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Health care related

to American values

The argument that national health care is against American values is deceitful and argued on false grounds. Health care is not a luxury for the rich. It is a necessity and a right. Can you exercise “Creator endowed” liberty confined to bed or pursue happiness in chronic pain? Can you live with malignant cancer?

Our Declaration of Independence declares life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as rights. These are primary American values. It is not “American values” to ignore suffering. Lack of health care often causes poverty and needless suffering and is a crippler and killer.

The “pros and the cons” are arguing about different things. Those against are talking about buying insurance. That is best seen in the argument that “they” are trying to take away our freedom by imposing another “one size fits all” program on us.

They are right. Billionaires like Sheldon Adelson or Alice Walton need zero insurance because they can afford to hire a hospital fully staffed without putting a dent in their net worth.

Lowly millionaires need only major medical insurance to protect their wealth. American workers need full coverage because every expense has to offset by another. Those for a national health care system are talking about medical care. “One size” does “fit all” in medicine. An appendectomy, a tooth filling, a checkup or the relocation of a dislocation is virtually the same for Daddy Warbucks as it is for Little Orphan Annie.

Then there is the “we can’t afford another entitlement.” The U.S. pays more for health care than any other country. Removing profits unrelated to care makes sense. We can’t afford to shun a single-payer program. The only way costs will be controlled is to see that health care payments go only to the health care providers.

Mel Logan



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