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Re: Sheridan Fire-Rescue

 I would like to publicly thank the city fire department for the great job they do for all of us.

I had a problem with a carbon monoxide detector going crazy and wasn’t sure where the sound was coming from. The fire department responded to my 911 call and came immediately. They found the problem, which was an 11-year-old detector. They only last about 10 years.

The firefighters replaced the detector with a combination carbon monoxide and smoke detector. They also put the same detector in my basement.

I am very grateful for the kindness and education on these detectors that they gave to me. I knew nothing. Now I feel safe and secure in my home again.

I especially want to thank Capt. Robert Dobbs, Jerry Johnston, Chad Brutlag and Andrew Friend for their dedicated service to our community.

Every day I am glad and thankful I live in Sheridan, and this is just one more reason.

Elaine B. Burke


By |August 4th, 2017|

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