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 It’s not about fluoride, it’s about good government. Good government honors the will of the people and has their consent. Our republic relies on faithful representation of the will of the people and must have our consent to be legitimate.

When the Sheridan City Council began adding fluoride to our water, they disregarded the 1950s vote that rejected fluoride. Additionally, the council asked no one for their consent. They just did it! That’s bad government and not in keeping with the Constitution or our natural rights.

The unilateral decision by six people, violates both the will of the people and our right to consent. The action places the mayor and council in a position of opposing the very people they’ve sworn to serve and therefore raises questions about its legitimacy.

Forced-fluoride should be halted immediately. Every day it continues increases the responsibility and liability of the council.

Adding chlorine to kill pathogens and make the water safe is a perfectly legitimate and proper function of government. Adding fluoride for better dental check-ups, is not. Forced-fluoride crosses a bright and clear line between public health and government overreach. The action taken by the previous mayor and city council was illegitimate and should be reversed immediately. The current administration was elected, in-part, to remedy the situation. Every day of inaction increases their ownership of this blatant disregard of the public trust.

I urge the Sheridan City Council to stop contaminating our water, which is against our will, and ask for our consent with a new vote. In the meantime, let’s honor the Constitution and the wishes of those who voted before us and stop contaminating some of the purest water in America!

Dennis Fox


By |July 14th, 2017|

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