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More investigative leads

for ‘national left media’

Re: Democrats, Clinton

The refusal of the national left-media (NLM) to cover stories which don’t fit their narratives has caused me to unleash yet another of my apparently infamous fist-shaking rants via my spittle-soaked keyboard.

First there is their non-coverage of the links between Democrats — many in the NLM — and the infamous firm Fusion GPS. Founded by a former journalist who has now allegedly taken the Fifth Amendment rather than testify, Fusion GPS is suspected of having ties to Russian intelligence sources and, through them, to the creation of the now completely discredited “dossier” about President Donald Trump. I suspect that if Fusion GPS’ emails are ever subpoenaed by Congress, there will be several so-called journalists with a mountain of egg on their faces. It’s past time for Congress to formally investigate this disgrace and for the NLM to report on it fully and accurately. And now there’s the grossly underreported scandal involving Imran Awan who, in his job as an IT specialist for former DNC chair and Hillary Clinton crony Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, had obtained access to sensitive congressional committee files. Awan was arrested at Dulles Airport this week just as he was trying to flee the U.S. for Pakistan. He has been under investigation for months and yet was only fired the day before being arrested.

Also swept under the rug was how Wasserman Schultz has been battling investigators by impeding them from searching her confiscated laptop and threatening the Capitol police with “consequences” if they don’t relent.

If it weren’t for Politico and some conservative talk radio shows, this story would be virtually unknown to the public. To date, the coverage of it has been minimal to nonexistent by the alphabet-soup giants of the broadcast NLM and the much-heralded NLM newspapers. Many denizens of the left prefer to sit back and criticize those who point out the odious practice of the NLM’s omitting reports on matters which don’t fit the left’s approved, ideologically-driven narratives.

The vaunted New York Times prides itself in providing “All the news that’s fit to print.” The Washington Post’s motto is “Democracy dies in darkness.” Indeed.

I do wish that President Trump would stop using the term “fake news.” He should have his press corps correct the details of inaccurate news accounts and expose the un-or-under-reported stories which have been spiked by ideologues who determine that they aren’t “newsworthy.”

Charles Cole


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