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People with chronic, pre-existing conditions lose with Senate proposals

When it comes to pre-existing health conditions, there’s no such thing as the good ol’ days. We can’t afford to go back in time. Before 2010, insurers could charge sick people impossibly high rates. If you had cancer, or diabetes, or even a Caesarean section, insurance companies labeled it a pre-existing condition and slapped you with a whopping insurance premium. Rates were so high many people I knew had to go without health insurance. They just couldn’t afford it.

Well, here we go again.

The proposed Senate health care bill released this week gives the upper hand back to insurers. This is especially punishing for people age 50-64, who often have chronic conditions — like the 42,000 of them right here in Wyoming. The pre-existing conditions part should have been the first chunk to be thrown out. But the current Senate bill is still just as bad as before.

I would encourage everyone to contact our senators and share your feelings about the current health care proposals.

Wayne Schatz


Be aware, thoughtful of summer heat, animals

We should realize the effect of the summer heat on animals.

I see so many dogs suffering as they ride in the back of black bed trucks, which is like a hot skillet in these temperatures.

While people will seek shade and enjoy large cold drinks, many leave their dogs in a car where (even with all the windows down) the temperature is harmful to dogs who do not sweat and require shade and cold water to reduce their body heat.

With the rodeo, come many offenses . . . like horses standing for hours in the sun. And most people are having far too much fun to notice or care. Let’s all be more thoughtful of these amazing animals during these sweltering days ahead.

Melissa Huckeba


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