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Forward Sheridan supports the Sheridan College Bond issue to improve capacity and educational training.

This is a key strut to our economic development framework.

Forward Sheridan just completed a two-part strategic planning session with our board members and government stakeholders. The unique characteristic was the process framework that was used, independent and focused three-member breakout groups prior to the group session.

These mini-sessions occurred during May and June. This strategy encouraged open and candid discussions about our work priority, resources, new opportunities and most importantly how we can serve our community effectively.

As an example, using Forward Sheridan as a conduit to improve business conditions for our existing business is a key focus. A couple of simple illustrations of this process occurred recently.

One example is the interaction between a real estate developer from Kansas and our Economic Development Task Force. Forward Sheridan hosted a brief webinar that enabled Commons Development to discuss their concept with our group and even conduct a virtual tour via Google Earth. The benefit is that community resources such as Robert Briggs from the city were present to answer immediate questions and options.

This is effective and timely communication.

A second event occurred with the on-site demonstration by A-Vu Media with representatives from ACT, Sheridan Memorial Hospital, Sheridan Senior Center and Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce.

A-Vu is a cutting edge telecon deployment tool with technology driven care options. What was beneficial is that A-Vu is a Cerner partner (this is the electronic health system) being implemented at Sheridan Memorial, and is a development partner at Mayo Clinic.

Developing early stage/entrepreneur companies received a big boost with the MobileHealthWare wound care application success by Dr. Tom Richards and his group.

This coupled with Ptolemy Data Systems, and Sheridan Programmers Guild efforts continues to document that our “tech power” has reached far beyond Sheridan and is receiving recognition nationally.

Significant information infrastructure capabilities are being collected. Forward Sheridan and our partners are working on “Virtual Building” concepts. In addition, the Economic Development Task Force has initiated a social media campaign about Wy Work in Sheridan. And, new efforts on connectivity and power (types and cost) are being considered.

These efforts coupled with the Sheridan College workforce training is a powerful combination. Sheridan continues to set the readiness standard in the region.

Jay Stender is the executive director of Forward Sheridan, an economic development nonprofit.

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