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You only get one chance to make a first impression, and when Rolls-Royce and the Society of American Travel Writers came to town last year, Sheridan came together as a community to showcase the best of life out west.

Because of last year’s event, seven national stories featuring Sheridan have already been published; we received a big bump to our social media marketing efforts; we leveraged our ability to host Rolls-Royce into opportunities with other national brands; and we piloted engaging, experiential programs with local businesses and community groups. This is the kind of positive public relations and advertising value we simply couldn’t afford to buy on our own.

In fact, our program for 2016 was so impressive, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars asked if they could come back to Wyoming for another spin, and we couldn’t be more excited. From Sept. 12-15, we’ll host Rolls-Royce and a contingent of media and journalists for a showcase of Western art, artists and the allure of the Bighorn Mountains during a series of special storytelling events.

A brief rundown of what we have planned:

Day 1: Tuesday, Sept. 12

The team from Rolls-Royce will arrive, along with our visiting media, influencers and journalists. We’ll give everyone plenty of time to get acquainted with historic downtown Sheridan, allowing plenty of time for them to meet local shop owners, ask questions, take photos and more.

Later, we’ll have an evening under the stars at beautiful Canyon Ranch, where we’ll be joined by some of Wyoming’s premiere authors and writers. We’ll share stories, legends and lore, and explore cosmology as it relates to the history of the Bighorn Mountains.

Day 2: Wednesday, Sept. 13

After a day of exploring Sheridan and the Bighorns, our group will visit with performers and artists from the Wyoming Theater Festival. Later, we’ll venture out to the Whitney Center for the Arts for a concert performed by Wyoming’s own Jalan Crossland. This is shaping up to be a red-carpet event unlike anything hosted before in Sheridan.

Day 3: Thursday, Sept. 14

Our guests will venture out on a Bighorn Mountain road trip, courtesy of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, where they’ll visit Steamboat, Sibley Lake and more. That evening, we’ll drive out to Big Horn and on to The Brinton Museum, for an artists’ gala and demonstration. The “Wyoming Point of View” exhibition features the work of Lorenzo Chavez, Bruce Graham, Skip Whitcomb, Kathy Wipfler and Dan Young, and should serve as the perfect sendoff for our visitors.

Best of all, our events will be ticketed and made available to the public; the finest advocates for our community are the people that live here, and getting up close and personal with visiting journalists is a great opportunity to help craft exciting stories about Sheridan.

Additionally, we’ve partnered with Rolls-Royce to shoot a commercial featuring Sheridan that will be used to market both Rolls-Royce and our community across a variety of platforms. We’ve enlisted the expertise of our own film and digital production coordinator, Salvatore Brown, as well as the talents of the legendary director Bruce Moriarty — to say that this one is going to be exciting is an understatement.

I’m thrilled that Sheridan Travel & Tourism can bring this opportunity back to Wyoming; it’s just one more way we can show the world what we have to offer.

We plan on making event tickets available in the next two weeks, so keep an eye on


Shawn Parker is the executive director of Sheridan Travel and Tourism.

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