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SHERIDAN — Despite the usual driving under the influence and public intoxication arrests, this year’s rodeo weekend proved relatively uneventful for the Sheridan Police Department.

“We expect the alcohol-related issues to happen, and they did,” Lt. Chris Dahmke said. “Overall though, I think from the amount of people (that attended) it was a pretty good rodeo weekend.”

As opposed to previous rodeos during which officers were forced to confront extremely violent crimes, this year’s incidents were limited mostly to tamer offenses.

Officers responded to various incidents in the hours following street dance festivities, including a pair of domestic violence calls, nine displays of public intoxication, car thefts, three minor in possession of alcohol reports and a curfew violation. SPD also reported seven DUI traffic stops.

Still, Dahmke said a proactive approach by officers kept serious incidents to a minimum.

“If we see a troublemaker, we’ll ask them to leave before they cause too many problems,” he said. “We don’t want to rain on people’s parade, but we don’t want (an extremely intoxicated person) to ruin other people’s fun.”

Dahmke added that the experience of the police force in dealing with rodeo-related issues also helped keep potential problems under control.

“We kind of know what the procedures are and what works and what doesn’t,” he said.

Officers employed four ID scanners at the entrance to the street dance, and while some patrons complained of long lines, Dahmke said the devices proved largely effective in preventing underage drinking at the event.

While the weekend’s festivities no doubt kept officers busy, Dahmke said the vast majority of those in attendance presented no problems from a law enforcement perspective.

“Folks in Sheridan, when they go to the rodeo, know what to expect,” he said.


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