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SHERIDAN — Sheridan City Council’s agenda for its Monday meeting includes approving four resolutions, a contract and waterline extension. The council will gather at 7 p.m. at Sheridan City Hall.

One of the larger projects on the agenda is the North End Utilities project. The council will consider approving the submittal of a grant application to the Wyoming Water Development Commission to cover $1,680,000 of the $2,508,000 installation of a new water transmission line. The city, if the grant is approved, would be responsible for $828,000 in matching funds.

The WWDC grant application proposes that, for its matching funds, the city utilize the $300,000 acquired in Mineral Royalty Grant funding and $528,000 of the city’s acquired Drinking Water State Revolving Fund loan.

The proposed application is for a water transmission loop for north end utilities from Decker Road and looped back into Yellowtail Drive, utilities manager Dan Roberts told Mayor Roger Miller and council during the June 10 study session.

 Water Master Plan

Roberts also suggested approval of a planning grant allowing funding for a Sheridan Water Master Plan through the WWDC.

“That grant, if successful, is a planning grant so it’s 100 percent funded by the Water Development Commissions and nothing out of our pocket,” Roberts said. “What’s important about this grant is that we update it every five to 10 years. We’re going on nine years since our last update.

But what it really does is it lays the framework for future capital investments from water supply, water deliver and even water storage.”

Roberts said once the plan is on paper and approved through a master planning process, it shows support for capital projects, making it easier to get grant funding for future projects.

Waterline extensions

City engineer Lane Thompson asked council to consider approving a waterline extension for the 1229 East Brundage Lane convenience store.

Thompson said the convenience store put in an 8-inch water main.

“As just a general practice…we don’t want private entities owning our water mains, so we have to formally accept it through mayor and council, sign the (Department of Environmental Quality) permit and transfer that to us,” Thompson said. Similarly, the Skyview West subdivision on the corner of Brundage Lane and Big Horn Avenue needs its waterline transferred to the city’s ownership. “Same thing, they’ve got all the water and sewer in,” Thompson said. “They’re still waiting, I think, to do the final bit of pavement on there.” Thompson said he wanted to get the DEQ permit and resolution in front of council to ensure the city was not holding back the subdivision owners.

Gateway Park

The city seeks $860,600 in grant funding from the Wyoming Department of Transportation’s Transportation Alternative Program to help extend and connect the Sheridan pathways from the North Park Natural Area to the new north Sheridan Interstate 90 Interchange pathway plan. The plan includes building 1.31 miles of 10-inch wide concrete sidewalks to extend the pathways.

Poplar Grove

City planning and economic development director Robert Briggs explained the history of the Poplar Grove planned unit development and will ask council to consider approving phase four at the Monday council meeting. The development is located at Skeel Street.

“It was originally improved in 2006,” Briggs said. “It was planned as having four phases of development.”

The original 96 buildable lots dropped to 83 lots with more than the originally planned 6.7 acres of open space to accompany the lots.

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