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SHERIDAN — The Bighorn National Forest will change classification on approximately one-third of its trails, according to a media release.

Recreation specialists update the Bighorn National Forest Trails Strategy, first published in 2005, every year. Changes to the classification system are based on reviews of trail condition, safety, type of use, and whether the trail is affecting natural resources like soil and water.

“These changes reflect how we manage trails now and in the future. There will be no changes to the uses allowed, either on the maps or on the ground. Trail users will not notice the changes. We’re basically making administrative updates to our Trail Strategy and databases to match how the trails are being used and maintained on the ground,” Trails Coordinator Sara Evans Kirol said in the release.

Forest Service trails are categorized by class, from class 1 for primitive trails to class 5 for fully developed trails.

This year, the Bighorn’s three-person trail crew will maintain about 200 miles of trails.

The Trails Strategy and a list of updated trail classes are available online at For more information, contact Evans Kirol at 674-2692.

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