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SHERIDAN — As if thrift store aficionados need a special day, there is one just for them. Aug. 17 is tagged as National Thrift Store Day, a day to really pull out the stops to shop thrift stores and recognize the role of thrift stores to many organizations.

Jane Perkins was looking at scheduling summer activities through the Senior Center. Perkins is the director of the Sheridan Senior Center’s Fun Department.

“It was coming up on summer ,and I was seeing a lot of recurring summer activities,” Perkins said.

Then, inspiration hit Perkins to promote a “different kind of obsession.”

Not to be left out of a good time, Perkins thought of tagging Aug. 15 for a local thrift store crawl, just two days prior to the national day.

The Senior Center had opened its own thrift store in recent years, Green Boomerang, to support services to the community through the center.

“I was looking through the national silly holiday calendar and came across Thrift Store Day,” Perkins said. “I thought to myself first, Green Boomerang, then heck, why not other thrift stores open that day?”

Perkins called other thrift stores in the area that are open on Tuesdays and invited them to jump on board with an idea she had: Organize a power shopping day at participating thrift stores. The response was positive, and five area thrift stores agreed to be on the circuit.

“I always feel we should promote other organizations in our fair city,” Perkins said.

Perkins has rented a vehicle that holds 12 people. If the van fills up, others can follow along. The first stop: the Senior Center’s Green Boomerang Thrift Shop.

“Green Boomerang is not open to the public on Tuesdays,” said Amanda Munford, manager for Green Boomerang. “But we are opening just to these shoppers to come in. We’re going to have mocktails and coupons for discounts on a return shopping trip to our shop but only for the shoppers on this event.”

The power shoppers to Green Boomerang will also be treated to a private shopping experience as the store will not open to the public on that day as it is an organizing and setup day for Green Boomerang volunteers.

The group has only 25 minutes to power-shop in each store.

The next thrift shop on the circuit? The First United Methodist’s The Closet, which is offering a 25 percent discount only to the shoppers in the power-shop group that day. Following thrift stores are First Christian Church, Holy Name and The Salvation Army before the group returns to the Sheridan Junior High School for lunch.

“After all, our passions in life include food, beer and shopping,” Perkins said, “and the Senior Center has the food!”

Two out of three isn’t bad.

The word thrift comes from an old Norse word “prift,” which means prosperity.

Thrift stores are typically run by nonprofit or charitable organizations. Donations from the community to a thrift store of items such as household goods or clothing are set out for resale at discounted prices.

Proceeds support the mission of the organization.

“Everybody loves a bargain,” Perkins said.

A great buy at a discounted price is a hunting and fishing story for some.

“For women, it’s a bonding experience whether you share the same fashion taste or not,” Perkins said. “Clothing can be a form of art. And when you can get it at discount, it’s even better.”

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