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SHERIDAN — Three bystanders broke up a bloody dog attack Monday morning that left a dog and at least two people injured in the 800 block of Olympus Drive.

Sheridan Police Lt. Chris Dahmke said a woman was walking her yellow Labrador at 6:17 a.m. when two dogs, a pit bull and a mastiff, charged into the street and attacked her leashed dog.

Neighbor Erin Largent was watering plants in her home on Huntington Street when she heard the woman screaming. She immediately got into her car and drove toward the sound of distress.

When she arrived, two men from the neighborhood were trying to break up the fight to no avail.

Largent drove her vehicle as close to the fighting dogs as she could and blew the car horn, but the attack continued.

Next, she pulled out a can of deterrent citrus spray she carried, and sprayed the entire contents at the attacking dogs.

“That stopped one of them for a few seconds, and had no effect on the other one,” she said.

Largent noticed one of the men had ripped up his hands using a tree branch in attempt to beat off the attacking dogs.

She told him to call 911, and then took the branch and stepped in to try to stop the altercation. Around that time, one of the dogs also attacked the Labrador’s owner, causing her to drop the leash.

“I told them, ‘We’re going to walk away from this,’ and I took the leash of the dog that was being attacked, and he was able to get up, and we started walking,” she said.

One of the dogs attempted to initiate the fight again, but Largent was able to keep it at bay with the tree branch.

“It was a good five or 10 minutes before it was over,” she said. “We’re lucky no one was killed. Those dogs could have turned on any one of us and done some serious damage.”

Two Sheridan police officers responded to the incident and issued a vicious dog citation to the owner of the attacking dogs.

Dahmke said the owner of the Labrador that was attacked was also bitten and scratched and later sought medical care.

Largent, who returned home covered in blood, said the Labrador had significant bite wounds and was transported to a veterinarian.

“It was the most gruesome thing I have ever seen. I hope I never have to deal with anything like that ever again,” she said.

The 31-year-old owner was cited for having a vicious dog, and she is scheduled to appear in municipal court Aug. 5. Dahmke said they generally don’t release the name of the dogs’ owner until the individual has appeared in court.

Police Sgt. Tom Ringley said the dogs’ owner told police she was unaware her gate was left open.

According to SPD records, only nine reports of vicious dogs or dog bites have been received within the city limits since the first of the year.


Sheridan Press reporter Tracee Davis wrote this article.

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