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Howdy, Sheridan County! I’m pleased to introduce myself as a new resident of Sheridan and new administrative specialist for the Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce. My family and I moved here from Alabama in mid-November — just in time for a foot of snow!

I know, I know…groan…I’m one of those bright-eyed, bushy-tailed new people in Sheridan that long-time residents probably get sick of invading Sheridan County. I completely understand. But I want to take the opportunity in this column to thank all you wonderful residents of Sheridan County for your contributions to making this community one of the best places in America to live, work and raise a family. A community is only as strong and visionary as its residents, and Sheridan has a strength I’ve not experienced before.

So far in my 42 years, Wyoming is the fourth state in which I’ve lived. I have to admit that when my husband mentioned that Sheridan, Wyoming, was a strong possibility as the new location for his career promotion, I wasn’t thrilled. However, much to my very pleasant surprise, as I did some research, I found that Sheridan has so much to offer and would be a great fit for our family.

Sheridan residents are warm, welcoming and extremely helpful. As I started talking with folks in Sheridan to find rental housing, set up utilities and apply for jobs myself, I found people who were quite welcoming and willing to extend themselves to help us.

“Outsiders” aren’t treated as such here in Sheridan. I had many offers from those I encountered to show me around town and give me recommendations on where to eat and things to do. I felt welcomed into the community before I even arrived.

Sheridan has a diverse economy with innovative, hard-working people. Our businesses here truly care about the community and work to keep Sheridan County vibrant and strong. I am extremely grateful to be working for the Chamber and having the opportunity to get to know our Sheridan business community. We have some truly dynamic businesses with pioneering entrepreneurs and business leaders right here in Sheridan County.

Nonprofit organizations abound in Sheridan County providing vital services to the community. For such a small area, Sheridan County is fortunate to have so many non-profit organizations filling the needs of the community. Sheridan residents have been amazing at seeing a need in the community and addressing it.

Our public schools rock! I know it’s said all the time, but unless you’ve experienced the education system in other places, you don’t realize just how fantastic our school system is here.

We have amazing teachers and administration, access to the resources our students need and a great balance between classroom learning and outside learning. I am so grateful for my daughter to receive her education here.

Most importantly and, what I love most about Sheridan, is that people truly care about and have pride in the community. Our low crime rate, community cleanliness and opportunities for recreation are testimonials to that pride. We have beautiful, clean parks, tons of community events, incredible outdoor recreation opportunities and unique, locally-owned shops and restaurants.

So, thank you, residents of Sheridan County, for welcoming me and my family with open arms and for everything you do to keep our community strong, innovative, educated, clean, safe and entertaining. Sheridan is a true gem, and I am so happy to be part of it.


Jodi Hartley is an administrative specialist with the Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce.

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