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SHERIDAN — Hunting outfitter and local rancher Brant Hilman won the bid to take home six of the nine bison in the pasture above Kendrick Park. Hilman ended up as the only bid entered for the bison sale through the city of Sheridan, receiving the bison for a total of $4,250.

“The bison are considered livestock and property of the city,” operations superintendent Mathers Heuck said. “Back in June, we advertised in local newspapers for interested parties to submit a proposal.”

Heuck said the proposal asked to include a price they were willing to pay and a method for removal.

Hilman currently owns about 50 head of bison. Most of his bison are raised for meat and go to feed lots in South Dakota, similar to beef marketing.

“Some of them I would keep, but the older bull and that I would probably market him,” Hilman told The Sheridan Press. “A couple of the older ones will be remarketed.”

Hilman said he plans to sell them because older bulls remain too old for much of anything.

Heuck told city council during its Aug. 8 meeting that they felt it best to have professionals who work with bison come in and remove the animals.

“We had several people request the RFP documents and several people interested, but we only had one person submit a proposal,” Heuck said.

Heuck said Hilman proposed removing the livestock by using portable panels disabling the animals from seeing outside and removing them with a piece of large equipment.

“Our big concern was safety for the animals, the public and the people in the pasture,” Heuck said.

STT appointments

A small debacle surrounding Sheridan Travel and Tourism board appointments was resolved during the Aug. 8 council meeting, as Mayor Roger Miller appointed PJ Treide and Mandy Moody Phillips to the STT board for the next three years. The board suggested two folks, and Miller took the suggestion of Phillips as one of his appointments. Miller said the other candidate, Treide, beat out the board’s second suggestion based on the personal interviews.

“I tried to make sure when I went through the process that I didn’t just read a letter,” Miller told council. “Letters only say so much, so I wanted to follow through further and actually talk to each of the individuals personally. At the end, the personal interview is really what changed my mind.”

Councilor Alex Lee voted against affirming the appointments, but the vote carried 5-1 in favor of approving Phillips and Treide to the STT board.

Reusing materials

The Wyoming Department of Transportation used fill material taken from the Doubleday Sports Complex site north of Sheridan on the North Sheridan Interchange project, utilizing the extra materials from the site while also financially providing for the advancement of the Doubleday project.

The quantity that was removed from the site assisted the Interchange project with initial site grading in exchange for a unit rate royalty fee of approximately $30,000. The memo to the mayor and council said the funds will help the Doubleday project’s planning, design and construction.

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