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Throughout the Bible God makes many exclusive claims. The greatest is that He is the only true God that exists and that He has provided evidence for this claim. Isaiah, chapters 40-48, is loaded with Yahweh Elohim’s (God’s name and title in Hebrew) claim of being the only God and many of the proof tests He provides so that all mankind may give their faith and obedience to Him.

God declares to His prophet, Isaiah, that there was no God formed before Him, that there will be no God after Him, He will not share His glory with another (Isaiah 42), He is the only Savior, He is from eternity, no one can oppose Him or change His rulings, creation worships Him, forgiveness of people is for His sake (Isaiah 43), there is no God besides Him, He does not know of any other God, He is the first and the last, there isn’t anyone like Him, He is the lone creator of all creation (Isaiah 44), He holds all accountable to Himself, He is the source of all righteousness and strength (Isaiah 45), He knows, rules and proclaims the past, present and future.

God also graciously proclaimed the evidence for the above claims. The nation of Israel was brought into existence to be God’s witness to all the rest of mankind that He is the only God. They experienced God, heard Him, and were entrusted with His word and His history amongst mankind and Israel in particular. They witnessed the difference between a real and a false God. They were blessed by God and judged by God. They heard and saw the prophecies of God fulfilled and wrote them down so that we too might worship the only true God. They were the witnesses of God’s forgiveness and salvation. They were given the law of God and the worship of God so that all mankind would recognize the only Supreme Being. Israel’s continued existence today is massive proof that Yahweh is the only true God. No other people have been so hated and persecuted throughout history as they have been.

God has maintained their witness even when they have not.

These chapters of Isaiah are only a very few of God’s claims to be the only true God. He states them as a challenge to Israel when they were unfaithful to Him and to all the rest of us. Have we/you settled for a God who is not real and who has no real evidence for his existence? Do we/you worship a god of our/your own making? Being that the real God holds all of us accountable to Himself for all of eternity, we all need to be sure we have faith in the only God that He says is saving faith.

Hopefully, everyone is seeking to know this one true God. Thank God he loves us so much that He has revealed Himself so that all who will answer His call to a relationship with Him can actually know Him and not miss Him. He became a man and lived amongst us. He is Jesus! Jesus said that if we have seen Him we have seen the one true God. He also said we/you could only get to the one true God through Him. He is the one that Israel bore witness to. Jesus is the only savior who can and does forgive our/your sin. Jesus is the one true God. Check out the evidence.

Terral Bearden is the pastor of Calvary Baptist Church and a member of Pastors United In Christ.

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