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Re: Clean up, pick up

 I’m proud to be a Wyomingite.

All of us in Wyoming will be looking at the sun next week (Monday, Aug. 21) and we are expecting a large influx of people, travelers and vacationers to enjoy the eclipse with us. I’m looking forward to it, as everyone is. Our pride should be shining as the sun disappears because so many people want to travel here to witness this event. We who live here need to show our pride for Wyoming in every way possible. Don’t you think? From the smile on our faces and the hellos to strangers who come here to experience our wonderful state.

Something they will experience that makes me sad is the small amount of garbage and trash that shows up in the gutter, hangs on the fence (those darn plastic bags are hard to chase down in the Wyoming wind!), and the garbage in the ditches next to every paved highway or unpaved two track dirt road. Every time I’m walking, I take the time to show my pride in Wyoming and pick up garbage, even though it isn’t mine.

I don’t know who is going to clean up the trash and garbage that is certain to be left behind after the eclipse. I challenge everyone to assist me and join me to clean up. The small amount we each can do — when the sun comes back out — will add up to a large amount of clean up with many people doing the same. So, when the sun comes back out — look down and around and pick up the garbage and find a can to dispose it into. Whether your pride is in Wyoming because you are a UW graduate, you were born and raised here, you love to hunt and fish, or you moved here because the Wyoming spirit called you — join me to show our pride and assist in cleaning up. With each of us doing a small part we can make Wyoming shine and show our pride and our love for this wonderful state we call home.

Carla Thomas


By |August 15th, 2017|

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