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Re: Humans and animals

What has happened to people’s decent behavior? It seems as if the current events of some recent behaviors should help all of us reexamine our role in a community.

Let’s look at politicians and the behavior of New York City mayoral candidate, Rep. Anthony Weiner, or the acts of the San Diego mayor Bob Filner, or our own city council member, Shelleen Smith. Remember the behavior of Presidents Clinton and , Nixon; congressman Mark Sanford’s or former New York attorney general Eliot Spitzer? Or maybe the behavior of the owners of vicious dogs who let their animals become unruly? Or the screaming kids at Wal-Mar? The list of marked behavior continues to grow.

The conduct that most people choose to reveal is one of basic human conditioning. It is based on the idea that most of our choices are the result of a reaction to external conditions. But the rise in personal power has led some to believe that the usual rules don’t apply to them. But isn’t this what makes for a great leader? So, they take even bigger riskier behavior.

What separates us humans from animals is instinct and emotions. Humans have a capacity to experience emotions beyond animals. Animals’ primary behavior is guided by instincts. Lately it seems as our emotions are guided by some form of current mental agitation. Sure it’s been hot and dry, gas prices are high, taxes are increasing, jobs are scarce and the economy is making little to no advancement. But don’t we have the ability to position our behavior in such a manner that displays our best human examples? Have we lost our basic instinct to gauge our own behavior?

There is an ardent need to do our best because it compels us to succeed, even when aspects of our lives are taxing or intensely challenging. I invite all of you to try and achieve some daily decent behavior and distinguish yourself from the animal world. I am convinced that by exhibiting decent behavior, we can contribute to the overall greater good of everyone.


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