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SHERIDAN — Weather per- mitting, the Sheridan Recreation District’s summer programs

are off and running. Baseball teams are forming, practices are underway and the SRD’s program supervisors, Colton Thompson and Seth Ulvestad, are tidying event-filled schedules.

Webb Wright Baseball began this week, Thursday marks the last day to sign up for adult softball with the SRD, and the leagues begin playing games next week, officially kicking off the summer season.

Along with baseball and soft- ball, the SRD’s summer pro- gram guide is full of activities that Thompson and Ulvestad

explained to the board of direc- tors at a meeting Wednesday afternoon.

Swimming, tennis, golf and out- door activities fill the schedule for the SRD. Signups are avail- able for classes and clinics, and parks are open for reservation.

SRD Executive Director Richard Wright gave an update on the status of the West Fifth Street fields, eight acres that add practice and playing space for
the growing number of young athletes in Sheridan. Wright and park foreman Chuck Walters have been steadily working on the grass at the fields, and Wright said they’re very pleased with the progress.

Wright expects the early August usage date to stand and

hopes to open field reservations in early July.

In the topic of added green space, SRD board president
Don Julian made a push for the board to help with the fund- raising efforts of the Doubleday Sports Complex. The complex, a 12-field multi-use facility, needs $9 million to fund the project, $3 million of which the group hopes will come from a grassroots com- munity campaign.

The idea, according to Julian, is to get 3,000 people to commit to donating $30 a month for three years to help fund the project.

“This is the outdoor future of the rec district,” Julian said.

As project funding and summer programs roll, the SRD board is continuing to look at various ways to expand and stretch its budget. The board received the preliminary 2017-18 fiscal year budget at Wednesday’s meeting, and, although the numbers won’t be finalized for a couple of months, the SRD expects about a $22,000 decrease from the current year’s budget.

The decrease didn’t worry Wright too much when asked by the board how the SRD would be affected by the cuts, but there are always tweaks and adjustments that must be made to keep the programs moving forward while still being conscious of the budget.

The board will get a more finalized budget for review at next month’s meeting on June 21.

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