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Column: Are voles damaging your plants, trees and lawn?

February 27, 2015

By Scott Hininger Scott Hininger is with the Sheridan County Extension office. I noticed with the nice weather we recently had — with the snow gone — that there is some vole damage. Voles are mouse-looking rodents that can damage or consume flower bulbs, garden plants, vegetables and field and forage crops. Voles can scar Read More

2015’s color of the year makes a mark

By Elaine Markoutsas UniversalUclick Color trends come and go, but certain hues are perennial hangers-on. Take red, for example. Chicago interior designer Alessandra Branca is a known red lover. When she designed a collection of fabrics for Schumacher, red played a starring role. Sometimes her approach is playful, like pairing red-and-white ticking stripe lampshades with Read More

Column: Things to do for March

Inside: Deep clean carpets and rugs. Rent or buy a carpet cleaner. If you have wool rugs or carpet, or any that are valuable or delicate, hire a professional for cleaning. Take advantage of warm days to open the windows and air out the house. Clean ceiling fans. Stand on a sturdy ladder and wipe Read More

Getting the jump on the growing season with transplants

February 20, 2015

Scott Hininger is with the Sheridan County Extension office. Gardeners in Wyoming can get a head start on the season by the use of vegetable transplants. Too many make the mistake of starting transplants in the house too early, producing plants, which are soft, tall and spindly. These will suffer a setback when set out Read More

Column: Handmade votives

The warm glow of a candle is calming and makes everything around it also glow. Little votives made from small terra-cotta pots make ideal lights for use indoors and out. To make potted candles,  start with a collection of three or four-inch flowerpots from the garden or hardware store. Close the drainage hole with a Read More

Q & A: Heated gutters won’t fix the cause of ice dam issue

By Henri de Marne Universal Uclick Q: Do you have any experience with heated gutter covers to prevent ice dams? My insulation is good, so there are none of the usual heat loss causes. — via email A: If ice dams form at the eaves of your roof, there is some heat loss somewhere. If Read More

An underutilized evergreen to try

February 14, 2015

Scott Hininger is with the Sheridan County Extension office. With more than 200 varieties of Arborvitae available there probably is at least one that will work for your landscaping design.  These evergreens are a member of the cypress family with two species native to America. Some common names include northern white cedar, swamp cedar and Read More

Street appeal: Hone your home to have a street-smart look

By Mary G. Pepitone Universal Uclick Creating curb appeal is a wise investment that often requires brains and brawn, but not necessarily a big budget, says Jeffrey Fick of Fick Bros. in Baltimore. Named the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) 2014 Contractor of the Year award winner for residential exteriors, Fick Bros. is Read More

Get ready to dig

If your favorite shovel in the shed isn’t sharp, now really would be a fine time to get after it. Figuring out your plan for planting time will be here before you know it and having your tools ready will mean more time to daydream about strategy. These are the supplies you will need: rags, Read More

Column: The value of trees in our community

February 7, 2015

Scott Hininger is with the Sheridan County Extension office. There are more than 60 million trees in the United States that line public streets, which have a value of more than $30 billion and a potential value of $80 billion if properly cared for. In Wyoming, inventories conducted on approximately 108,000 public trees had a Read More

Going with the grain: Ornamental grains are terrific in combination with annuals, perennials, shrubs

By Marty Ross Universal Uclick There’s a reason why farmers — not gardeners — are the great producers of wheat, oats, barley, and other major grains: These are challenging crops to manage. But other interesting and beautiful grains are easy to grow in your own backyard, and they put dash and drama in among the Read More

Column: Tips for working with wallpaper

I learned to hang wallpaper about 30 years ago while watching a friend hang paper for another friend. Then I had a refresher course several years later when I asked a pro to help me hang paper in my dining room. Small rooms are not a big deal but larger rooms can be a real Read More

Column: Vertical gardening may be in your future

January 31, 2015

Scott Hininger is with the Sheridan County Extension office. Vertical gardening is a theme that has been around since ancient Babylon’s hanging gardens.  We all can remember window boxes, well just stack several of these together. Many people do not have the space, want to take up less space or they want to dress up Read More

Book it: Open shelving pairs style with substance

By Elaine Markoutsas Universal Uclick Bookshelves are a necessity in most homes, not only for the obvious, but as a catch-all for other stuff. Some people, even in this day of the Kindle, have more books than yards of shelving to contain them. For others, books may be limited to just a few, perhaps of Read More

Column: What to do for February

Susan Woody has been a home and garden writer for more than 20 years and is a master gardener. Inside: Tackle one messy closet each weekend. If necessary purchase new organizing bins or baskets. If you don’t have a battery-operated pill remover to defuzz your favorite sweaters, you can use a fine-tooth comb; it will Read More

Column: Plant catalogs mean planning for spring

January 24, 2015

Scott Hininger is with the Sheridan County Extension office. With Christmas and the first of the year behind us, we’re now in the middle of a good old Wyoming winter. The arrival of garden and seed catalogs are at hand.  This time of the year is a good time to start planning for spring.  With Read More

Thinking about replacing your roof? Be sure to explore ventilation options

By Henri de Marne Universal Uclick Q: I live in a 100-year-old house in Atlanta, Georgia — a very hot and humid climate. I am getting ready to re-roof, and each roofer that I have gotten a bid from has suggested different exhaust vent options, even though I have no soffit/intake vents and no possibility Read More

Column: Cleaning carpets and rugs

I know it sounds like I clean 24/7 but I don’t. I do like order and am adamant about taking care of rugs, furniture and other possessions. I see these items as assets that once purchased should be cared for to the best of one’s ability. I also think that children should be taught to Read More

Look outside and frame your views

January 16, 2015

Scott Hininger is with the Sheridan County Extension office. There probably is more time spent inside the house looking out into the yard or garden during the year than there is actually time spent in the garden. Particularly this time of the year when it is cold and snowy. Therefore, from that perspective, we should Read More

Catering to culinary creativity

By Mary G. Pepitone Universal Uclick A secondary kitchen in the home can really cater to entertaining needs. Featuring warming ovens, additional countertops for food preparation and extra refrigeration, a catering kitchen keeps a meal’s mess out of the main kitchen, where most parties eventually end up taking place. “The kitchen has always been the Read More

Winter garden chores

Here is a list of chores that will keep your fingers busy and at the same time allow garden chores to get done. • Keep your compost pile cooking by feeding it, turning it and keeping it moist. Add green stuff that contains nitrogen — veggie scraps, coffee grounds and eggshells — or toss on Read More

Ideas for your winter landscape

January 10, 2015

Scott Hininger is with the Sheridan County Extension office. A landscape does not have to look bleak and desolate during the winter months. When we look out the window or go outside, is all we see snow or just a non-interesting landscape picture? Let us explore how to add interest and beauty to the landscape Read More

Foundation plantings: time for an update

By Marty Ross Universal Uclick Tired formulas for foundation plantings only make a house look frumpy. Forget about pointy evergreens at the corners of the house and bun-shaped shrubs in the center under the windows, and give your front-yard landscape an upgrade. “I just like to get away from the term foundation planting and make Read More

Five fun facts about all those snowflakes

With the new year comes time for reflection. Nature is ever changing and yet so very terribly interesting in its simplicity. Here are a few interesting things about snowflakes for your consideration. 1. Snowflakes come shaped like columns as well as plates. Six branched stellar snowflakes (never eight-branched) are only one kind of snowflake. Snowflakes Read More

Column: Three rules for living a frugal life

December 31, 2014

Jill Cataldo is a coupon workshop instructor, writer and mother of three. Incredibly, a new year is upon us again. This is the time of year when people start thinking about resolutions for the New Year, and I’ve been receiving email from readers asking everything from “How can I save more?” to “How did you Read More

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