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Reading has proven harder than normal lately. No, my eye sight isn’t fading. But my puppy likes to eat the magazines and books. I sit on the floor and pet him, playing fetch with a tennis ball and tug-of-war with a rope. Why not sit on the couch where he can’t reach the reading material? He howls and scratches at the furniture.

Oh, the joys.

Instead, I’ve found myself listening to more and more podcasts. It’s my new obsession.

I know I’ve said it before, but give it a shot. Until my pup learns not to chew, they’ll be more prominent in my life than physical reading materials.


While the weather fluctuates between painfully cold, snowy and teasingly warm, my friends and I have started daydreaming about our warm-weather adventures.

Last year, we climbed Bomber Mountain (if you haven’t done it, I highly recommend it). 

Each year we gather over drinks and food, poring over maps of the Bighorns. We always consider a couple of options, but typically all agree on one. 

We’re not picky, but we like to cover ground that includes parts we’ve never seen. 

This year, we might get two treks on the schedule. One will include a wider group of friends, the other just the four of us.

Let the planning and daydreaming begin!


While poring over maps with friends and writing and editing the upcoming edition of Destination Sheridan we create in partnership with the Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce, I couldn’t help but think about how lucky we are to live where we do.

Even for those who don’t venture into the Bighorns much, the views of the range are spectacular. 

The prairies and wide open spaces evoke feelings of envy from visitors. My family, for example, often marvels at the wide open spaces they usually only see in movies.

As Sheridan Travel and Tourism says in one of its brochures, “Sheridan is Wyoming’s emerald city. Life and leisure here is built on history, heritage and recreation. It is a place where cowboys convene over craft beer and coffee, where guests marvel at public art and historic architecture, and where modern mavericks revel in Old West charm at bistros, cafes and wineries. Entrepreneurs, ranchers and artists kick through the doors of the Mint Bar, coal-hauling trains roar through the Rail District, and downtown Sheridan remains a beacon of life well lived in Wyoming.”

You can’t top that.

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Kristen Czaban joined The Sheridan Press staff in 2008 and covered beats including local government, cops and courts and the energy industry. In 2012, she was promoted and now serves as the managing editor for The Press. Czaban has a journalism degree from Northwestern University.