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Western Sugar: The countdown begins

Western Sugar: The countdown begins

TORRINGTON — In a letter to Torrington Mayor Mike Varney, Western Sugar Cooperative announced it will lay off 86 full-time employees beginning Nov. 14. The exit of those 86 employees will effectively end sugar-manufacturing operations at the Torrington plant, which began processing sugar beets in 1925 as one of the five Holly Sugar plants located… Continue Reading

Clinton delivers a beat-down

Donald Trump just got roughed up, and badly, by a girl. On Monday night, at the first presidential debate, Hillary Clinton made her opponent look ignorant, unprepared, egotistical, childish, petulant, impatient and at times totally incoherent. How bad did it get? At one point, as Trump was groping blindly across the minefields of foreign policy,… Continue Reading

Sniffles and The Cyber go to town

My heart went out to Donald Trump Monday night when it appeared that he was under the weather. What could be worse than to be sick, sniffling through his first presidential debate just days after he was challenging Hillary Clinton’s health and, during the debate, taunting her lack of stamina. Trump’s own stamina was not,… Continue Reading

Spice up your life with an Asian dry rub

Spice up your life with an Asian dry rub

Add a little spice to family day with pork tenderloin with Asian dry rub. Heat oven to 425 degrees. Mix together 1 tablespoon packed light brown sugar, 1 teaspoon ground ginger, 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon, 1/4 teaspoon coarse salt, 1/4 teaspoon black pepper, 1/8 teaspoon ground cloves and 1/8 teaspoon cayenne pepper. Rub 2 (1-pound) pork… Continue Reading

‘Favors’ to blacks

Back in the 1960s, as large numbers of black students were entering a certain Ivy League university for the first time, someone asked a chemistry professor — off the record — what his response to them was. He said, “I give them all A’s and B’s. To hell with them.” Since many of those students… Continue Reading

Trump’s primary tactics failed him against Clinton

Donald Trump was trying very hard to be on his best behavior. In the opening minutes of the first presidential debate Monday night, the Republican nominee began an answer by saying, “In all fairness to Secretary Clinton” —then turned to his opponent with exaggerated cordiality. “Yes? Is that OK? Good. I want you to be… Continue Reading

Health Watch: Benefits of fasting

Having a very low calorie intake for five consecutive days every month may improve your health. Specifically, you would have 1,090 kilocalories for one day, then 725 kilocalories for the next four days. For more detail, you can Google “Fasting Mimicking and Enhancing Diet from USC.” Examples of foods often used in this diet include… Continue Reading

Column: The difference between the Bushes and Trump

It’s hard to be a Bush these days. Liberals still condemn the most recent President Bush for “lying us into war” in Iraq. Even if you credit George W. Bush with benign intentions, his record is undeniably grim. In foreign policy, fiscal policy and much else — including its catastrophic inattention to the aims and… Continue Reading

Honey bees and squash bees

Western honey bees are in the news regularly these days and for good reason. Disease, mites, environmental change, colony collapse and pesticides are resulting in dwindling numbers of bees, which is significantly affecting the honey industry and the horticultural industries that depend on honey bees for pollination. The problems affecting honey bees are not improving,… Continue Reading

Short-term rentals as long-term investments

Short-term rentals as long-term investments

Investing in short-term rental properties is proving profitable for some homeowners’ long-term financial goals. Websites like Airbnb, HomeAway and VRBO make it easier than ever to market short-term rental properties to travelers seeking a home-away-from-home, says Fred Miller, president of Consumer Specialists and a consultant for the National Association of the Remodeling Industry, based outside… Continue Reading

Changing perspectives: Nursing students visit Senior Center

Changing perspectives: Nursing students visit Senior Center

SHERIDAN — Their career aspirations include pediatric nursing, emergency room nursing and hospice care. These are the goals of some of the Sheridan College nursing students who are visiting the Sheridan Senior Center this month. Thirty-two students will visit the Center through September in a partnership Sheridan College has had with the Senior Center for… Continue Reading

Column: You are not alone in this world

This world is a mess. It seems like all you read and hear about is another bombing. Another shooting. Peaceful protests turning into violent altercations. While there is a shortage of teachers in the classroom, there seems to be no shortage of teaching going on in violent video games and on the TV. Nationwide, the… Continue Reading

Debate coming: Media shilling for Democrats

Re: “Moderators” are laughable The debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton on Sept. 26 will be moderated by Lester Holt of NBC. Anderson Cooper of CNN and Martha Raddatz of ABC will co-moderate the second debate on Oct. 9, with Fox News anchor Chris Wallace handling the third debate on Oct. 19. Having “moderators”… Continue Reading

What if infrastructure were actually planned?

If there’s one thing that seemingly every politician can agree on, it’s the awesomeness of infrastructure. But this conversation is often distressingly vague. We do not, after all, build “infrastructure”; we build roads, tunnels, bridges, power plants, water projects, sewers and rail systems. Each of these has individual costs and benefits that must be weighed… Continue Reading

More time for city, rather than Cheyenne

Re: Lee campaign, Press story, Sept. 12 Alex Lee in his campaigning mentions the time he plans to spend in Cheyenne. We are electing a mayor for Sheridan, not an ambassador to Cheyenne. If Mr. Lee enjoys hanging out in Cheyenne, he should do it on his own dime, not the city’s. Charles Vickery Sheridan Continue Reading

George H.W. Bush’s defection is a big deal

George H.W. Bush is planning to vote for Hillary Clinton. That’s not considered major news by most mainstream outlets. But it should be. The story, first picked up by Politico late Monday night from a Facebook post by Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, the former Maryland lieutenant governor, got almost no play, for example, from the New… Continue Reading

Wells Fargo: Too big to fail, too arrogant to admit it

The 2008 financial collapse was eight years ago this month — and the big banks are back to their old shenanigans. Venerable Wells Fargo has engaged in behavior that would have made a robber baron blush: It pressured low-wage workers with unrealistic sales targets, so these workers created 2 million bogus accounts over five years,… Continue Reading

Women continue to play important role in USFS

Women have played important roles in the U.S. Forest Service for more than 100 years. Considered the founder of environmental education in the Forest Service, Edith R. Mosher, was inspired by a branch from a peach tree. Mosher was an elementary school teacher in Michigan when a student brought the branch to school for a… Continue Reading

At the Whitney Center for the Arts…

At the Whitney Center for the Arts…

While Sheridan College students and faculty have been enjoying their new studios and rehearsal spaces since school began in August, the Whitney Center for the Arts is pleased to announce to the community that public events begin this coming week in the Edward A. Whitney Gallery. The gallery will be open Mondays through Fridays from… Continue Reading

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