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By Lucy LaRosa

SHERIDAN — Are you an aspiring artist hoping to catch the public’s eye or simply an art enthusiast? Then clear your plans for Saturday for the Sheridan Art Jubilee “Starving Artists Sale at the Sagebrush Art Center.
The sale offers a chance to sell or buy various styles of paintings, glasswork, sculpture, ceramics, fiber art, woodwork and much more.

“It’s a really good opportunity as we will not being taking commission from the sales,” said Jody Sauers, executive director at the center.

The participants also do not have to be part of SAGE.

The event will promote both the artists and the art center itself.

“We have a large number of artists in this area,” Sawyer said. “We wanted to bring them all together so they would have the opportunity to showcase their work to the public and they would be able to see the facilities the Art Center offers to its members. That is the point of the art center, to promote the arts.”

Sally La Bore who will be participating in the Starving Artists sale, is also on the board of directors of the art center.

“The art center offers a chance for people to be more educated about different types of art,” she said. “It gives the local artist a chance to market their work. The art center also offers art classes, and youth programs. I hope it will make the public more aware of the arts.” 

Artist Robin Brown, who specializes in oil paintings, said he will be bringing pieces of art to sell and photos of his work to demonstrate his ability to the public.

“I have a very different style of oil painting,” he said. “I want to show what I can do so if someone wants a picture painted they will know my style and ability.”

 Brown also works with pen and ink, photography and colored pencils.

Artists are able to join SAGE at any time with an annual membership fee of $40 or $20 for student artists. If you are interested in participating, spaces are 10-feet-by 10-feet and $25 for the day.

Setup begins at 7 a.m., sales start at 9 a.m. and end at 3 p.m.
For more information, call 674-1970.

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