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Pick up after dogs; cityis ‘someplace special’

 We are thankful for the pathway systems in Sheridan. We have noticed an increase of dog owners not picking up after their animals. In many cases, plastic bags of dog feces are left on or about the pathways.

We urge dog owners to utilize the disposal receptacles and contribute to the beauty of our recreation areas. We appreciate the city of Sheridan for being “someplace special.”

Be a responsible dog owner.

Larry and Susan Anderson


Spare us ‘the spittle’

Re: Cole letter, Press, July 18

I’m sure I’m not alone when I comment on letter writers whose rants help us poor, ignorant Wyomingites really get to the truth that only they alone understand. This type of fist shaking really gets none of us nearer the truth.

I do find it curious that the rant is always loudest when that grifter family in the White House messes up. Just because they can’t get their stories straight, it is the media who is conspiring to subvert the message?

I will just say that without the First Amendment, we could all be living in any other country without freedom of the press, say Russia or North Korea. I have always been very proud of the people who I’ve known and worked with who take their ethics very, very seriously.

When you hear someone say that the media has it all wrong and only they know the real story, run away as fast as your legs can take you. The only fake in “Fake News” is sitting in the White House surrounded by all the other liars and ne’er-do-wells who want to make a buck at the public’s expense.

I do sometimes really wish that The Sheridan Press had more bias so we could be spared the spittle that is always flying when our local fist shakers get amped up.

Susan Woody


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