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SHERIDAN — The 83rd edition of the Sheridan-Wyo-Rodeo busted out of the chutes in the best way it knows how Wednesday night.
The editorializing of the announcer, fans unable to hold their seats right after they found them and the general chaos in front of the grandstands is what characterizes the World Champion Indian Relay Races.

The unique event returned Wednesday night, kicking things off as team Coup Counters recorded the top time out of the final heat of the night. In comparison to the event’s usual danger, it was a mostly tame night as far as collisions were concerned. The 20 teams work through four heats each night with the best combined times reaching Saturday night’s performance and the title of World Champion Indian Relay Racers.

His horse painted with blue markings while he wore yellow bands on his arms and feet along with a pair of dark goggles, two smooth exchanges ahead of the pack gave jockey Garrel Snell of the Crow Agency out of Two Leggins, Mont., the lead after one lap and the team never looked back.

The first three heats were decided by the second exchange, the title of Wednesday night heat winner going to the team that transferred to their final animal in the cleanest fashion.

Holds the Enemy and jockey Ferlin Black Smith of Crow Nation out of Pryor, Mont., decorated in orange headbands and face paint, took the first heat by a significant margin. Lakota War Path, ridden by jockey Hermes Tall of the Ogalala Lakota out of Ogalala, S.D., won the second heat and Crow Nation, Hardin, Mont., Team War Man, spattered with white dots, won the third.

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