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SHERIDAN — For the first time since 1997, temperatures in the Sheridan area during the last week of July have remained under 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Joe Lester, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Billings, said Sheridan temperatures have remained under the 90-degree mark since July 25.

“This time of year is our hottest time of the year and it is easy for us to get into the 90s the last week of July,” Lester said. “Normals for Sheridan are a high of 89 and a normal low of 54. Not to say that its been real chilly, just a few degrees below normal each day.”

Preliminary data from the NWS indicates that temperatures have ranged from 83 degrees Fahrenheit on July 25 to 82 degrees on July 30, with a low temperature of 77 degrees on July 29.

The cooler weather has extended across eastern Montana and northeastern Wyoming and onto the Great Plains in North and South Dakota.

“We’ve been in a pattern lately that has allowed some cooler air from Canada to stay in this area,” Lester said about why the temperatures have been unseasonably cool.

Lester added that there have only been 14 instances of this type of extended cool period during the last week of July since 1907.

The lower temperatures have also been coupled with higher humidity in the area.

“This time of year we can see some real hot and dry days and we haven’t seen that,” Lester said, noting that at 3 p.m. Wednesday, the humidity was at 33 percent. “It has been on the high side. For this time of year that is a fairly high number for the mid-afternoon.”

Lester said the cooler temperatures are expected to last a few more days and possibly begin to warm the middle of next week. On average, temperatures in our area begin to slowly decrease beginning Aug. 7.


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