Force or freedom

Re: College bond issue

Sheridan College is a fine institution, worthy of a new tech center. However, the ballot issue is not, “Do you think a new building is a good idea?,” but rather, “Do you favor raising property taxes?”

I do not favor raising taxes. I have no desire to attempt to tell others how to spend their money. How the money will be spent is largely irrelevent. My primary objection is that the money is raised through forced taxation. In a free country, it is immoral to force money out of your neighbors’ pocket.

I prefer any voluntary means of raising funds instead of forced taxation. A community that raises funds for needed projects using voluntary means is generally happier than one struggling under government enforced tax mandates.

A “yes” vote will force higher taxes on every property owner in Sheridan County. There is bound to be some folks who object to that. Whereas a “No” vote will allow everyone the freedom to contribute as much as they choose to the project.

Force or freedom, Sheridan, it’s your call.


Dennis Fox


By |July 30th, 2013|

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