Reading

Kid Stuff: making room for play

Kid Stuff: making room for play

By Marty Ross Universal Uclick Playing is what childhood is all about. Making a place to play in the garden inspires kids and sets them an example for the rest of their lives. Even in a tiny backyard, there is plenty of room for children to play, and for adults to have a good time,… Continue Reading

Column: Birdhouse basics

Choose a house to fit a bird’s needs. Plain, unpainted wood is the best because it looks like the real thing — a hole in a tree. Fancy birdhouses work well too, but they just take a little longer to attract tenants. Two or three basic size ranges will suit most backyard birds. The diameter… Continue Reading

Eye on health and cooking styles

Eye on health and cooking styles

Demand for professional heavy-duty juicers like Omega and Vitamix remains robust — high price tags notwithstanding. But the offerings (and price points) continue to expand. Salton’s newest professional power blender is marketed with celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak. It can whip up smoothies, soups and even mill rice for rice flour. Best of all is a… Continue Reading

Tips for summer lawn care

Many factors influence lawn water requirements, and no two lawns are exactly alike. A healthy, high-quality bluegrass lawn may need up to 2.25 inches of water per week under hot, dry, windy summer conditions; bluegrass only uses 1.5 inches of water per week. It may require much less when the weather is cool or cloudy.… Continue Reading

What to do for June

Inside: On warm days keep salads and veggie plates crisp by serving them on chilled plates. Place a stack of plates in the refrigerator (not the freezer, which could crack ceramics) for an hour or more before using. Wash your windows with a solution of hot water and dishwasher detergent. Use a squeegee to wipe… Continue Reading

A new loo: Sleek, innovative and functional

A new loo: Sleek, innovative and functional

By Mary G. Pepitone Universal Uclick A NEW LOO Bathroom design need not be flushed when seeking the best plan for a powder room’s privy. “People don’t really think about the design of a toilet, until it comes time to replace the old one,” says Chuck York, a vice president with Mansfield Plumbing Products in… Continue Reading

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