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Wreckers dominate Rapid City in first ever home bout

Wreckers dominate Rapid City in first ever home bout

SHERIDAN — It was hot, it was crowded and it was action-packed. The Wild West Wreckers hosted their first ever home roller derby bout Saturday at Sheridan Junior High School, and most importantly, it was successful. Wreckers coach Alisa Brantz, or Captain Perk as she’s known in the rink, said that the goal for the… Continue Reading

Panamanian pride

Panamanian pride

SHERIDAN — The Pedro Rivas Wikipedia page isn’t very long. In fact, it’s one sentence. It’s what that sentence reads, though, that is important. “Pedro Rivas is a Panamanian former basketball player who competed in the 1968 Summer Olympics.” Sure, there is a laundry list of Olympic basketball players from all over the world. However,… Continue Reading

Troopers can’t hang with Roughriders in 14-1 loss

SHERIDAN — The woes continued for the Sheridan Troopers last night in a 14-1 loss at the hands of the Gillette Roughriders. The Troopers suffered a 15-1 loss to Cheyenne Tuesday night in a game that included 16 walked batters and just two hits for Sheridan. The numbers weren’t as drastic last night, but the… Continue Reading

Troopers walk 16 in 15-1 loss to Cheyenne Post 6

SHERIDAN — By the time Kris Clark stepped off the mound for the Sheridan Troopers last night at Thorne-Rider Stadium, he had walked three batters and given up five runs. Kris Clark is a first baseman. Troopers coach Ben Phillips was forced to bring Clark to the mound in the seventh inning after his first… Continue Reading

Column: Courage is not a competition

ESPN hosted the dreaded ESPY Awards last week. It’s the yearly gala that showcases the entertainment world over the sports world while the program ironically and simultaneously tries to convince the world that they showcase sports over entertainment. They bring in a tries-too-hard comedian to host the show — this year was Joel McHale, last… Continue Reading

Rec. District to consider fee increases

SHERIDAN — As the Sheridan Recreation District Board sat down Thursday evening to approve the 2015-16 budget, there was really only one cause for concern. The $1.2 million budget was approved, but SRD Business Manager Rich Bridger had factored in an estimated mill levy that may be more than they actually receive. The board discussed… Continue Reading

Antelope Butte events differ from Bighorn Trail Run

SHERIDAN — Even if you don’t know Michelle Maneval personally or recognize her name, you’re probably well aware of the things that she’s a part of, mainly, the Bighorn Mountain Wild and Scenic Trail Run. The Trail Run, her bread and butter, has grown to one of the most popular ultramarathons in the country. The… Continue Reading

Column: A league of her own

This is one of the worst sports times of the year. The NBA season ended a month ago and the excitement of free agency has pretty much fizzled out. We’re still a couple months out from football of any kind, and baseball is drudging through the summer. It’s a rough time to be a sports… Continue Reading

WYO Rodeo’s make or break job

SHERIDAN — A cowboy sits in the chutes on the east side of the Sheridan County Fairgrounds rodeo arena. He adjusts his backside strapped to a saddle atop an uneasy bronco. With his rein in one hand and his toes pointed away from the beast, he signals to open the chutes. Eight seconds later, he’s… Continue Reading

Column: Welcome to Rodeo Week

Welcome to the 85th Annual Sheridan WYO Rodeo. If this is your first, you’re in for a treat. It’s fun. It’s exhausting. It’s crazy. I like to look at myself as a rodeo vet now. Sure, last year was technically my first experience with anything even resembling a rodeo, but Rodeo Week for a journo… Continue Reading

Troopers remain .500 after split with Cody Cubs

Troopers remain .500 after split with Cody Cubs

SHERIDAN — After Kris Clark hit a two-run bomb that led to a four-run first inning last night, the hitting stalled for the Sheridan Troopers as they split a doubleheader with the Cody Cubs at Thorne-Rider Stadium. Coy Steel and Jeff Shanor sandwiched a Dominic Miller sacrifice bunt to lead off the game for Sheridan,… Continue Reading

Three generations with baseball in their blood

Three generations with baseball in their blood

SHERIDAN — As Pat Meehan leaned against the dugout fence at Sixth Street fields on a hot Thursday evening, he rattled off the 1978 Cincinnati Reds lineup — defensive positions and all — like a pastor reciting the Lord’s Prayer. With his Sheridan Recreation District supplied Reds cap pulled low enough to block his eyes… Continue Reading

SC coach sets up fireworks stand each summer

SC coach sets up fireworks stand each summer

SHERIDAN — A lot of times you hear youngsters talking of their dreams of becoming teachers. They get to help others. Some want to be coaches. But oftentimes, the big selling point is, “You get summers off!” Truthfully, many teachers don’t get summers off. They may not be teaching, but they’re usually not at home… Continue Reading

Jets take two against Lovell

Jets take two against Lovell

SHERIDAN — A big day from Race Johnston carried the Sheridan Jets to their ninth straight win last night with a doubleheader sweep of Lovell at Thorne-Rider Stadium. It was the third time the Jets played Lovell in less than a month, and they took advantage of their familiarity with the Mustangs’ pitching staff. Johnston’s… Continue Reading

Spicing it up for spectators

Wimbledon is the oldest tennis tournament in the world, the only major still played on grass and widely considered the most prestigious tournament in one of the world’s most prestigious sports. In other words, it’s a classy affair. Like, caviar and those little binoculars on a stick they have at operas classy. Imagine you’re in… Continue Reading

Column: 100-milers earned respect

By now, you all probably realize I’m a sports fanatic. I love to write about sports because I love to talk about sports. I love to talk about sports because I love to watch and play sports. Ever since I first watched Reggie Miller drain effortless 3-pointers, sports have been a part of my life.… Continue Reading

Run to the hills: Wild and Scenic Trail Run coming

DAYTON — Art Baures has devoted a lifetime to distance running. Between running himself and coaching the numerous teenagers coming in and out of the Sheridan High School cross-country program, he’s experienced the sport from pretty much all angles. But it’s the ultramarathoners that come passing through the 50-mile turning point of the Bighorn Mountain… Continue Reading

Spencer, Garner leaving Recreation District

SHERIDAN — There are some big changes coming to the Sheridan Recreation District in the coming weeks. Program supervisors Robbie Spencer and Brandon Garner have both filed resignations, opening two positions at the District. The Recreation District board met Wednesday, and the top item on the agenda was the resignations of Spencer and Garner and… Continue Reading

Column: Enough with the Lebron bashing

So Lebron couldn’t get it done. He must not be better than Jordan or Kobe or Bill Russell or Robert Horry or anyone who has won more than two NBA Championships. While Skip Bayless dumps the Lebron Haterade all over himself on ESPN this week, those of us who are rational thinking people should marvel… Continue Reading

Wyoming All-Star teams drop two games to Montana

Wyoming All-Star teams drop two games to Montana

SHERIDAN — It was a tale of two halves for both the Wyoming girls and boys all-star teams last night. The Wyoming All-Stars took on the Montana All-Stars at the Bruce Hoffman Golden Dome Friday evening in the first of a two-day series, and things went the way of the visitors. In the girls game,… Continue Reading

Column: Celebrating one year in Sheridan

Happy Anniversary to me! It’s been 366 days since I first plopped my butt into my chair here at The Sheridan Press in good ol’ Sheridan, Wyoming. My keyboard is a little dirtier, my desk is full of rosters and game notes and, at least I hope, your minds are a little more enriched from… Continue Reading

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