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Column: Leftovers

Traditional Thanksgiving fare is the very definition of comfort food. But leftovers, I think, are fair game for adding something just a little different. Making pot stickers is easy, and family and friends can help out on the assembly line. Have some family fun with this recipe. Dim sum is a popular dining tradition in… Continue Reading

Column: Things are looking up

I’ve written before of the fifth wall, otherwise known as the ceiling. Ceilings are often overlooked areas in our homes that could be used to liven up your decor. Some ceiling treatments lend themselves to rooms that are used only at night, like dining rooms and bedrooms. Others are chances to explore subtle effects or… Continue Reading

Column: Mow your leaves

Raking leaves is a pain in the grass, says my daughter. I used to do a lot of raking, it is such good exercise for the upper body,  but not so much anymore. Instead, we run over fallen leaves with the mower, shredding them. The groundup leaves then filter down through the grass to the… Continue Reading

Clean eating starts in your kitchen

The phrase clean eating is related to farm to table thinking. This includes reading labels and becoming mindful of where ingredients come from and the process by which they go from farm to table. You are more in control of what goes into your body when you cook and eat from a plate and not… Continue Reading

Column: The right path

I read a review of the book, “The Lost Art Of Reading Nature’s Signs” by Tristen Gooley. I immediately began thinking of all the trees and rocks and other signs in nature that I felt gave dimension to my memories, or served like scaffolding on which to build my life. Iconic local images like Steamboat… Continue Reading

Easy cauliflower sides

Cooking has evolved such that there are really no bad ways to cook any vegetable. I like cauliflower  for its raw crunch but I also like it baked as an appetizer, steamed and mashed like classic potatoes and used to make the crust for a savory pizza. Here is how to add this versatile vegetable… Continue Reading

Column: What to do for November

Inside: With the holidays approaching, ready your refrigerator with a thorough cleaning. Wash interior walls with 2 tablespoons of baking soda mixed with 1 quart of water. Clean your oven in preparation for holiday baking. Organize pots and pans. Nest them to save space and to make it easy to see which ones you need.… Continue Reading

Column: A change in the weather

With the change in the weather comes thoughts of seriously tasty food. I made the first batch of chili last week, and my soup pot will stay out now till spring. Try something different this season by starting with this easy recipe. Introduce the kids to grownup tastes by starting with these appetizers. The beer… Continue Reading

Column: Food safety concerns

While in Colorado in September I read an article about the far reaching food industry rule changes aimed at reducing food-borne illnesses in the U.S. Taking a more proactive role in monitoring and reducing risks to citizens has been slow going; nearly five years has passed since Congress passed the law requiring an overhaul of… Continue Reading

Warming up to hummus

I’ve had a hard timing warming up to hummus in general. Even though my diet is primarily plant based I just haven’t been able to do it. I’ve experimented with baking dried chickpeas and adding them to salads and such to boost protein numbers, but so far I’ve drawn the line at hummus. That is… Continue Reading

Column: What to do for October

Inside: Daylight saving time ends on Nov. 1, set clocks back. Replace smoke alarm/carbon dioxide detector batteries. Continue to move outdoor plants inside, checking for insects first. Put plants in a spot where they will get as much sun as possible. Check insulation on pipes, and check doors and windows for drafts. Change bedding, removing… Continue Reading

Fall in a bowl

Fall is the time when all the comfort food recipes come out in full force. The chili, stews, dumplings, hearty soup and pasta dishes combine with the cooler weather and lack of daylight-saving-time light. Everything seems to slow down so we have the time to enjoy what is going on around us. The glorious selection… Continue Reading

Eat your oatmeal

Here we are, 10 months into the year, and now we know what the hot dessert of fall will be. According to The Wall Street Journal the “IT” dessert of 2015 is the oatmeal cookie. Recently I made a batch but substituted dried cherries for the typical call of raisins. Along with a chopped up… Continue Reading

Column: What to do in preparation for autumn

Storing apples and pears Apples and pears may be kept for weeks, even months, if stored in cool, dark conditions. Wrap in tissue paper, taking care not to bruise the fruit. Good Compost Layering materials makes good compost; never use very much of any one ingredient at once. Try to intersperse moist, leafy material with… Continue Reading

Column: Is your garden overflowing with tomatoes? Preserve them

Enjoy the flavor of garden-fresh tomatoes long after summer is over by freezing.  Start by coring a just-picked batch with a paring knife, then blanch and peel. Store in the freezer in tightly sealed jars (leaving 3/4-inch room) or airtight bags. Fresh tomato sauce makes canned sauce pale in comparison. Slow cooker tomato sauce 8 pounds… Continue Reading

Column: Dew it better

These cooler days that signal the beginning of fall are a chance to try dishes that combine unique flavors of late summer fruit and that of staples from the pantry. This recipe fits that bill. Try a few new recipes and incorporate the one that is your favorite into your menu plan. Pasta Salad with… Continue Reading

Column: Pesto palette

Classic basil pesto is my go-to ingredient that is always in my pantry. Making a variety of pesto from the last of the herbs growing in your garden can open up your eyes to the delights of this great range of flavors. Not only does pesto work magic with pasta but it can act as… Continue Reading

Column: Turning a dinner salad into a full meal

Sometimes we just need to beef up the salads we make into more of a meal. This is usually done by adding grilled chicken, beef or shrimp to the mix. I like this salad because of the greek flavor angle, but also because it adds edamame. If you are looking for a meatless option, skip… Continue Reading

Column: Where crops grew first

In an interesting article I recently read, the sources of a lot of the world’s favorite food crops were discussed. Food origins and their evolution are interesting. I think, sometimes, what we thought we knew is absolutely not so. Take apples for instance. They are originally from central Asia, and it is thought they first… Continue Reading

Column: Beefsteaks, eggs

Sometimes the best steak comes in the form of a ripe tomato. This easy gratin is a tasty way of using ripening tomatoes. Remember that quinoa has double the protein and twice the fiber of rice.   Tomato, Squash and Red Pepper Gratin 5 teaspoons olive oil, divided 2 cups chopped red onion 1 1/2… Continue Reading

Column: You could help save the monarchs

There is an interesting page in this month’s National Geographic magazine that makes the case for using our backyards and surrounding properties to help save the monarch butterfly. It seems a little strategic gardening can make a big difference. In studying the data, the monarch population peaked in the mid-1990s with an estimated 1 billion… Continue Reading

Column: Step into fall – What to do for September

Inside: Dust ceilings, walls, baseboards and woodwork. This is especially important now, because dust that collects during summer is often laden with allergy-inducing pollen. A vacuum cleaner’s brush attachment or a Swiffer broom are good tools to use for this job. Clean ceilings first then work your way down. Rearrange furniture with the fireplace as… Continue Reading

Column: A quiche to last the week

I really like quiche but don’t find it much on menus when eating out and don’t seem to make it much at home. Over the summer months, I’ve been trying a new strategy to the cook-every-night or eat-out routine that we’ve started settling into. I cook on Fridays for the weekends; this seems to be… Continue Reading

Column: Prune a tomato?

Q. There is a family dispute: Must you prune suckers from tomato plants, or does it make          any real difference? A. It makes a big difference. Although they sound vaguely sinister, suckers are simply late-flowering branches formed in the leaf axils of larger stems. Removing them makes plants narrow and open,… Continue Reading

Column: Let’s talk salads

Q. Can You make a good salad using canned beans? A. Yes. Here are the secrets: Use good quality beans. Rinse the beans well under cold running water and drain. Use five flavors — vegetables, spices, herbs, oils and vinegar. A mix of crunchy veggies like bell peppers, celery and green onions adds texture. Spices… Continue Reading

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