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In a society where we all have free will and in a country where we all have freedoms no other does, it is our obligation to realize there are boundaries to the liberties we choose to exercise.

Responsible citizens, for example, may choose to have a drink if not driving, may choose to smoke a cigar away from non-smokers, or may choose to have a party that does not disturb the peace.

Sometimes in ignorance, we forget our accountability for our own actions. At midnight this Thursday, Fourth of July, we can expect that legal or illegal, fireworks will be heard all over Sheridan County.

This community has a population of approximately 29,600, with those under 18 amounting to 6,500. Whatever the age or gender or race, the loss of a life is always tragic. The daily obituaries in this newspaper grieve us all. But if death is to take us, let it take us out of our control, not in our control.

I ask, I beg, I plead with my neighbors, let’s all live to see another day, along with our little children. Please refrain from celebratory gunfire or aerial firing. What goes up must come down. It is a lesson we all learned in grade school called gravity. Shooting a gun up in the air will kill when the bullet falls back down…a child, a mother, a brother or a friend.

It is my hope, that this holiday, gives us all something to think about. Share this with your neighbor.

What would you like to read about tomorrow?


Sonia Hoppe


By |July 3rd, 2013|

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